Mr. Goodell, Please Don’t Ban Michael Vick From Football For Dog Fighting

Michael Vick in NFL Madden Game

OPINION: You read that right. I don’t want to see Michael Vick banned from football. Why? There’s a cancer thriving among the dark alleys of America, and Vick can help us bring it down. Let me tell you how.

I’m pissed. I’m outraged and I am full of vengeance. But I also want the greatest good to be done — that is the end of dog fighting. Michael Vick is facing two possible choices on his dog fighting charges: 1) Get banned for life from the NFL and go to court to fight the charges, or 2) take the plea bargain deal and cooperate with the government in the hopes that he can return to the NFL and play for millions.

If Vick is banned from football by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, he is likely to go to court to “clear his name.” That means he will not name names and help the government bring down the real problem — organized criminal dog fighting. Vick may be a big fish on the football field, but he was just another stupid gambling idiot when it came to dog fighting. The real engine that powers dog fighting are the gangs that finance, organize and encourage the illegal gambling.

It’s a tough choice, and I really have no desire to see Vick play in the NFL again. I have no desire to see him cheered on by fans. I have no desire to see him get his millions. But I know what I want more than revenge. I never want to see another dog forced to fight for someone’s sick pleasure.

If Vick thinks that plea bargaining can help him stay rich, then he will help the prosecutors nail down the organized criminals that run these gambling operations. If he takes the deal, he’ll still do time. He’ll still be suspended. He’ll hopefully be a wash up has-been after all that. He’ll also hopefully bring down other NFL players and they can all be examples.

What I really want doesn’t seem to be an option. I wish Vick would be banned and that he would also help bring down other dog fighters. But this is the bottom line: If I had a choice between Vick playing football again versus a crippling blow to dog fighters, I know what I’d take.

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  1. Jason 'Great White' (Shark: Animal Rights Person) says:

    Well, it looks like he did have all that names and numbers of the dog fighters after all and he was not willing to all he had.

    There must be a line to be drawn where behavior that is also done by serial killers is not accepted into The NFL, ever. In case you do not know harming and killing animals is one of the very few and most reliable links between serial killers.

    I have contacted The Commissioner twice, once with a campaign and later to remind him that I still demand the banishment and adding-on a demand that there are new very severe(sp?) rules and punishments for any current and future people connected in any way to The NFL that harms through kill one or more people and/or humans. Or I never spend another red cent on The NFL, again.

  2. Jason 'Great White' (Shark: Animal Rights Person) says:

    I also contacted all the animal rights groups (including PETA) I know and told them I lose all respect for their concern for animal fighting if they do not have Mr. Vick sign a contract binding him to voluntarily retire from The NFL, serve the time he would been playing in The NFL working with a animal rights group and mental rehabilitation with counselor or counselors, then they will either hire him or help him find a job. If he refuses or breaks the contract they will protest his every publicity and attention until for honors every condition, and under their time tables, of the contract.

  3. GD says:

    To allow a convicted felon of torture and murder to continue to make millions is a CRIME in and of itself. What has America come to when it loses its values for the sake of money! If they were children tortured and killed I bet he would;t be out!!! To harm defenseless animals and to let children look up to this scum in the name of just a sport, is outrageous!

    We will be boycotting all the NFL sponsers and Eagles sponsers until VICK is GONE!!!!

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