Doggie Self-Wash

I love my dog, but giving him a bath is like trying to steal a treat from his jaws. Bending over the tub, corralling the dog, dealing with the poorly positioned faucet. It’s no wonder he goes showerless until he smells like ripe cheese.

It’s such a great feeling when your car is newly cleaned, shiny and smells like a vanilla bean! Now when you wash your car, you can also wash your dog too. There are over 700 companies that are now combo car washes and self serve pet washes. You get a tub, choose a shampoo, rinse them off and dry them off with a hair dryer— all this for only $5. Do they offer new car fragrances for dogs?

I’ve seen a few of these Doggie self-wash places and they have never been located within a car wash. Apparently, the popularity is growing. I’ll give it a shot next time.


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