Every Animal Needs Their 15 Minutes of Fame

Cats Watching TVDon’t animals like to be in the spotlight and have their face plastered over the TV or a scandalous magazine? If Mr. Winkles is famous, can’t other animals get their 15 minutes of fame also? Yes, they can.

On GSN (Game Show Network: this channel is for those who enjoy cheesy game show hosts and screaming contestants), there is a new cat reality show (finally, a show for our feline friends) called Cat-Minster which focuses on the 19th Annual CFA International Cat Show. The show gives a peek of the inside world of competitive cat shows and follows five top breeders and also showcases the competition itself (there is a feline agility contest! I definitely want to see that). The show next airs on GSN on Saturday at 12pm EST.

For you dog lovers, there are two shows on the WE channel (Women’s Entertainment: a channel that focuses on corny Danielle Steele type movies or crazy bridezillas — who would ever want to watch that?). The first is Adventures in Doggie Day Care (focuses on a doggie day care in Seattle) and the second one is America’s Cutest Puppies (a competition for America’s cutest puppy — what else would it be?). America’s Cutest Puppy premieres on Saturday, April 7 at 9:00pm (EST), and Adventures in Doggie Day Care premieres right after at 9:30pm (EST). Break a paw to all of those rising stars!

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