Dogs Rescued in Saudi Arabia Come To Rhode Island To Find Homes

Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise needed loving homes. But they were living in Saudi Arabia.

In February, Lt. Col. Matthew Brown, an Army officer stationed in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, met two sister dogs, Thelma and Louise. A radio technician was raising the puppies at the time, and whenever Brown needed a radio to be serviced, he would spend some extra time with the two dogs.

In May, Thelma and Louise were gone. The radio technician said that the guards on the base didn’t like the dogs and threatened to harm them, so he gave them to the owner of a canteen that supplied the base. Later that month, Brown found Thelma and Louise outside the canteen and noticed that they were really skinny and sitting outside in the hot weather.

With Brown’s one year tour ending, he wanted to bring Thelma and Louise home with him. Since the Browns already had a cat and dog at home, they knew that there wasn’t room in the house for both of the dogs, so Brown wanted to find another home for the two sisters.

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From Scripps Howard News Service:

Brown contacted his mother-in-law, a veterinary technician, to see if she could find a home for the two dogs. She then forwarded this information to the Potter League for Animals, an organization that takes in unwanted pets and strays from all over Rhode Island. The Potter League gladly accepted taking the two sisters in.

Now, Brown just had to deal with the dilemma of how he would transport Thelma and Louise to the United States.

The first challenge was getting hold of the dogs. They were skittish, especially Thelma, and he had to coax them into his truck. He took them back to his rented house, but they weren’t used to being inside. One afternoon, he left them home alone and came back to find the dogs ripping into a pillow and the living room covered in feathers.

“It looked like a pillow fight,” he said.

The next problem was finding an air carrier to take him and the dogs back to the United States. No American airline would take animals in the hold during the summer because of the heat. After four days of searching, Brown and his travel agent booked a Lufthansa flight through Germany.

The dogs arrived at the Potter League on June 10. Since then, trainers have been working with them to get them used to people and other animals.

The dogs, hound mixes, are about six months old. They will probably go to different homes. They tend to be more assertive when they’re together.

Brown freely admits that some of the other soldiers he was stationed with thought he was crazy. He laughs about it. He’s just glad Thelma and Louise will be taken care of.

“As long as I know that they’ll be in good hands…” he says.

“I’m just happy with that thought.”

5 Responses to “Dogs Rescued in Saudi Arabia Come To Rhode Island To Find Homes”

  1. Carol says:

    Makes me proud to live in RI!!! Kudos to the mother-in-law and the Potter League.

  2. Linda says:

    Glad the dogs will find homes and not left in the desert heat neglected and starving. They need different names though…..

  3. Petra says:

    I love compassion wherever it’s found!

  4. trucorgi says:

    If the pet overpopulation crisis is so staggering in Rhode Island that they had to be the first state in the union to enact a mandatory spay/neuter/guardianship law, then why are they importing feral strays from Saudi Arabia? Who is paid for their transport to the US?

    Potter League for Animals is affiliated with Peta.

  5. Debra Florer says:

    I’m glad to know the dogs will get a good home.

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