Drs. Fosters & Smith Products Recalled Due to Rice Protein

Another pet food maker — Drs. Fosters & Smith — is issuing a recall due to the use of Wilbur-Ellis rice protein (scroll down their page to view the notice).

The recalled products are:

  • Drs. Foster & Smith Adult Dry Lite Dog Food
  • Drs. Foster & Smith Adult Dry Lite Cat Food

Oddly, the manufacturer says they received the recall advice today from Wilbur-Ellis, not last week as we have heard.

Rice protein concentrate has been indicated as a possible source of melamine recently found in pet food products. As a precautionary measure Wilbur-Ellis company, the supplier of rice protein concentrate, is voluntarily recalling all lots of rice protein concentrate. We received notification from the manufacturer today, April 25, 2007, suggesting we issue a precautionary recall.

Full recall notice after the jump.

(Thanks Patti)

Precautionary Rice Protein Recall: Drs. Foster & Smith Adult Dry Lite Dog and Adult Dry Lite Cat Food

Rice protein concentrate has been indicated as a possible source of melamine recently found in pet food products. As a precautionary measure Wilbur-Ellis company, the supplier of rice protein concentrate, is voluntarily recalling all lots of rice protein concentrate. We received notification from the manufacturer today, April 25, 2007, suggesting we issue a precautionary recall.

Two of our products: Adult Lite Dry Dog (Item #’s 14178, 14179, 14180, 14262, 14263) and Adult Lite Dry Cat foods (Item #’s 12855, 12856, 13864, 13865) contain rice protein concentrate. Only the Adult Lite Dry Dog and Adult Lite Dry Cat foods contain rice protein concentrate.

Preliminary test results for melamine contamination have been negative. Final test results from the FDA are expected within two weeks. Please check the Adult Lite Dry Dog food or the Adult Lite Dry Cat food product pages on the DrsFosterSmith.com website for any updates.

If your pet has consumed either the Adult Lite Dry Dog food or the Adult Lite Dry Cat food and shows signs of illness (such as loss of appetite, lethargy and vomiting), you should consult with your veterinarian immediately.

As part of this precautionary recall Drs. Foster & Smith requests that customers discontinue feeding the following products purchased during the periods listed, until all FDA testing is complete:

  • Adult Lite Dry Dog food item numbers 14180, 14262, 14263, or Adult Lite Dry Cat food item numbers 12855, 12856, 13864, 13865 purchased between January 22, 2007 and April 19th
  • Adult Lite Dry Dog food item numbers 14178 and 14179 purchased between February 2, 2007 and April 19, 2007
  • Only Adult Lite Dry Dog (Item #’s 14178, 14179, 14180, 14262, 14263) and Adult Dry Lite Cat foods (Item #’s 12855, 12856, 13864, 13865) are included in this precautionary recall.

The health and well being of your pet is always important to us, so as part of this precautionary recall:

  • Drs. Foster & Smith is contacting all customers who have purchased these items during this period.
  • These products are being reformulated to eliminate rice protein concentrate. The new formulation should be available by mid-May.
  • Please call Customer Service at 1-800-239-7121 between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm CST or email CustomerService@DrsFosterSmith.com if you have questions.
  • None of our other Drs. Foster & Smith foods contain the ingredients in question.

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  1. Donna says:


    I’m sure Lorie will be back soon to confirm this. I think she said the one she had a problem with had both wheat gluten and soy.

  2. Cathy says:

    Is Fancy Feast now on the recall list or am I misunderstanding some of these posts?

  3. Helen says:

    BW, I haven’t heard anything about FF that didn’t contain wheat g, soy protein conc. or both. Check the cans?

  4. Sharon says:

    Not on the recall list but they have both wheat gluten and soy protein concentrate. OMG, what have I done!

  5. Helen says:

    The complaints I have read have involved flavors with wheat and soy. One person posted mixed flavors, some of which contained wheat gluten and soy. Some did not. Could have been the gluten ones that made his cats sick.

