Dogs Uncovered

Border Collie Card Whenever I go into a stationery store, I always fawn over the cards with any kind of dog on it whether they look cute or funny. As I was browsing the Paper Tree in Bellevue Square (by the way, they are having a retirement sale), I found the antithesis of the typical Hallmark doggie greeting card- a card that shows what dogs are truly like. Limelight has a greeting card line that exposes dogs for their true selves- the psychotic, drooly, stinky, stalkerish, loyal, dependable, or the master of silent but deadly bombs. Here is my dog’s caption if he was on one of these greeting cards: The old man of the family, growls anytime whether he is happy or he wants you to get away from his ball, steals the covers and dutch ovens me at bedtime, obsessive with anything that is dirty and ridden with his drool, angry at the world because he is too short to see it all, loyal, feet warmer, lover off all things with the word jerky in it. We would love to hear your greeting card caption of your dog!

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