Drs. Fosters & Smith Products Recalled Due to Rice Protein

Another pet food maker — Drs. Fosters & Smith — is issuing a recall due to the use of Wilbur-Ellis rice protein (scroll down their page to view the notice).

The recalled products are:

  • Drs. Foster & Smith Adult Dry Lite Dog Food
  • Drs. Foster & Smith Adult Dry Lite Cat Food

Oddly, the manufacturer says they received the recall advice today from Wilbur-Ellis, not last week as we have heard.

Rice protein concentrate has been indicated as a possible source of melamine recently found in pet food products. As a precautionary measure Wilbur-Ellis company, the supplier of rice protein concentrate, is voluntarily recalling all lots of rice protein concentrate. We received notification from the manufacturer today, April 25, 2007, suggesting we issue a precautionary recall.

Full recall notice after the jump.

(Thanks Patti)

Precautionary Rice Protein Recall: Drs. Foster & Smith Adult Dry Lite Dog and Adult Dry Lite Cat Food

Rice protein concentrate has been indicated as a possible source of melamine recently found in pet food products. As a precautionary measure Wilbur-Ellis company, the supplier of rice protein concentrate, is voluntarily recalling all lots of rice protein concentrate. We received notification from the manufacturer today, April 25, 2007, suggesting we issue a precautionary recall.

Two of our products: Adult Lite Dry Dog (Item #’s 14178, 14179, 14180, 14262, 14263) and Adult Lite Dry Cat foods (Item #’s 12855, 12856, 13864, 13865) contain rice protein concentrate. Only the Adult Lite Dry Dog and Adult Lite Dry Cat foods contain rice protein concentrate.

Preliminary test results for melamine contamination have been negative. Final test results from the FDA are expected within two weeks. Please check the Adult Lite Dry Dog food or the Adult Lite Dry Cat food product pages on the DrsFosterSmith.com website for any updates.

If your pet has consumed either the Adult Lite Dry Dog food or the Adult Lite Dry Cat food and shows signs of illness (such as loss of appetite, lethargy and vomiting), you should consult with your veterinarian immediately.

As part of this precautionary recall Drs. Foster & Smith requests that customers discontinue feeding the following products purchased during the periods listed, until all FDA testing is complete:

  • Adult Lite Dry Dog food item numbers 14180, 14262, 14263, or Adult Lite Dry Cat food item numbers 12855, 12856, 13864, 13865 purchased between January 22, 2007 and April 19th
  • Adult Lite Dry Dog food item numbers 14178 and 14179 purchased between February 2, 2007 and April 19, 2007
  • Only Adult Lite Dry Dog (Item #’s 14178, 14179, 14180, 14262, 14263) and Adult Dry Lite Cat foods (Item #’s 12855, 12856, 13864, 13865) are included in this precautionary recall.

The health and well being of your pet is always important to us, so as part of this precautionary recall:

  • Drs. Foster & Smith is contacting all customers who have purchased these items during this period.
  • These products are being reformulated to eliminate rice protein concentrate. The new formulation should be available by mid-May.
  • Please call Customer Service at 1-800-239-7121 between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm CST or email CustomerService@DrsFosterSmith.com if you have questions.
  • None of our other Drs. Foster & Smith foods contain the ingredients in question.

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  1. Grace says:

    Lorie, I was confused -my permanent state these days :) The Fancy Feast info. is right here on Itchmo under the Forums.

    From the home page www.itchmo.com go to Forums then:

    Pet Food Recall > News (Recall Related) > Anyone having problems with Fancy Feast

    Or maybe this will work:

  2. Grace says:

    Thanks Jenny. I’ll check out waggintails.com great name!

  3. Lorie says:

    Since we are talking about amil order pet food has anyone tried or heard anything about Tiki cat catfood? It look really good But they all did at one point.


    that link youpost witht he good the bad and ugly, was very interesting I knew beet pulp was considered bad that is in that Kumpi kat stuff, but at least one ingredient in the bad and ugly are in all of them Geez

  4. Garyn says:

    Jules, I am so very sorry for your loss. :-( My cat had coughing attacks too in the weeks before her death. I remember one in particular where she just hacked. But me.. stupid, stupid me .. thought it was a hairball. She was my first cat and I just blew it.

