Drug-Sniffing Dogs Fired For Bad Behavior

In Thailand, two stray mutts who were turned into expert drug-sniffing dogs at an airport near an opium-producing region have been fired for urinating on luggage and holding onto women’s legs while searching for drugs.

The two dogs, Mok and Lai, were part of a program that was initiated by the Thai king to turn strays into police dogs. They had received praise for their sniffing skills, but there were so many complaints about the two that they had to be let go. They are now working on a farm herding chickens and pigs.

Somebody needs to sign these mutts to a Bad Boys Pet Detective movie.

3 Responses to “Drug-Sniffing Dogs Fired For Bad Behavior”

  1. straybaby says:

    just wanted to thank you for posting this! got a giggle from me ;)

  2. Captn' Carl says:

    Great story. Thanks for the laugh. We could all use one about now.

  3. kaefamily says:

    It’s a miracle that their brains are still fully functional after having to sniff the narcs days in and out, in addition to the drug lords’ death warrant on them. They knew it and so hatched up a scheme. And now are working at a farm as herding dogs, which is actually a blessing after all.

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