Dog’s Bark Helps Find Missing Toddler

Connor and SandyToddler Connor Cummings wandered away with the family dog, Sandy, from their North Carolina home on Friday night.

Around 300 people searched for the missing toddler and the golden retriever. Connor and Sandy were found more than 24 hours later when the rescuers heard Sandy’s bark in a wooded area more than a mile away from their home. Connor was perfectly fine except for some scrapes and tick bites.

Connor’s mother says that Sandy is pretty much a babysitter for Connor.
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From The News and Observer:

“Except for the scratches and bruises and some dehydration, he’s none the worse for wear,” the mother said as her husband, Jeff Cummings, stood nearby.

“I want to thank everybody, the hundreds, who helped today,” she said. “God answers prayers. You pray and you pray and he answered.”

Meanwhile, Sandy was out back being fed treats. Way to go Sandy!

One Response to “Dog’s Bark Helps Find Missing Toddler”

  1. 3FURS says:

    Thank God that Sandy has a brain as he is Connor’s guardian. It’s too bad the child does not have any human guardians. Goldens are very smart but they do have limitations when caring for children.

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