Dog’s Barking Leads To Rescue Of Two Kayakers


Lassie saves the day again. Well, in this case, the heroine’s name is Smooch.

This two-year-old border collie was just adopted two weeks ago by the Rondack family. On Sunday morning, the Rondacks heard Smooch barking incessantly which was unlike her. The dog’s owner went over to where Smooch was and saw that there were two kayakers who had fallen out of their boat in the Amityville River. With the wind pushing them further away from their kayak, the couple struggled to stay afloat.

Smooch’s owner got into his own boat and was able to pull both kayakers into his boat. The couple was treated at the hospital and has been released.

Smooch will get an extra bone and perhaps a steak for her heroism. Great job Smooch!


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