  6. Garyn says:

    BW, I am sorry I don’t know. All I know is that my cat died on March 4 eating Fancy feast (started eating this in December) and Innova wet. I don’t have proof of what caused her death because she died on a Sunday before the recall and we buried her. Lorie’s cat ate the 1160 plant FF and is now sick. She spoke to the FDA woman. So hopefully she will also respond. I don’t know how many people reported illness or death with FF. The food my cat ate was with both wheat gluten and soy protein concentrate. Honestly all this time I thought it was the Innova (cross contamination from menu) because she stopped eating that and I continued to feed it but in fact it may have been the FF. or she could have just had a heart attack at age five while being vet checked every year and reported to be completely healthy before her death.

  7. Jules says:


    You must do your own research and you must decide for youself and for your furry family if “raw” feeding is right for you. It was for me, but maybe not for you if you can’t follow all the safety protocols.

    Check out this website (for an example, however there are many others): www.rawfed.com I wish you luck! Ask any questions, anytime.

  8. Helen says:

    If anyone hears any complaints about the Fancy Feast flavors that do not contain either wheat or soy (there aren’t many), please say so, because most people are thinking those few flavors are safe.

  9. Bonni says:

    KimS. . . sometimes all the ingredients are NOT on the label. They can change ingredients and have six months to change the label. That is what makes things so scary for me and why I called the company.

  10. Kiki says:

    Thanks for the link Jules, I will look into it further, for sure.

  11. Cathy says:

    Now its the Soy? GREED…. this all boils down to Greed. Im sick about this.

  12. Garyn says:

    Kiki, with the raw, they get the calcium from the bone. With the cooked, the cooking kills nutrients and micro-nutrients and you have to add calcium and supplements which is a bit of a guess to get it right. You can’t just feed cooked (or raw) muscle meat without adding calcium or the dog will start withdrawing calcium from his own bones. With raw the meat and bone has the optimum calcium/phosphorous balance and chewing, mashing, tearing on meat and bones stimulates the digestive tract and cleans the teeth.

  13. Marylynn says:

    Eagle pack holistic select is excellent, ask them and they will tell you where all the grains and all the meats are coming from. They make their own dry and canned does come from Menu but considering everything we still trust it. Contains no wheat, corn or soy. Highly recommend this, great for all our dogs even our allergy boy!

  14. Jules says:

    Thank you Garyn,

    You succinctly said what I wanted to say, but thought I might post a long and complicated explanation.

    If anyone is interested, for my dog I’m using www.knowbonespetsupply.com for the vitamin supplement to the raw meat I supply, no bones needed. For my kitten, I’m using www.felinefuture.com

    Research other companies too . . . and hopefully you’ll find a “fit” for your family.

  15. Sandy says:

    All my dogs have eaten foods by Natura/Innova./Ca Natural even to date..none have been sick. All have healthy coats and my 2 goldens lived to be almost 14 that is old for a golden.

    I personally feel we will hear the organic chickens are crap too….fed crap..Its like free range chickens…many people do not know that as long as they are allowed out of their cage etc for 15 minutes in a 24 hr period …they are allowed to be called FREE range. Most people think these chicks live happy healthy lives till they are slaughtered…ANOTHER Lie

    F&S isn’t fooling anyone..I have never dealt with them and never will

    I bet all the petfoods somehow have crap in them but chemicals seem far worse than the shit part of animals

    Fancy Feast is suspect with me too

  16. Sandy says:

    Adding to my post …feeding raw doesnt seem safe either in that I bet all the meat is contaminated

  17. Another recall.............. - Golden Retriever Forum says:

    […] and Smith but not the ‘lite’. That’s IT!!!!! I think I’ll go over to Raw Feeding. Full details: Itchmo » Blog Archive » Drs. Fosters & Smith Products Recalled Due to Rice Protein Drs. Fosters & Smith Products Recalled Due to Rice Protein April 25th, 2007 Another pet food […]

  18. Helen says:

    What about the people who would like to feed raw but can’t afford organic? Again, I worry about the organ meat, especially livers. If the meat is not organic, the liver contains the highest concentration of all the poisons and industrial chemicals an animal was ever exposed to. This is true of cooked or canned liver also.

  19. teric says:

    Why does it take the FDA 2 weeks to complete the tests? It should take no more than 8 to 12 hours to run testing utilizing the correct equipment. Is it that the products are in line to be tested? How many more are in line prior to getting to DFS?

