Dogs Love Riding in DogCars

DogCarsNowadays, you not only have to consider how you like a new car, but you also have to figure out if your dog will like it also and how dog-friendly the car can be. Most likely you won’t be able to fit two Labs in a convertible unless you want to ride with the top down all year round. And you might also ask how easy is it to get dog bodily fluids out of these seats. Where can you turn to in these times of need?

Gina from Petconnection started as a way to review cars from a dog owner’s perspective. Every week, she reviews a wagon, crossover, truck minivan, SUV or other dog-friendly vehicle to drive (sorry no small sport cars) and talks about the pros and cons of the car. was even featured in a MSNBC article. Next time you want to buy a new car, check out — your dog will thank you for it and you will too.

3 Responses to “Dogs Love Riding in DogCars”

  1. Bridgett says:

    Well, I bought a house based on the width of the window sills. Window sills have to be cat butt width, you know. Might as well buy a car based on my dogs needs.

  2. Lynn says:

    I make sure the cars I buy don’t have the shift in an area of the console where the dogs cross over when they get in and out of the car from the driver’s side. The thought of one of them scraping their tummy [or male anatomy, God forbid!] makes me cringe.

    Don’t get me started on houses. It has to have a safe, enclosed balcony upstairs that they can see through and not squeeze through and fall out. Back yard must have foolproof fencing - and I DO mean foolproof. Any pools or ponds must be dog-proofed. And no tall steps anywhere - the little guys, as they get older, have a tough time with that.

  3. 3FURS says:

    Lynn, Always get a four door like I do. And I had the pool filled in when the children left home.

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