Emporia Attorney Files Lawsuit Against Menu

Emporia, Kansas. A lot goes on in this town. Both Menu Foods and American Nutrition have plants there. Hill’s will be building a pet food plant there. And now, an attorney from this city of pet food manufacturing galore is suing Menu Foods.

Last week, Emporia attorney Thomas A. Krueger filed lawsuit on behalf of pet owners against a variety of Menu pet food holdings. They include: Menu Foods Limited Partnership, Menu Foods Acquisition and Menu Foods Limited, Menu Foods Holdings and Menu Foods Midwest Corp, and Menu Foods.

The lawsuit alleges that the Menu companies sold tainted pet food and that Menu continued to sell pet food it knew was contaminated and failed to recall that food.

The complaint contains three counts alleging product liability, consumer fraud and consumer protection violations and breach of implied warrant.

Source: Emporia Gazette

11 Responses to “Emporia Attorney Files Lawsuit Against Menu”

  1. thomas says:

    This is really good news!!!

  2. Nora Marasco says:

    Thank God some one has the @3##!! to stand up to the big corps that so boldly lied to us for many years until we woke up and realized they had killed our beloved pets for a much longer time than we had ever known. The Dog Food companies have made such a large fortune from feeding us lies and our fur kids poison that my distaste for them will never be changed. I mean a lifetime of anger and distrust to ALL OF THEM. Although alarmingly the general public are still so ignorant of all the facts and the continuing saga. I have found this out by conversations with people at the dog parks from Austin Tx to Des Moines, IA. Just an intelligent few know the real deal.

  3. pam says:

    it’s what i’ve been saying all along…fraud and product liability are the only way to bring these companies down in the courts. good job!

  4. Steve says:

    When law and civil responsibility is neglected by these companies, then nobody is safe from anyone.

    Excellent to see the momentum building. Thank you Mr.Krueger.

  5. Katie says:

    Yeah! finally! hope more lawsuits follow.


  6. purringfur says:

    Go get ‘em, Mr. Krueger!

  7. HighNote says:

    I am from Kansas and I sure hope Mr. Krueger gets all of Menu where it hurts!! GREAT News!!

  8. E. Hamilton says:

    Don Earl has filed an individual lawsuit , the only way to go in my opinion
    legal section of his site .

    Class action lawsuits make lawyers rich, will not get the vet bills paid and most who join a class action will be very disappointed.
    Do you really want coupons for the food that killed or sickened your pets?
    That is how most of the class action stuff ends up.

    Besides, it is NOT the melamine, or not JUST the melamine and lawsuits that are stupid enough to go into court with that claim will get tossed out.

    Until CRIMINAL charges are filed -the cover up goes on.

  9. Miracle Coon says:


    Thank you Mr. Krueger, for standing up to CORPORATE GREED.

    Hit ‘em where it hurts–right in the wallet!! This is the only language Wal-Mart understands.

  10. tina donaldson says:

    hello,i have lost 2 of my cats,my babies due to menu foods.i have one more cat whom is fighting for her life every day for almost a year.she has uncontrollable diarhhea right after she eats.i mean it is like liquid waste.she has been to the vets many times with no good results.i almost went to put her down today but i can’t do it.she is a lovely cat with so much affection it kills me.she was on meds for hyper thyroid but that did not work either.if any one can help me please respond.the other 2 i had to put down with the same symtons excessive thirst,diarrhea,and that killed me.i have a claim form from menu and dont know if i should go it alone or call a lawyer?

  11. tina donaldson says:

    after writing in in october 3 1997 i lost two more cats can someone help me find a attorney for this terrible recall

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