  5. Lorie says:

    Grace that link worked does anyone belong to that forum and answer those people with yes there are issues with certain FF meals read the labels avoid wheat gluten and SPC. Darn that Purina tha ought to be ashamed do they not realize the longer they hold out the worse the damage to pets and to there rep I have more respect for those who have come forward then those who are hiding hoping it blows over.

  6. JUDY BOONE says:

    I have fed “FancyFeast” to my 15 yr. old Emily and “”Purina Sr. for years she will NOT touch any other foods– with the exception of the new “FancyFeast” dry — she will goes days and days without a bite if she can not have her “favorite” blends –she will not eat the fish products or the chopped type— yes-she is a diva!! What is the information some of you have heard in regards to these ?? I have called both companies and my vet. (who is a very caring and careful doctor )I have trusted with all my fur kids for years and have not gotten any negative information —not that I trust the food producers any longer- My dogs eat different “Purina” dry blends and “Pedigree” wet along with lots of raw carrots-apples-cottage cheese-green beans and bananas every day- so far Zeus who is four is healthy as is my nine month old Zada their coats are beautiful ! teeth in perfect condition and have NEVER been sick- I am a careful mom and would rush mine to their DR. ASAP if they showed any symptoms- to hell with cost -my babies health and happiness comes before mine!! they also get vitamins & 10 essential oils (cod-soy -flax etc.)daily if I should be aware of negative facts concerning these foods PLEASE leave me a message–THANKS

  7. Cher says:

    I feed my hound Flint River Ranch Dry….Lamb, Rice-Millet-
    care must be taken not to overfeed as it is rich and highly digestable-concentrated, a standard 8 ounce cup holds 4.2 ounces of food. This compares to an average of 3.3 ounces in most extruded foods. This food isn’t extruded- it is baked. I don’t SELL it, just order off their website.
    I am going to order the cat food tonite.
    I used to use Iams exclusively.. however,2 years ago my 4 year old Basset died of kidney failure. I am just now starting to put the puzzle pieces together. I am stunned.
    Hugs to all of you and you 4-legged kids!

  8. Jenny says:

    Julie - Ive been using Felidae 50 % for just a couple of weeks now. My cats are doing really well on it. Seem really healthy - better than when they were just on their old food.

    Susan - I wondered about the byNature too. Looks pretty good. Glad to know your cats like it.

    Marylynn - thanks for the info on Eagle Pack - also another one I have been eyeing.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Saw this item was recalled but didn’t see it on the front page

    Scroll down to the bottom of the article.


    “SmartPak, had recalled products made with tainted rice protein concentrate. The company said the recall covered a single production run of its LiveSmart Weight Management Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food.”

  10. Sharon says:

    Whoops! Didn’t mean to post anonymous :) And meant to apologize if this is duplicate information.

  11. Bonni says:

    Jules. . . your pet died from Innova? It does not list any of the ingredients and Natura claims all their products don’t contain any rice protein. Could it have been some treats? just curious. I don’t feed that food but a friend uses it on her cats.

  12. Gary says:

    Anonymous here’s a good URL shortener.


  13. Jules says:

    Yes, Bonni, I believe my pet died from Innova! As Garyn mentioned, our pets had this strange cough, hacking, whatever you want to call it, just before their death.

    When I first mentioned it to my friends, then to Innova, they all said, “Don’t worry, it’s not on the recall list!!!! It couldn’t have killed your dog.” Since then, a month and a half later . . . what has happened??? So many more ingredients and poisons have been identified. Some are still to be identified in my opinion! I never believed it would leak into our human food supply either, but I did believe that something was not right with the pet food I was feeding my dog.

  14. Jules says:

    Oh, Bonnie, NO, I did not feed her any treats at all. Only Innova Senior, wet & dry.

    Let’s not only believe that it is wheat, rice, or soy gluten (or protein concentrate) or whatever you want to call it. There’s something else that will surface . . . soon.

