Fake Medicine Ingredient Kills Thousands Around World

Why did the FDA issue a warning on a common poison that causes kidney failure in pets and people? This New York Times article tells a chilling tale of how fraud, greed, lack of inspections, poor labeling and government complacency has killed thousands all over the globe. (Reg. required)

Sound familiar?

(Thanks SusanUnPC)

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  1. Gail B says:

    How do we tell the Gov’mint and China we don’t want their poison anymore?
    -Stop buying products labeled Product of China is a start
    -Stop patronizing Wal-Mart and Target and other high volume/low cost merchandisers and let them know why.
    -Buy locally
    -Buy less

    We have ourselves to blame, in part, for this disaster. Our rampant consumption of consumer products is the driving force behind the supply of cheap, yet ultimately toxic products. It has led to the fragmentation of the market which allows to happen the kinds of poisonings we have experienced because it allows for a lack of accountablity and responsibility.

    The supply won’t dry up until the demand is reduced. (Kind of like the War on Drugs conundrum).

    Demand accountability. Be prepared to pay for it. Walk the talk.

  2. susanUnPC says:

    I just wrote this up at Daily Kos, and linked in the planned closure of FDA labs precisely at the time when we need MORE labs and more lab workers.


  3. Joan says:



    Testimony given on February 13th and 14th should have curdled the blood of Americans from coast to coast. The mainstream media, which receives several billion dollars a year in advertising income from Big Pharma, failed to report on the bone-chilling testimony..

    Most Interesting - Joan

  4. Carol says:

    Juxtapose the NY Times story with this set of self-contradictory statements from the new FDA Food Safety czar, David Acheson:

    http://www.baltimoresun.com/ne.....7023.story or

    ‘Despite publicity about tainted shipments from overseas, Dr. David W.K. Acheson said Americans shouldn’t fear eating imported foods.

    ‘”Consumers should be reassured that the international situation is ‘nder control,” he said in an interview. “We’re now getting on with this proactive strategy.”‘

    ‘Acheson said he has begun developing new plans for protecting the nation’s food supply from contamination, either through commercial transactions or terrorist acts.’


    Pet food and contaminated glutens - just the tip of the iceberg.

  5. sandi says:

    It is difficult not to buy a thing not made in China.

    How about the plastic bibs, for babies, loaded with LEAD, now removed recently from Walmart?/

    It can be made in China and assembled in America, and can be printed made in America.

    With investor companies like Goldman Sachs, who encourage buyouts, as has happened, we are left with not much in this country.

  6. sandi says:

    Banned fish imports from China. I heard eons ago a man from Alabama talking about this, fish is processed in China in some cases, and we import fish from them. Oh, disgusting.

    Could this also be playing into contamination, think about it many so called high end foods have fish, fish meal.

  7. menusux says:


    Buyers of crude glycerin


    Post Date: Apr 28, 2007
    Expiry date: Oct 25, 2007

    Detailed Buying Lead Description

    We are a refiner of glycerine. We need large quantity of crude glycerine, 5000-7000mt per month. All kind of specifications of crude glycerine are needed in our factory. Please contact me diretely for supplying to my email address or call me directly is welcome.

    This buyer prefers not to disclose his/her contact information. China Mainland Apr 28, 2007

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    Detailed Buying Lead Description

    We want to buy crude glycerine, and the quantity is 3000MT / month. If you are interested in it, please contact with me as soon as possible.

    Sign in to view this buyer’s contact information. China Mainland Apr 20, 2007

    More buyers at link above.


    22 Chinese suppliers of glycerin/glycerin based products at link above.

    Not so long ago, one of the perks of being in a G8 nation was enjoying a higher standard of living–now we are living and dying like a Third World one.

  8. nthstarr1 says:

    It appears that a lot of fish meal is produced by China. I’ve worried about that possiblity for contamination from Day 1. If they can adulterate vegetable protein, then could they not do the same for the fish meal and any other meat meals? I hope these sources are also being tested for possible contaminants.