    This is just more FDA BS.

  20. Grace says:

    I’ve seen some FANCY FEAST questions. I know one kitty who won’t make it after eating one of the flavors with wheat gluten. Check the cans. There’s a long string of posts on petconnection about FANCY FEAST from 2 or 3 days ago. Use the search on their forums and you’ll find it. Please, please go read it!

    I have 8 cats, 2 dogs and 4 stray kitties. We’ve just switched to Wellness cans for the cats (flavors without the wheat gluten) and California Naturals dry food for cats. We’ve also been rotating with food from Healthy Pet Net. And I just ordered some Kumpikats food.

    I’ve spent hours researching and I’m now a total believer in cats not needing dry food - so we’re weaning them off of it.

    We’re broke from all of this but we’re safe.

    I hope all of your furry babies stay safe too! And my heart goes out to those of you who’ve already lost a furbaby. It never, never gets any easier letting one go.

  21. Jules says:


    All I can respond to your post is, buy ORGANIC or don’t buy it if you can’t afford it. I bought organic chicken livers today at Whole Foods for $2.49 a pound, and I think it’s worth it for my fur babies. I’ve given up cable TV, buying clothes and shoes, going out for dinner (no take outs!), etc. in favor of buying my precious pets a more healthier diet. I find that I can now afford buying them what they deserve for their unconditional love in return.

  22. Grace says:

    Jules, You are sooo right! There is no way to put a price on their lives and there are so many things we can give up to help them during this crisis…. and beyond.

    I’ll eat beans and rice every day to make sure my gang is safe!


  23. Helen says:

    My cat absolutely will not touch raw meat. :(

  24. Joan Steik says:

    As the time flies - Natura has not responded to my email.

    I have a question - Who would I send a sample my dog and cat food for a review ( test ) of what nutrients are present?

  25. Cathi says:

    Has anyone ever heard of Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food for cats? I’m at a loss as to what I should feed my cat. They say this is one of the best. Thanks.

  26. Garyn says:

    Pancreas, spleen, brains and kidney also are organ meat so you don’t have to feed liver if you don’t want to.

  27. Helen says:


    and hearts. You have been providing some really helpful information.

  28. Jules says:


    I certainly understand that many cats will absolutely not touch raw meat for now . . . but you are their Mother (or caretaker) now, and you must show them that this is what they must eat. In time, they will get it.

    Please read this story (see link below) and hopefully you will understand. The owner of this website gave me quite the lecture that our cats DO NOT make their food choices … WE as their caretakers DO!!! They will eat when they get hungry enough, and then when they do, they will eat to save their lives.


  29. Grace says:

    Cathi, We’ve been using Life’s Abundance (and will be rotating it with California Naturals) for our many cats and dogs. During all this I learned about ingredients, etc. and knew that I’d see a difference in my furbabies.

    What I didn’t realize was that I’d see a difference in just ONE WEEK! My huge, special needs kitty is already more mobile, his eyes cleared up and his fur is improving. We’re seeing similar things in others who have problems like messy eyes (allergies).

    And I had zero problems getting them to switch - all 8 cats, 4 stray cats and 2 dogs jumped right in with these products. Before (I a bit ashamed here) they were all eating Purina products. In other words, they were eating the equivalent of us eating Froot Loops for breakfast, McDonald’s for lunch and Burger King for dinner every day of our lives.

    Good luck! I’m sure it will be worth it!

  30. juli28428 says:

    N.C. hog farm quarantined after shipment of deadly pet food
    Submitted by WWAY on 25 April 2007 - 7:59pm.

    RALEIGH (AP) — State officials say that a chemical blamed for more than a dozen pet deaths across the nation has been found in all the hogs tested at a farm in western North Carolina.

    The farm received a shipment of contaminated feed last week. It has been quarantined as a precaution and none of the hogs have entered the food supply. That’s according to Mary Ann McBride, assistant state veterinarian for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

    McBride says there is no reason to believe that there is any risk associated with the North Carolina pork supply.

    State officials took urine samples from 13 hogs and all tested positive for melamine, a chemical used to manufacture plastics and foam. The farm has about 14-hundred hogs.

