PETA Asks For Investigation of Vitamin D in Dry Food

Sick Dog From Wheat GlutenWe’ve seen plenty of reader complaints linking dry food to pet deaths. PETA is now calling for the investigation of vitamin D in dry pet food, arguing that the symptoms are consistent with those described in dry food deaths. We’ve already read about a previous vitamin D problem and that backs up PETA’s suspicions.

Report your dry food-related pet sickness and deaths to us.

Please also report your case to the FDA.

PETA’s release after the jump.

Although the FDA continues to blame tainted wheat gluten for recent cat and dog illnesses and deaths, a mounting number of complaints about sick and dying animals who ate only dry food that did not contain wheat gluten strongly suggests that there is another source of contamination. Evidence from reputable laboratories indicates that an excessive amount of vitamin D in pet food may be to blame. Vitamin D overdoses produce symptoms similar to those seen in animals who recently got sick or died after consuming only dry foods. PETA is demanding that the FDA refocus its investigation to include other likely causes instead of pandering to the pet food industry and focusing on an ingredient that is found in only a moderate number of foods.

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