Dogs Stayed By Owner’s Body For Three Weeks

Pippin and MerryPippin and Merry are extremely loyal and dedicated dogs. These two golden retrievers guarded over their owner’s body for at least three weeks after he died.

Gary Lorenz disappeared from his Colorado home in September, and his body was just found last week surrounded by Pippin and Merry.

Lorenz, who had Alzheimer’s disease, had taken his ATV and his two three-year-old golden retrievers over a ridge near his home. Officials said he died four or five days later from exposure and dehydration.

Pippin and Merry, brother and sister, lost about 9 pounds during the three weeks. They were emaciated and dehydrated when they were found. A veterinarian said that both dogs are doing well and will recover soon.

Lorenz’s daughter said, “Now that we have the dogs back, we feel like we’ve gotten a little piece of Dad back. He loved these dogs, and they loved him. They never left his side. They watched him. He was having trouble communicating with all of us, but he always seemed to be able to talk to the dogs. They were his best friends. We are so happy to have them back to remind us of the relationship he had with them and to help my mom get through her tough weeks ahead. They will be here to comfort her.”

Lorenz’s wife said that it helped that the dogs had each other to lean on during their time away from home. She added, “Pippin would never leave Gary, and Merry would never leave Pippin.”

Source: KNBC

13 Responses to “Dogs Stayed By Owner’s Body For Three Weeks”

  1. Vettech says:

    why did it take 3 weeks for anyone to even look for this person?? If he just went over the ridge you would have thought he would have been found sooner….seems a little strange, and only losing 9 pounds when gone for 3 weeks on their own is not very much….seems there is more to this story.

  2. Carol says:

    Pippin and Merry look just like my Harry and Lucy! And Lucy would have had to look after Harry too! I am so glad that his wife and daughter are around to see these guys still get some love and care!!! These types of stories are why I always say, they are more than “just animals”

  3. Donna says:

    Why was a person living alone with alzheimers ? Dogs are not suitable care givers in this situation. Loyal to the end, but too much for them too handle. Bless these loving creatures, for they have lost all in life that mattered to them.

  4. Sundown says:

    Amazing dogs! Here is more info in this news story:
    Some other news stories on this say his body was found 15 miles from his home, and that over 500 people searched for him when he went missing.

  5. furmom says:

    As to why he was living alone, many elderly people prefer to continue in their own home in spite of mental and physical handicaps rather than live with their grown children, or in a nursing home, or simple move to an apartment. I had a neighbor who lived alone with alzheimer’s and osteoporosis, and survived breast cancer,but she would not leave her house. So I just checked up on her often. My dad lived alone long past when he should have, we begged and pleaded for him to move into a retirement home for the last two years. He has advanced heart failure, leukemia, anemia,and depression, but he was 91 before he very reluctantly let us move him to assisted living. This person died living the life he loved with his canine companions. However someone should have been checking on him more often, for the sake of the dogs. My guess is they survived in not bad shape by mousing. If they lost 9 pounds, they were burning about 1500 calories a day, quite doable if they had water and didn’t burn excess calories.

  6. furmom says:

    Of course if they had watched Lassie reruns they would have gone for help instead of staying loyally by his side for three weeks.

  7. Pam says:

    He lived with his wife–not alone. He was only 63 years old–very young to have Alzheimers.

  8. kathy says:

    The best way to kill an old person, Donna, is to send them to a nursing home or a care center. This man died exactly the way I would prefer to, alone with God, and not being poked full of poisons by the doctors.

    I’m glad the dogs were found alive and safe. Good dogs!

  9. Flamin says:

    Now this is why I love dogs! Loyal to the end………

    Watch, Endgame Blueprint For Global Enslavement 2007 for free on my web site.

  10. Nora and Rufus says:

    Those loyal doggies were waiting for him to wake up and when he did not, then knew that they would be found. They were protecting him. What loyal and beautiful Goldens. The wife is lucky to still have them to comfort her through the years.

  11. Claudia says:

    Poor dogs. I hope they are fine now.
    Nice site!

  12. pheephee35 says:

    The story at the link above says 4 miles away, 100 people searched (but for how long?), and he was found in a wooded area leaning against a tree. This hid him from the helicopters flying overhead looking for him.

  13. Jenny Bark says:

    Kathy your post is one of the best I have ever read. You are so right & the way almost every old or sick person wants to die. the dogs knew he was gone (most will try to do the same thing when their time comes if they can) & just wanted to protect him from other animals. Imo they could of found their way back home. He proberly took them out with him all the time.

    When we have to put one of our babies to sleep we always take all our babies. After we take our baby outside so the other babies can see that he or she is gone, then we take our baby back in to be cremated & we go home to all give thanks & morn. Sometimes in doing what we think is best by people we are not doing what the people really want. Imo the Indians had it right & they loved each other as much as we love each other. Most times in our home we die at home with family & our babies with the loved one.

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