  31. Helen says:

    Natura probably has 1000 times their usual volume of email right now. I am betting they will get back to you, and all other posts I have read regarding phone and email contact with Natura have been very positive. I hope they have a good answer for you. I am waiting with baited breath to see if they are also guilty of some horror. I am feeding Innova to my cat, and her health has improved quickly after introducing it.

  32. Garyn says:

    Thank you Hellen!! Actually most people do think that heart is organ but in fact it is muscle. You can feed this as your muscle meat in place of chicken beef etc. It is incredibly rich in nutrients!!

  33. lee says:

    I have 5 cats. My oldest cat Lillie started getting sick. She drank water constantly. She was a 12lbs and lost down to 4 lbs. I carried her to the vet for a month. They said it was kidney failure. The only food they ate was fancy feast. I contacted Purina twice and was told that their food had not been recalled and it was safe. I kept feeding them fancy feast. They never ate the same kind. The other cats now will not touch fancy feast. We had to put Lillie to sleep two weeks ago. She had gotten so weak and nothing the vet was doing was helping. It broke my heart. She had always been healthy. The vet had given her science diet, but I really think that the fancy feast was what made her sick . I tried to contact the fda but could never get in touch with them I saved all of the food with wheat gluten in it. I wanted to get it tested because I really think that purina lied.

  34. Helen says:

    When I adopted my cat from the shelter she had been given 3 different antibiotics for infection she contracted AT the shelter. She had horrible smell uncomfortable GI problems from this, and the vet had no solution for it. I decided to feed her powdered spirulina (high chlorophyl algae), which immediately cleared up the problems. I still give it to her years later, as it seems to agree with her. You might try this if you cat has digestive upset from all the food changes. It might be why my cat hasn’t had any.

  35. Grace says:

    I have a question for those of you who’ve already switched diets for your cats. Have you noticed less activity in the litter box? As someone said earlier this must mean that their bodies are using what they put in their mouths. Pardon my blunt speech but my big, big kitty used to leave literally a pint of urine once a day. I was worried that he hadn’t been in 36 hours but I’m just realizing that he probably did go… just much less… so I don’t recognize it. Has anyone else noticed this? Do you think that his body is absorbing the water in the wet food instead of drinking water and it just passing through him?

  36. Lorie says:

    Sorry I was off watching tv my cats ate FF elegant Medley chicken FLorentine which contains wheat gluten and soy protien. Lot number 1160 please stay away from ff with either of these ingredient the woman at the FDA today told me her job would be a lot less hetic if these people started telling the truth. She asked about Rice wheat and soy ingredient think they are checking soy complaint now also.

  37. Cathi says:

    Grace….thank you so much. Do you know if this cat food is safe? Where do you get it? I had to order my online and with the shipping it came to 25.00 for a 6.6 LB bag. I really need to know if it’s safe.


  38. AnotherCatFoodRecall » Cat Blogosphere says:

    […] Drs. Foster & Smith Adult Dry Lite Cat Food has been recalled due to potentially tainted rice protein concentrate from  Wilbur-Ellis, along with Drs. Foster & Smith Adult Dry Lite Dog Food. For more information, see here.  […]

  39. Helen says:

    Less litter box activity and less food consumed seems to be normal for a critter being fed high quality meat protein food. I keep reading cats are not concerned with volume, and they will keep eating until their needs are met. If they are eating food that does not contain what they need they will eat themselves obese and diabetic, and still not feel sated. My sister’s cat was eating Hill’s prescription for obesity, and I talked her into feeding him Innova instead. He is eating much less already.

  40. Cathi says:

    Here is the web page for the Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food for Cats. Could someone who knows about ingredients and analysis take a look for me? I haven’t heard anyone mention this product at all. Good or bad. Is Innove still okay?

    Thanks so much. Cathi


  41. Grace says:

    Thanks Helen. And Cathi, We bought the Life’s Abundance through their website - healthypetnet.com

    We ordered the Wellness cans and California Naturals dry through petfooddirect - takes a long time - 8-10 business days. I can’t find any internet companies that will ship food to arrive in just a couple of days (even if I’m willing to pay for the high shipping costs)!

    Seems like someone could be making mega bucks right now getting food to those of us who are urgently in need.