  9. straybaby says:

    sandi Says:
    May 5th, 2007 at 5:31 pm

    We may not be able to avoid everything (like my apple computer!!) but we sure can make many choices not to buy from China. ESPECIALLY in the food choices. Also, they are saying we pretty much have to buy from China for certain supplements. Hogwash! I’m looking at whole food supplements and other choices in that area. Yes, I have spent a lot of time looking for safe, healthy substitues, but when I’m done, I’ll be able to avoid supporting subpar food imports. So if the new freezer I buy has some Chinese parts in it, who cares. It will be filled with healthy safe foods mainly from the USA.

  10. straybaby says:


    you should give the FDA some lessons on internet searching so they can get a clue, lol!~ ;)

  11. Elena L says:

    Straybaby,could you please let everyone know who you’ve found that makes supplements not from China? Had no luck myself on that front yet.

  12. straybaby says:

    I haven’t finished a list yet. I have a whole folder full of bookmarks and i need to sort them out and compare what i was using to new sources.

    this is a very random example of the direction i’m looking in. haven’t checked anything out on them!


    i’m trying to replace OTC vitamins/supplements with whole food type sources. and it looks doable for the pets and myself. for Taurine I’m feeding a raw diet and using chicken hearts and clams. I haven’t supplemented anyone under my roof since ChemNutro’s name became public! I hope to have all my sources figured out at some point this week (as long as rush projects don’t get sent my way!!) and I’ll post over in the forums when i do. I will also be checking the supplement brands i normally bought just out of curiosity and see if they are safe to finish. i have several recently opened ones. i just tossed a freezer full of chicken . . . .

  13. Elena L says:

    straybaby, thanks for the link,didn’t see where it said all from USA tho.If it is this would be great for me as it’s even vegan.I have a small fortune of recently purchased certified vegan vitamins that I really need to call about,but I don’t think I can take hearing any more bad China news right now.And I’m more worried about safe food for my furkids right now,especially the taurine supplement,the kids are 4-1 against eating clams.

  14. Sylvia says:

    The General Administrator of Agony Supervision, Eternal Tears and Delightful Torture awaits them with open claws.

  15. straybaby says:

    here’s a couple more for you to look at. i haven’t gotten to country of origin checking yet as i’ve been doing this while trying to work and keep up with the ever changing recall. and find safe whole foods! i may not be able to get all supplements from the US, but I’m pretty sure I can do better than getting them from unsanitary/unsavory sources! For the clams, I mix them in my *Gut-Mash* . Hearts, Livers, Gizzards, White Fish and Clams. Sometimes I’ll also use Turkey or Chicken meat in the mash. All 5 of my cats will eat the Gut-Mash. I have a couple that will sometimes be iffy about things, but I have found they will eat it the iffy out of my hand. Once they do that, then it’s ok in the bowl. I’m clueless as to why!, but hey, it works! lol!~ :)






    I like this site for their information on quality and testing and at the bottom of the page there are more links to more info:


    this is there Taurine on another site. but Country still needs to be checked:


    one other thing i plan to do after i narrow down the supplements is run it by a Vet Nutritionist to make sure the pets can have them (if I’m not sure). I’ll just assume they’re safe for me ;)

  16. YaYa says:

    StrayBaby, are the clams you are using Fresh and cooked? or canned?
    I wanted to add something more than cooked ‘muscle’ meats {and don’t want to use any “chicken” organ parts like Hearts or gizzard}
    And I can’t find Turkey hearts or gizzards.
    I’ve got fresh turkey thighs to cook for tomorrow and lamb shanks. But wanted to find something more for the taurine. {natural meat occuring}

    I know the clas might be too much for my cat, she’s not much on “fish” really. And they get tough easy when cooked. So wondered about the canned?

    Thank you for hunting up and down all the Vitamins/minerals etc for us!

    I had to calls in from last week, to 2 more pet food companies, asking about their “source” for the supplements etc. Pet Promise {I found out was Purina {in disguise!}}

    And Natural Life.

    They’ve not called me back.

    I do Not use them but wanted them “on the record”.

    I also wanted to know about the yucca source for All of them.
    It’s a sort of white powdery element. I’d think so many things could be “disguised” or mixed/”cut” with other Garbage.