  15. Carrie says:

    I’ve had good luck with the Merrick Dog Food. One of our dogs, a 12 year old Australian Shepherd used to eat that, we moved in August and I couldn’t find it here right away, so we switched him to Alpo Cuts N Gravy. In October he seemed to not be doing well, vet ran tests, said his liver enzymes were high. We gave him some natural medications and supplements, but I continued to feed Alpo. He got worse, dropping weight, vomiting, losing energy and appetite. When Alpo was recalled I switched back to Merrick immediately. He has had a total turn around. Gaining weight, more energy, big difference. Something in the Alpo had to be affecting him even before the recall. I sent a note to Purina, someone actually called me back to follow up, but I bet it goes nowhere.
    We’re stuck on our cats…lots of problems with urinary stones and infections, they have been on Royal Canin Urinary SO and have had no more urinary problems…but I’m terrified about the food. Afraid to switch though. Any suggestions?

  16. Helen says:

    Jules, I am so sorry! Nine years ago the same thing happened to my 17 year old cat. The vet could not find a single thing wrong, and her labs were completely normal, but she got sicker and sicker, then died. I was never able to find out why, but she ate Iams Senior.

    Garyn, My cat was hacking too and I thought it was a hairball that wouldn’t come up. Then she would vomit a little puddle of clear liquid. When I replaced the Nutro dry food with Innova, all her sypmtoms cleared up. I really thought hairball, not bad food! She was eating wet food and human meat too, which may be the only thing that saved her. She had been throwing Nutro out of the bowl and eating very little of it, like she tasted the problem. I will always trust her when she doesn’t want to eat something now.

  17. Helen says:

    Garyn, we had no reason to suspect food for what we thought was normal cat hacking. I am so sorry you lost her. This is not your fault!

  18. mandi says:

    Hi everyone i just have a quick question i was feeding my 5 dogs nutro max puppy and it has corn gluten in it so i switched to wellness for puppies is this a good food and also i have 3 new pups that will begin eating food next week what soft food should i feed them? thanks so much!

  19. Judy says:

    Somebody said they are feeding Sheba. It is not good. Nitrites are in it as well as gluten.

    The thing is, nobody should be feeding gluten or soy or concentrated grain protein even if it isn’t poisoned.
    It is not meat protein. Cats and Dogs are carnivores! And this protein is not fit for a carnivore. They don’t care about the health of our pets.
    It’s all about money.

    The reason the poisoned food got into the Hog feed, is because part of the first run of every batch of food, is set aside, as they make adjustments to the die, and make sure everything is perfect. That is the normal procedure.
    This set aside, test run stuff is sold to farmers for hogs or chickens to eat.

  20. Endaar says:

    Life’s Abundance (dry) seems to have pretty decent ingredients. I’ve got a bag of it but haven’t opened it as I’m really trying to get my cat off of the dry food entirely. Note that the same company’s wet cat food - Instinctive Choice - is made by Menu.

    I’ve been feeding Felidae canned for a little bit now, and I have to give the company credit for being about as on top of this whole recall thing as anyone. Their website seems to get updated everytime there’s a new ingredient recalled, they were very responsive on the phone, and the food itself seems to be very high quality. Their website specifically states all ingredients are US raised and grown, and the meat itself is specified as “human quality meat, flesh tissue and skin only.” I am probably going to try and move to some raw food as well, but so far I’m extremely pleased with the Felidae.

  21. Judy says:

    I think Wellness has canned food for dogs. Also the Canidae food is very good.

  22. Bonni says:

    Thank you Jules. . . I will email my friend right now and warn her! She had three cats.

  23. Sharon says:

    I’m not certain but I seem to recall reading somewhere that Wellness was made at a Menu Foods plant. I’ll check and see what I can find.

  24. susanUnPC says:

    Lorie, my daughter and I both got Tiki for our cats, and they loved it. But it is made in Thailand, and that gives me great pause. So I’m not going to buy any more.

    I LOVE the stories of financial sacrifice I’m reading here so we can buy better food for our pets. It’s been hard to budget for the cat food, but I changed my channel line-up on my satellite, unplugging appliances to save electricity, budgeting my own food costs (eating less), not making unnecessary car trips — whatever I can think of — and it’s all working out.

