European Parliament To Ban Cat And Dog Fur

EU to Ban Dog and Cat FurThe European Parliament is planning for a Europe wide ban on cat and dog fur imports that would be effective December 2008. This ban aims to block cat and dog fur imports at the border, introduce penalties for traders, and encourage sharing of information on how to detect cat and dog fur.

More about the ban on cat and dog fur after the jump.

From BBC News:

“Many people are unwittingly deceived into buying garments made out of cat and dog fur due to mislabelling. This law will put an end to these deceptive practices,” said Labour MEP Arlene McCarthy.

Europe and Russia are reported to be the main markets for the cats and dogs killed in China and some other Asian countries.

David Neale, UK director of Animals Asia Foundation, said the ban would stop hundreds of thousands if not millions of animals from being killed.

15 Responses to “European Parliament To Ban Cat And Dog Fur”

  1. Lynne says:

    HOOOORAY!!!! That is outstanding news.

  2. Debbie4747 says:

    The article says Europe and Russia are the main target and this is good news that they are banning it. However, who are the other not so main targets still accepting them…like the US???? Hey, why not we take all their other stuff, so we will/are probably just turning a blind eye to this as well. Don’t want to upset the China/US trade cart.

  3. 3FURS says:

    Just don’t buy anything that has fur on it. If it’s not obviously synthetic, don’t touch it !!!!!

  4. Steve says:

    Sheesh. I can imagine some upscale Madison Ave Republican Women seeking novelty fur so they can stick out from the crowd will be seriously upset.

  5. High Note says:

    It was not too long ago that I heard on the news that some clothing co. and I can’t remember which one, but they were returning a lot of fur that was suppose to be fake fur but was truly cat and dog fur. So it has made it to the U.S.

  6. HomeGrown says:

    Yes, I remember that story. Here is the article on the HSUS website which lists at least some of the brands.

  7. e wem says:

    I saw a major news program a few years ago that showed ‘real fur’ toys for kids that were all made from cat fur. i saw these same toys in our local stores. The importer of course said he had no idea. They were beautiful life sized stuffed cats

    Beware of the real fur mice toys they sell in pet shops. In the past some have been found to be cat fur. My cats loved them but no more.

    I won’t even buy the artificial fur mice toys from overseas because my cats claw and chew them. who knows what toxic waste they are stuffed with?

    If someone in the US who raised rabbits here wanted to tan the hides himself and market real rabbit fur mouse toys for kitties, I would buy them.
    I wish I could find some right now

    Who would believe the disclaimers on the labels of these toys when the pet food companies are still acting like weasels. Visiting a factory once a year, or testing one sample out of a batch of fur proves nothing.

  8. 7dogmum says:

    The ban would probably not stop the farming and killing of cats and dogs.
    Why? because they are a food source in China. It’s cheap meat. Fur will always be a byproduct of the barbaric practice.

    They farm cats for their meat, their thighmeat and instestines, are prized to make a very popular soup that is served in restaurants.

    Dogs are ‘half killed’ tortured if you will….to make the meat strong tasting.
    Here is a website that has link to a news story, just scroll a wee bit…and there are photos, and a link to the news story…..not for the squeamish.

    Who the heck would want to go to Bejing for the Olympics when this crap goes on every day all day long. Sure ban fur, but ban barbarism next please. If you don’t mind.

  9. Trudy Jackson says:

    I think the ban should be Now. But also look out for the refrigerator magnets, like from the doller Tree. They are real cat and dog hair. I told the cleark and She didn’t even care. I did see them doing this to the cats and dogs once on TV. And were hanging the cats so nothing would be destroyed. And Your right, some of the dogs weren’t totally dead, they were wagging their tails. I could never watch that again.

  10. Traci says:

    I just sent this question to Vo-Toys (on the website form):

    Could you please tell me how you ensure that the “rabbit fur” from China that you use in your toys is truly rabbit fur and not fur from cats or dogs? I understand that it is labelled such, but it is becoming more and more clear that content labels from China are suspect. Further, even if it is rabbit fur, why do you use China as source and not the U.S. where humane killing of the fur animal can be ensured?

    Here is a link I found on the internet while looking up “this issue”:

    Thank you.


    My Leia loves fur. She definitely wants fur mice and not the synthetic fur silky or wooly, or the plain material mice. Madge will happily play with a variety of toys but hand a fur mouse to Leia and she is in cat cloud nine. I would really like to find a source for her I don’t have to be concerned about. I will post any reply I get from Vo-Toys.

  11. thomas says:

    I wonder where they get all these poor creatures. Do they import them from other countries?

  12. thomas says:

    Wondering where they get these poor creatures I found this.
    Who in the usa would sell dogs to china for a meat taste test? Seems they like St.Bernards , great danes etc.

    Perhaps it should be illegal to export dogs and cats to china.

  13. Purina Puke says:

    I’m glad they’ve come up with this law but the whole thing in China makes me ill. Using dog and cat fur and meat. Cruella Deville anyone? It’s not just fiction anymore…

  14. catmom5 says:

    Kinda makes me want to move to Europe! They are so far ahead of us in so many ways . . . but then they don’t have to deal with the Bushies, either.

  15. amir says:

    hmmmm.what can we do to STOP this? omg por dogs

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