    Wellness and Cal. Naturals are sold in some stores (not the big chains of course). You’ll need to go to their websites and check for retailers near you.

    One other thing. Everyone seems to have about the same price on these foods so the shipping time is the real issue. Good luck!

  42. Helen says:

    I have not read one sick pet story blamed on Innova, though I have read a few where the pet was eating Innova and other brands and the parent wasn’t sure which one was guilty.

  43. Grace says:

    This article has proven invaluable to me in checking ingredients. The chart with “the good, the bad, and the ugly” was a great starting point for learning about ingredients. I took the chart and did research to learn why she rated these ingredients as she did. It’s worth a look!


  44. Lorie says:

    Grace, where is the forum search link on b pet connection to search fancy feast, when I type FF in nothing is found. Please advise or could you go there open the link and post the url thanks.

    What were you using before the FF that she stopped eating? Discontinue all them. Geisha the one who was the most ill was never treated for toxic food, because it was March 23rd and Ff was not on the list. She was given pepcid for upset stomach and some subq fluids and sent home for me to watch and pray. Stupid me actually feed her more of the darn stuff believing the vet that it wasn’t on the list like many tried everything I had to get her to eat. Not till after she had the biopsy procedure on Mar 26th did I start to know in my heart it was the food even though they had to rule out other things. I quit the food on my gut. 5 days later the vet called said their was nothing wrong with result, I said I know she ate poison food and he said at this point all indication of her symptoms point to exactly that. So here I am a little over a month later playing the waiting game have one more set of BCB and urine to do to get final word on damages, thts not till May 17th I have her dying everyday in btwn. she definitely is not the same cat she use to always be on my lap now she prefers not to be touched.

  45. MRB says:

    The sinister part of the dog food recall is that the industry has so few regulations that almost any garbage, toxic or worse, can be willingly added to your dog food. This has been true for decades. Hopefully, a change will happen, but only if substantive pressure is brought to bear without abatement, long after the dog food recall has faded from the daily news.

    See what’s in your dog food at:

  46. elizabeth says:

    “The farm received a shipment of contaminated feed last week”…..LAST WEEK!!!!!!

    I am sorry, this horror has truly moved into the realm of full criminal negligence on the part of pet food manufacturers who we now find were, as recently as last week, dumping the recalled poison to hog farms rather than properly disposing of it as a hazardous waste. Of course, if the media and government agencies had been asking the right questions and doing their investigative jobs (tracking shipments out of Menu Foods and other plants and warehouses) they might have caught the contaminated stuff on its way to the hog farms. Of course, if the media and government had adequately publicized this recall from the get-go perhaps the hog farmers would have been suspicious of all the “great surplus petfood” being offered them at fire sale prices” and refused it.

    Now, we have yet another, even bigger, toxic waste disposal problem. All the hogs that are showing melamine in their urine. What a waste. They can’t be sold for human consumption and certainly cannot end up in rendering plants for pet foods……..Can they!!!!? The Pet Food lobby is going to have their hands full explaining this. Jail is too good for these bloodsuckers.

  47. Cathi says:

    Grace…you can get Life’s Abundance right from their web site. trilogyonline.com They will send it in 3 days for you. I just want to know if it’s safe. Thanks ever so much!!!


  48. Jenny says:

    Grace –

    Waggintails.com ships quickly. I’m in NC and standard shipping takes 3 days to get to me. Regular shipping was ~$20 for the food that I bought. I’ve been pleased with their service so far.

  49. elliott says:

    anyone remember the comedian Gallagher - his skit about cats licking their butts? He said “if it tastes so good why don’t they make butt flavored cat food?”. Let’s all remember to send in our postcards. We can and will make a difference.

  50. Jules says:

    My Bichon died on March 15th of this year after eating Innova for Seniors, wet & dry. She starting having strange symptoms like severe coughing (like asthma) a few weeks prior to her dying. I took her to the Vet and had her checked. Her blood work, lungs, heart were perfect. But within weeks her kidney values went off the chart. The Vet was shocked. We had to put her to sleep ultimately.

    I was shocked at her rapid pace of deterioration. So was the Vet. I put her to sleep on the 15th of March, and heard of the recalls the very next day. I was devastated. I’m never trusting any commercial pet food company again!

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