    HUGS TO ALL. Your stories are truly inspiring.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Wellness (Old Mother Hubbard) info from Howl911.com:

    Old Mother Hubbard (verified by company 3/26/07, updated 4/24/07)

    * Menu does make some of our canned cat and canned dog foods. They make OUR recipes according to OUR quality standards.
    * We have procedures in place to clean between each run of food that is produced. We also inspect the plant regularly to audit their procedures. We require our facilities to pass an audit by Cook & Thurber, a HUMAN FOOD auditing firm.”
    * Other manufacturers are used besides Menu Foods.
    * Products do not contain wheat gluten, corn or soy, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.
    * We do not source rice protein concentrate from Binzhou Futian Biological Technology, the manufacturer of the contaminated rice protein concentrate. (from website 4/24/07)
    * We do not purchase rice protein concentrate from Wilbur-Ellis. (from website 4/24/07)
    * We have visited the plants where we source our rice protein concentrate, and they have consistently met our stringent standards. (from website 4/24/07)

  26. Jules says:

    Oh Bonni,

    Also, Innova canned is processed at a MenuFoods plant! Hmmmmm!

  27. Petra Lemheofer says:

    I’ve just ordered for my 6 cats from Holistic Blend. I have checked every single ingredient, down to the K1 and it looks to be clean. Anybody know anything about it? Let me know! thanks

  28. mandi says:

    I am so confused!!!! Ok so what foods wet and dry are safe to feed my dogs? I have 3 pekingese 1 shih tzu and 1 shih tzu/pekingese mix and one of my peks is nursing 3 pups! I dont want to feed my babys anything that will hurt/kill them thay are my life and we really had to cut back to feed them the wellness food but i will do anything to keep them safe so i guess im asking what foods are safe wet and dry?

  29. Cathi says:

    Thank you Endaar…..I’ve been reading up on the Felidae and I think it’s the way to go. I hope and pray I’m making the right choice. If anything happened to my daughters cat on my watch, well…..it would be bad! (She’s at college) He was a barn cat and lost his mother at 1 week old. My daughter raised him and he then broke his pelvis twice. He’s now our littte precious house cat. He’s actually a hero in our little town. Everyone is always asking how he’s doing and stopping over to see him. Thanks again.

  30. Petra says:

    fyi: Take Purina’s Pet Promise off your list guys. They claim a “promise of purity” and a long list of things they don’t put in their cat cans & dry. Thought it was ok. I found an ingredient “menadione sodium bisulfite complex “(source of vitamink K activity) listed. This is ugly stuff. It is not a naturally derived source of Vitamin K and can’t be assimilated properly. All kinds of nasty long term damang.

  31. JUDY BOONE says:

    my fur kids are of paramount importance So far my kids appear healthy I will never buy from the producers who buy their ingredients from China –I only feed mine USA or Canada made foods if I find a food or treat made in any foreign country or use ingredients from these countries (other than Canada) I will discontinue using that brand!I have always used only USA -Canada products and this disgusting -blatant misuse of pet food ingredients has only made me even more convinced 3rd world countries do NOT value pets as we do—- of course any country that serves dog meat and clubs dogs to death as a means of controlling rabies makes it plain this country should not be selling ingrediants for pet foods!!!! Why are these barbarians allowed to sell their poison?? GREED GREED GREED I wish we could find one or two realy safe brands and all pet parents would start buying only these I would like to put these GREEDY #%&$#@*out of business after they were sued to the max!!

  32. Barbara Ann says:

    Caught a bit of the Oprah show today when they were talking about the “Raw Food Diet” for pets.

    Oprah has switched her dogs … apparently it is best to do it slowly, i.e. substituting 10% of their meals to begin with. But I would say it might have to be speeded-up with not much choice left in commercial-overprocessed-poisoned pet foods!

    I liked it when Oprah looked directly into the camera & said “They are CARNIVORES … they only require about 3% carbs in their diet, if that.”

    Vet then said “Commercial petfoods have 50 - 60% carbs in them!”

    Hhmmmm … mayb that’s cuz they can make more profit with ALL THAT FILLER!

  33. Paul says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Wellness canned is done at Menu Foods.


  34. Barbara Ann says:

    To: Judy Boone

    I know 2 safe brands:



    You can go to their sites & find out where their products are being sold near you. Let me know if you try them? Take care.

  35. Carol says:

    Jules Says:
    April 25th, 2007 at 11:26 pm

    Yes, Bonni, I believe my pet died from Innova! As Garyn mentioned, our pets had this strange cough, hacking, whatever you want to call it, just before their death.

