Even Cats Don’t Like Security

Cat in a BagWe all hate waiting in airport security lines, but one cat hated it even more. When a man was taking his kitty through the security line at the Salt Lake International Airport, he was asked to take his cat out of the bag (no pun intended). When he did, the cat escaped and scratched several people that tried to catch him. The paramedics were called to apply antiseptic and band-aids (was it really necessary to call the paramedics for band-aids?). The cat ended up being caught and was safe and sound. Maybe the cat just didn’t want to take off his shoes to go through security.

4 Responses to “Even Cats Don’t Like Security”

  1. AZSue says:

    I recently moved and drove, from one state to another. I had the same concern that maybe, if I was stopped for something, the police might ask me to open my 2 cat carriers to check inside. So…I attached a leash to each of their collars for this very reason. Also, I bought them special “no breakaway” collars just for the trip. I also was lucky enough to have friends and family in the state I was moving to, so I also bought them new tags for the trip, with my old vet’s phone number, my cell phone number and a family member’s phone number in the new state.

    The thought of losing one of my cats made me sick to even think about. The thought of one or both of my cats lost and alone…I thought this whole thing through to the above conclusion.

    On a side note: A couple was just in the news because they hired a taxi to drive them from New York to Arizona because they didn’t want to allow the airlines to put their cats in the cargo hold. Those are my kind of cat people!


  2. compcat says:

    Yeah, very rarely, some individuals can get pretty sick from cat scratches. It also helps document how injuried anyone was in case anyone tries to exaggerate for money later.

  3. Marvie says:

    This happened to me in 2005. I was taking my cat, who had recently been through a traumatic illness and 7 weeks in a kennel, to Germany. I did not know that I would have to take him out of his carrier, and when I did, he escaped from my arms. I had a harness on him, and I tried to prevent his escape, in the process getting deeply scratched. He did get loose, and not one of the many security people made any effort to assist me in containing him. I caught him in the end and got him back in his carrier.

    Not only did they not help me catch or contain him, not one person so much as asked if I was alright, offered help with my scratches or anything. I dripped blood down to the nearest bathroom where I cleaned myself up.

    The incident could have been prevented if the security people had opened another line at the opposite end for me. There were only two lines open, with many others closed. It was the scary sound of the carrier going over those metal rolling bars that freaked him out. If I could have walked farther away from it and gone through a different xray thing, none of it would have happened.

    I still have the scars, and always will.

  4. siameezer says:

    I’ve flown, on separate occasions, with several of my cats. I’m with you - why won’t they let us go through a separate lane?

    One of my furkids in particular was terrified. But on the other hand, the cat I’d just adopted in Denver who had never been on a harness and leash until the night before the flight LOVED the airport, which was unbelievably busy and noisy. When the flight was delayed, I took him out of his crate and we both went exploring. His only complaint was that I wouldn’t take him into the men’s room (he thought that as he went with me into the women’s restroom, turnabout would be fair!).

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