Driving Miss Doggie In Her Furrari Dog Bed


Car lovin’ canine? Dog who loves going for drives?

Dogs seem to have an even more complicated relationship with cars than humans do. Some pooches love to ride in them, many more long to chase them, and the sound of a slamming car door sends many mutts into a tizzy.

Whether you’re headed on a road trip with Rover or just dreaming of the open road, both you and your canine companion are sure to get a kick out of the Red Furrari Dog Bed.

Fast asleep? This plush red doggie bed is ideal for dogs who dream of racing, but who can’t (legally) put the pedal to the metal. Also available are the Furcedes plush bed and the Woodie Pet Bed for the pup who knows when the surf’s up.

(Thanks, Jeff!)

3 Responses to “Driving Miss Doggie In Her Furrari Dog Bed”

  1. Bridgett says:

    Isn’t sitting in my lap good enough? Lord help us.

  2. stormy says:

    I think they are the cutest things
    I do not think mine would stay in one cause I could not fit in it also and I have 8 dogs
    all of mine are diva’s so each would need their own
    what will they think of next to get our money

    at least the Furrari is safer then the treats being sold
    especially now

  3. dog beds says:

    That dog bed looks really interesting. How much does that cost? Where can I buy one?

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