    Jules..I am very sorry to hear about you’re pet….after reading you’re post now I am getting paranoid….I have been feeding Innova to my dogs for over 3 years and mine are all very healthy…soft coats.. nice small poops…could it have been something else that you fed..like treats

  36. JollyCat says:

    my cats used to eat Felidae and the past month or so aren’t too happy about it, so I tried the KumpiKat and now they are gobbling like turkeys - I too am pretty upset about the corporate greed and am wondering if anyone can direct me to a list of proctor and gamble product and mars and purina - is there anyone place that has them all listed so we can BOYCOTT all of them? if there is something like that, I’ll be checking back, cause I’m just about steamed enough now, I don’t care about what they may sell I like, I’m not wanting to buy any of their crap any more!

  37. susanUnPC says:

    CARRIE, have you checked out this article on cats? It explains what cats need to avoid kidney problems as well as diabetes and obesity. Even though the subject is feline diabetes, it all applies:

    It’s written by Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, our hero for her testimony before the Senate a couple weeks ago. She also hosts a helpful forum:

    PETRA, I agree with you about Pet Promise. That’s what I was feeding my cats when the recall began. It’s loaded with grains. And it’s owned by Purina, which Pet Promise tries to keep secret. Purina, imho, mass-produces the cheapest possible junk food with pretty packaging, and millions spent on marketing and advertising, not on nutritional ingredients.

  38. Sam says:

    Does anybody use Artemis food?

    Just bought a bag today, let my dog smell it, h ewanted to gobble it all. I gave him a very small bit mixed in with his food. Highly recommended by our natural pet food store, and website says not involved…but all websites say whatever makes people buy the product.

    Any comments on this brand? Thanks!

  39. Claudette says:

    I am so sad for everyone who has had a problem. Before the recalls I had been feeding one poodle, who lost a kidney last year,Hills k/d can and dry. Another poodle, who had stones in his bladder last year and had surgery, Royal Canin SO can and dry. The other three were on pedigree wet and science diet adult dry. Before we had the trouble with the two who had surgries, all of them were on the Alpo meat with gravy and the science adult dry.. Since the first recall, I started buying chicken, carrots, peas and white rice. I boil and debone the chicken and mix 1/3 chicken, 1/3 veggies and 1/3 white rice. I scramble each of them an egg every morning. They get no dry food or anything else. They seem to be in good shape. I just worry about the poodle with one kidney and am I making her worse without the k/d food. I just made my mind up that I would go this way and if something happens to her because of this that it was because I was trying to protect her from companies that might really mean to hurt her. The same for the poodle who was on the SO. I also have a good many cats who always got different dry foods…alternating between meow mix and Purina indoor and other good named foods. They always seemed ok. I did have one cat to be found dead one morning about two months ago. He had not been showing any signs of being sick. He was dead on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth. He was about four years old with a really nice coat and good weight. Another cat, same age, died about four months ago same way. I now have them on Purina indoor. I am keeping my fingers crossed. You just have to have faith that whatever course you take…it’s what you have to do at the time…but you still stay so scared every day. I enjoy this site so much. Good luck and good health to all of your fury family members. Claudette

  40. Carol says:

    Claudette…Here is a dog recipe that might help you out….I think you need to supplement…that info is right at the bottom of the page..I have used this recipe my dogs love it…


  41. Laurie says:

    Dumb question- is everyone on this board avoiding everything from Menu Foods?
    I have Wellness and AvoDerm, both grain free.

    Also- I am concerned by the comments about Innova, I use EVO dry.

  42. Straybaby says:


    I have been giving my cats some Artemis and all five like it and it seems to *suit* them. If they are only putting in what is on the label it should be safe, lol!~

    I’m taking them back to 100% home prepared though, just for the control factor. KNOWING what they are eating and that *I* have checked out the food sources. I had started giving them kibble again because of emergency situations like blackouts/etc, but we’ll just have to deal when the time comes . . .

