Ellen DeGeneres To Help Rebuild Animal Shelters

Ellen DeGeneresAfter the controversy in October over an adopted dog named Iggy, Ellen DeGeneres is trying to move forward and is helping rebuild animal shelters across the US.

For this project, DeGeneres has teamed up with former Meow Mix owner Richard Thompson. Their first mission is the makeover of an animal sanctuary in Monkey Run, Arkansas.

Thompson said, “We’re halfway done now. We’ve been redoing it for a woman named Janice Wolf, who was found by Ellen. We bulldozed the place, and we’re building a new hay barn and a new barn. She’s got almost 60 animals, including a zebra, some Watusi cattle and 20 dogs, some that are three-legged, blind and deaf.”

He added, “These pets are bringing the community together. Ellen’s one of the best rescue people I’ve ever met, she got a bad rap over Iggy.”

Source: Fox News

16 Responses to “Ellen DeGeneres To Help Rebuild Animal Shelters”

  1. shibadiva says:

    This cracked me up when I read about it yesterday. Ellen is apparently lending her name to the project, but no money or sweat equity. That would be Work, after all. Kind of like looking after an animal for more than a week. Hey, what ever happened to the animal rescue agency that she helped demolish a couple of months back?

  2. NH says:

    She lost my respect after the “dog incident” and hasn’t gained it back since.

  3. animal lover says:

    hey - how come they don’t mention the website that’s behind the build? zootoo.com, I think.

  4. JonO says:

    She’s a spoiled brat - having wrecked the lives and reputations of two rescuers she’s oh-so-graciously lending her name to a well meaning effort in hopes of getting everyone to forget just how abominably she behaved.

  5. petrescue says:

    ah yes nice try Ellen you have ruined lives and traumatized pet’s with your on again off again owning pet’s and shame on you.. Not to mention how many times you and your partner changed your stories on why that poor dog could not remain in your home.. And in the midst of this disservice to animal’s and all of us doing animal rescue you taught a child if you want something all you need to do is scream, cry and jump up and down and the world will listen.. Great role model’s you and the child’s mother make.. Thank heaven the rescue group for the sake of the dog stood their ground I sincerely doubt that it would have made it in the child’s household.. Thank heaven I was never a fan of yours.. Oh and by the way “what’s in a name anyway”..

  6. Mark says:

    I think Ellen is a true animal lover and has gotten a bad rap over the unfortunate incident with the dog she adopted.

    Thank you Ellen for donating your time and money to a good cause.

  7. Nancy VB says:

    I don’t think Ellen is the only person that just doesn’t understand how animal rescues work. She should have read the contract she signed, then she would have known what she did was wrong.
    I felt bad for the dog and the kids, at the mercy of adults not following the rules. This grief could have been avoided.
    All my dogs are from rescue and if for some reason I can no longer care for them, they have to go back to the rescue. I signed a contract!

  8. shibadiva says:

    Well, Mark, she didn’t donate any money to the cause, last time I looked. She may “love” animals in her own imagination but she has a history of getting over them in a week’s time, on more than one occasion. A celebrity airhead, but maybe not as airhead as Britney or Paris if that makes you feel better.

  9. Lynn says:

    I think it’s great. I still feel she got a bad rap after the Iggy incident. Thanks to that Marina from Mutts and Moms, rescuers are dealing with the fall out.

    So what if Ellen didn’t donate hard cash. Allowing her name to be used in conjunction with this project has value.

    Way to go, Ellen!

  10. mittens says:

    if mutts and moms was such a great rescue and charity why was their tax exempt corporation status pulled by the state attorney general in california? no one seems to have an answer for that. no one seems to care. they rescue dogs and are infallible like the pope. they just think they are when the people who run them are full of themselves, control freaks and a tad nuts and see a golden opportunity to spank someone publicly that has crossed them.

    animals are being helped and rescues are being aided- what on earth is there to bitch about? rescues are rescues run by imperfect humans and theyre not all saints on bloody earth who walk on the water and can do no wrong. i know plenty of people in rescue - who do so on slim funds with home grown fund raisers without celebrity or rich clients-who find mutts and moms behavior questionable , over the top if not outright wrong.

    it’s good for rescues to be aided by ellen or anyone for that matter. period. i don’t find ellen particular amusing or interesting but i also don’t think she’s some deranged animal hating demon. people act like she personally strangled the dog before hacking it up in bits. just because something’s in a contract does not mean it’s legally binding because you cannot agree to a document that asks you to do something that is contrary to the law or violates your rights. but no matter what she does, no matter how many animals are helped it’s apparent it wont be good enough for some people. all charity should be encouraged. sometimes a celebrity endorsement is worth the hundreds and thousands of dollars they could have contributed in actual funds. the more attention your rescue gets the more money can be generated.

  11. shibadiva says:

    You’re right. Looking at the half-full part of this glass, some shelters may get a benefit out of this, and certainly the media attention, if done right, will help the cause. She does love animals in some sense and she’s good at talking about love for animals and getting people involved.

    The half-empty part is that she was a loose cannon on the Mutts and Moms case, and could have done a whole lot less damage if she’d understood better the effect she has on millions of viewers. I’ll be watching for some “stick-to-itiveness” on this project when the work really starts to happen.

    If the media can use Paris or Britney’s pet-store choice to get HSUS all puffed up and “taking action” against puppy mills, imagine what can be accomplished here.

  12. glt says:

    Ellen will regain my respect if she can make up for her bad publicity for animal rescue with her work to help shelters. But it is much less dramatic so I don’t think people will notice.

  13. Nancy VB says:

    Ellen has made bad choices in other areas and survived, this too will pass. And if she gives them the right to use her name than that is a good thing for the animals.

  14. Catlady says:

    Someone does a bad thing, she gets bashed. Someone does a good thing, and she STILL gets bashed! Come on, people. Let’s have a little faith. Sometimes people do things for the right reasons and deserve some credit for doing so. Personally, I think Ellen was truly upset about the Iggy incident and didn’t deserve the negative press she got.

  15. Dee says:

    Anything that helps animals is ok with me. Let’s see, wasn’t that her intention with Iggy? At least he was a rescue, not a “pure breed” from a puppy farm.

  16. Jeff S. says:

    Ellen has given so much money as well as publicity to animal causes. If every celebrity did as much there’d be no animals left to rescue. It’s unfair to knock her because of the crime of being rich. She is a great animal lover and if you love animals you should respect her for that even if you don’t like her otherwise.

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