    Thought I’d ask you and get your thoughts.

    You are doing Great! Thank You!

  17. Sue says:

    About the Chinese fish meal, I ran across a trader’s blog to his customers awhile back and he mentioned fish meal as a problem along with the gluten, soy etc. It was one of the first places I read where it sounded like the adulteration of export ingredients was pretty common knowledge for a long time, guess we consumers were the only ones who did not know…also on another blog I do remember seeing a linked article where contaminated fish food went to commercial fish farms and those fish have already been consumed..this was in Canada. Sue

  18. Barbara says:

    Has anyone heard that Life’s Abundance is pkg. by menu food? I just read it on another forum. When I looked into that food last week, I couldn’t anything like that unless I missed it. Also, I hate to ask this, but I’ve read so much it all runs together, what about Solid Gold? Is this one a problem also?

  19. Kathy Hayes says:

    A Dear Friend wrotd this tribute for all the pets who have fallen due to the tainted pet foods.It has been posted on Starliite and I have her permission to post it here.


    For The Innocent

    How does one trust again?
    How does one believe again?
    After so many of the innocent
    no longer walk upon this earth
    Ones who we thought cared
    for the gentle ones as much
    as we did. Were only caring for

    Shattered hearts that will never
    hold again the ones who bonded
    with their souls. The silver thread
    will always unite us. But was not
    their time to journey to Rainbow
    Bridge. How confused they must
    of been at that moment not knowing
    why. Will we ever know why the
    lives of these dear ones were taken?
    So many questions left unanswered.

    So many tears shed in loss, only memories
    to hold near till the time of reunion.
    There are times like this when memories
    are not enough. Especially when one
    was not given the time to make healing

    Oh little ones you are not forgotten.
    Many raise their voices for you. Many hearts
    weep for you. Calling out for justice
    for the ones who only asked for
    love in return for enriching
    this world.

    For the ones who saw only what
    was best for them and not the safety
    of our babies, our children. You may not
    understand now the depth of the pain you
    have caused, but one day you will. As we
    have found out there is never enough tears
    shed in grief for the innocent.

    By blueswolf

    © 2007 blueswolf (All rights reserved)

    My thanks to one with a loving heart who cares for us all who are going throuth this disaster.
    May there be a time we can once more trust.


  20. Barbara says:

    Sorry. I did find the info. about Life’s abundance, but I still would like your opinion about Solid Gold.
    Thank you.

  21. straybaby says:


    I’ve been using canned clams. I check where they are from and also compare sodium content/etc. I’m hoping to do fresh eventually. I do all my meats/organs raw to preserve the amino acids etc. The gut mash is made from free range animals. My pets do get cooked meals, more so in the winter when i’m doing stews and such, but mostly raw. Taurine is in muscle meats, and I *think* it has a low heat level. I was supplementing to be safe, but then the China factor happened :-/ I put the gut mash through the food processor on a rough chop, so it breaks up any rubber factor in the clams.

    there are resources where you can order free range meats and organs for your pets if they aren’t available locally. I just popped on here taking a break from splitting up my order. getting ready to go back and divide up the tripe ;) i bought a small chest freezer a couple years ago, and it looks like i will be buying a second this week as i now need room for my food! lol!~ a 5cu sq ft will hold 175lbs of frozen goods.

    hopefully i’ll finish my supplement journey by the end of next week :) Luckily my dog is a big fan of smoothies, so i can get lots of good stuff for her in one of those ;)

  22. Sandy says:

    I am wondering too Barbara on the solid gold..I don’t feed it but need more than one food to consider for my pets..I am getting lost on all the hidden recalls and today at Pet Supplies Plus they had tons of Pro Plan marked down in cards and at a grocery store I saw baskets of Friskies cat food..canned in carts marked way down…this was in the same town…Creeps me out to see what MAY be the next recall

  23. Andrea says:

    I’m off to recommend your diary at Daily Kos.