  43. concerned owner says:

    I’m a bit confused and concerned because I just switched my dog and cat to the Innova adult dry cat food and innova senior dry dog food. The lady I talked to thought it might be best to stay away from the wet foods until the recalls clear up, but I’m now worried due to your circumstances with your pet. Do you think the cause might have been the wet food?
    I just switched recently and am still in the food transition process into the innova dry foods for both my pets. If anyone could please give me advice regarding this situation. Is innova dry foods ok to feed my pets or do I need to switch again. And if so to what? When I talked to the lady at the store, she claimed that these foods were safer then what I was feeding them which was kirkland dry food for my cat and senior science diet dry food for my dog. Please help!!!

  44. Carol says:

    I have been feeding Innova adult for 3 years..and all of my dogs are healthy both dry and wet….

  45. Laurie says:

    What could be in Innova dry that is killing pets that wouldnt be in every single pet food out there?

    Innova EVO doesnt use grains. So if its in the meat, potatoes, or supplements, we’re all screwed.

  46. BluesKat says:

    I haven’t heard anything about Fancy Feast being dangerous or recalled or anything about soy possibly being contaminated until I read through all your posts. Have I missed something about a Fancy Feast recall and what’s going on with they soy? Is it a problem now?!

  47. Joan Steik says:

    Carol, Thank you for the url for the dog recipe this is where I found the information below. It’s a must read article! Kiki, thank you for the information on 4D animals, rendered animals, and do they use muscle/flesh protein. Still no word from Natura.


    I am going to learn how to cook for my animals!

  48. BluesKat says:

    I meant to mention in my last post that hogs on a farm in Californina also tested positive for melamine. The very same wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate that are killing our pets are widely used in human bakery-type products (bread, etc). How many of us humans are going to have to get sick and/or die before our government gets to the bottom of this horrendous coverup?! I’ve written my senators and representatives, even though they aren’t involved in senate hearings, urging them to do whatever they can to force the FDA and all the other agencies and companies to reveal what they’re hiding. I urge all of you to write your congressmen/women as well. Maybe if we flood Washington with our outrage, we’ll get some answers - and more importantly, some changes. I’m not holding my breath but we should all still voice our opinions and anger. We owe it to our pets…and to those who have died because of government irresponsibility. We can’t bring them back but maybe we can do something so they didn’t die in vain.

  49. Fivecatsandadog says:

    Well, I’m virtually speechless.. this recall situation has become surreal. Though we don’t use F&S (never heard of them, actually..) I feel so disgusted with them I’d like to write them an email and express how ashamed they should be for waiting so long and for hiding the damned recall information halfway down the page! On the site’s homepage I can’t even see a link regarding it. But at least we know their site is HACKER SAFE. I’ll bet they’re going to need to be.

    Regarding giving up and sacrificing to give our pets raw food, I’m afraid some of us can’t afford to do so. We’ve got six animals, all rescue from about-to-move-and-can’t-have-animals-in-our-new-place situations or strays. I believe we’ve been responsible in how we’ve cared for them, because they’ve faired better than at the pound; but we’re not wealthy.

    We got some samples the other day from Honest Kitchen, and were very excited about it. I’ve put in hours and hours trying to find a safe avenue for them, and this seemed to be it. But I was terribly disappointed when I realized the cost we’d be looking at to put them on this diet. Unless I’m mistaken, we’d be looking at over $200 a month to feed Honest Kitchen. Maybe some of you have lots of extra cash, but we’re barely scraping by. (For the record, we haven’t had cable for about 18 months now. It’s been like coming out from under water, I highly recommend it.)

    Anyway, enough of my defensive rant. We’re looking into a local franchisee or whatever of Pet Food Express. The local guy says they only use U.S. ingredients, but I’m to the point where I don’t trust ANYONE these days. Has anyone dealt with/heard about them? I hope they’re trustworthy, because I’m strongly pondering going with them.

  50. Fivecatsandadog says:

    Forgot to add, we’ve thought about raw food, but at $2-$3 a pound that doesn’t seem to practical for six animals either, probably as much or more than Honest Kitchen though I totally admit I’m no expert on the cost of raw pet food diet.

    With HK, I believe we were looking at about 20 dry lbs of their food to make the recommended feeding guidelines for our 55lb dog. That’s $100+ a month. For the five cats (four, actually, one is on Royal Canin venison & green pea and good lord, I hope their ingredient list is accurate.) it would be about the same, so over $200. We’re maxed out on our budget with the Science Diet dry we’ve been giving them, so HK is waaay over the top.

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