Doggie Lingerie

Doggie Negligee T-shirtYes… this is for real. You can buy your dog doggie lingerie. Weird. And a little bit disturbing. If your dog is really interested in the dog next door, this is how she can woo him. Just make sure you give your dog the birds and the bees chat.

5 Responses to “Doggie Lingerie”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Eric says:

    Our pug loves doggie clothes, but I believe even he would find that incredibly stupid.

  3. Roy Howe says:

    I think its a Cool Idea, for people with an life interest of dogs in general, and me being an active bestialist I think its a sexy way of boosting my sex life.

  4. Christmas Lingerie says:

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  5. wayniac917 says:

    thats a great idea…..if you want to have sex with your pet

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