Even the Police Need Help When They Lose a Cat

Cuffs the CatA Philadelphia cat named Cuffs is missing. He is the mascot for the South Street police station and was originally brought to the station to help with the mouse problem. Cuffs is known by everyone in the neighborhood and spent his days by the window or on one of the police bikes.

Last week, Cuffs was last seen on a bench outside the police station and police officers said a man with a red bike was petting Cuffs and may have mistaken Cuffs for a stray and took him away. Cuffs normally has a collar, but he had pulled it off on the day he went missing. The police officers have put up signs, checked with vets’ offices and animal shelters daily to make sure Cuffs is not there. Cuffs, we hope that you find your way home.

(Thanks Petconnection)

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