Emergency Rescue Jacket For Pets

Rescue Jacket

Want your pet to be prepared for emergencies?

A pet rescue jacket/rain coat was unveiled during the Security and Safety Trade Expo in Tokyo last week. The jacket can be for both dogs and cats and contains an emergency kit and food to be used during disasters.

The price for this pet emergency rescue jacket ranges from $240 to $430.

Source: Reuters

Photo: Yahoo News

9 thoughts on “Emergency Rescue Jacket For Pets

  1. While the concept is good, there appears to be little protection to the extremities. And the side pockets – for them to carry their own food? Extra weight for small dogs isn’t good especially when they may be dealing with smoke inhalation.

    Say a prayer for all the animals here in southern CA.

  2. I suspect the money would be better spent preparing for an emergency with food, crate, and planning ahead…

  3. I like the concept of some sort of protection from airborne debris or embers. Easy to snap on boots would be helpful for dogs you can’t carry. Something to mitigate smoke inhalation would also be something to consider. There’s no eye protection on this model, either.

    The price for whatever this is high if it doesn’t contain anything but what is shown.

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  5. For small dogs I would rather see a trash bag made of fireproof material that you could put the pooch in, head first, then tie at the neck. Then put a fireman’s hat on with snout shield.


  6. This is just dumb. more marketing built on our current “live in terror” model that has existed since 9-11.

    Mikken had the BEST plan. Spend 1/2 of that money and get signingatly more by thinking it out and making a good plan. A doggie carrier, with a “emergency pack” near by that has food, first aid, meds, bottles of water, etc., can be grabbed at a moment’s notice.

    some of you had other reasons why this is a stupid money making version of what might be important additions – like some kind of doggie mask for ashes; or someone also mentioned eye goggles — though i’d just put saline wash in the emergency package, myself.

  7. “This is just dumb. more marketing built on our current “live in terror” model that has existed since 9-11.”

    Exactly. If I need to evacuate I’ll do to my dogs what I do to myself: into the car and away we go.

  8. Besides, it would take far longer to suit up 3 dogs into the little spaceman outfits than to put them in the car and vamoose.

  9. my cats love Devo but there’s no way to get 1 in a hat let alone 4 in a lost in space get up. hell i can’t manage to find my own raincoat whenever it rains and get that thing on.

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