Dogs Rushes Into Fire To Rescue Cat

Cats around the world must be talking about Taleeka, a Chihuahua. He risked his life to save his feline friend, Big Boy.

A fire broke out in Taleeka and Big Boy’s house. The family was able to escape the house, but Taleeka had to be rescued after he ran back into the burning house.

His family said that Taleeka was looking for Big Boy, who was missing.

Firefighters saved Taleeka from the flames and gave him oxygen, and he is currently doing well.

Big Boy is still missing.

We hope that you find your way back home, Big Boy. Taleeka misses you.

Source: KLTV

2 Responses to “Dogs Rushes Into Fire To Rescue Cat”

  1. Amanda says:

    I sure hope the cat Big Boy is ok and had escaped the house without anyone noticing and that is why they haven’t found him yet.

    Sending prayers out that way!!!

  2. Gocat says:

    Big Boy will remain in my thoughts and prayers for a safe journey home.

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