  24. Sue says:

    Has anyone else started to notice shortages of pet food and hiked prices?? I’m in a big town, 100 thousand+ and Petsmart has less and less available each week, today I was only able to get 2 cases of the non-gluten Fancy Feast, had to hit two different Walmarts to get another couple cases. FF had been running 43 cents for a long time but has spiked to 49 now. :( I also notice large bags of dry food are rarely available now, am having to get several small bags. It just makes sense with so many brands off the shelf now that maybe the remaining few companies can’t keep up with the demand?? Anyone running into back orders at internet stores for the small less known brands?? Sue

  25. Nancy L. says:

    I never thought much about the fact that my dogs have all loved to stop at the bay and search for the clams that the diggers have discarded - they eat them raw and even manage to crunch some of the shells (soft shell clams). Like so many animals, if given choices they seem to know what will be good for them. Same with vegetables, despite all the controversy about dogs being carnivores I find that without exception my dogs love to scrounge from the (organic) vegetable garden and search out fruits from the first strawberries to the last apples. Now that I’ve lost one dog and have one who is sort of hanging in day to day, I am feeding no commercial foods but offering as much variety as possible. I’d rather listen to my dog than to Mr. FDAspeak.

  26. Sharon says:

    There was a story on the food safety scare on Wall Street Journal weekend today. They interviewed a Georgia vet since no FDA officials would agree to be on the show. The reporter actually asked tough questions and though the vet started out chanting the party line (the US has the safest food in the world, only a small percentage of problems occur) by the end of the interview he was squirming in his seat and admitted that in ten or fifteen years virtually all of our food will be imported and that the US will be unable to feed itself. It was chilling.

  27. e wem says:

    I keep this 2005 article about fish farming in China

    I won’t eat any fish labeled Product of China. This can mean it came from a Chinese registered fishing vessel or was really grown in China. How do Chinese process and store fish on their ships? How do they clean their ships and facilities?

    I read that some Chinese ships register in South American countries, so a label Product of Ecuador or Peru may be Chinese. I would not expect Chinese to register their ships in Western countries because there is too much oversight.

    Buy fish Product of USA, Australia, Canada, or EU. At least there is some inspection and some conscience. Our Meijers store sells Some really good frozen Cod fish that is not China origin. New Zealand.

    I have stopped buying ‘fresh’ fish because there is no label of origin.

    Check out Kroger brand Alaskan Pink Salmon product of USA. Buy the cans marked ‘wild caught’ It smells so much better than other brands. One of my cats is nuts about it, one likes it, one hates it. Wild caught has less toxic buildup than fish farm which recycles fish parts. Sometimes it is 10 cans for $10 on sale. Best for people too.

    Unless we fight back with dollars our American grown food will be sold to EU and rich Chinese and Middle Easterners, while we will end up eating poison hog chow from China.

    We can fight back. My cousin paid a farmer to raise a hog for him. He offered the farmer what he thought was a fair price (still lower than store price). He said the farmer was shocked. They can never get anywhere near that for a hog. He said the small farmers are barely surviving.

    The middlemen control the prices. Many meat packers will not buy a small lot of hogs. If you cant supply a thousand forget it. So you get back pennies for raising an animal in a decent environment.

    Check Andrew Lessman on Home Shopping for people vitamins. He also sells direct. He has his own factory in Nevada. I know he said he buys his COQ from Japan because only one place knows how to make it. I use his multi mins. The filler is b-complex not cellulose or sugar. He doesn’t make pet vitamins. I am going to write him

    I hate the apathy. I hate people like the vet who act like it is inevitable. If we dont make a big effort to buy USA food now, the farmers will lose the land to big Ag and the USA food will all be shipped overseas.

  28. YaYa says:

    Thanks so much for the advice gang!
    Yeah I knew about the taurine and heat. And the clams getting tough if cooked too long.
    Tho the Turkey and or Lamb I cook sort of “al dente” to the bone, but not for hours. I’ve been using my Cuisanart to whip up my kitty food, she likes to lap-up wet foods.
    She might enjoy Fresh, like the dogs on the shore, but alas, we are inland land locked here.
    That sort of Fresh would be wonderful!

    I’ve also heard Dogs need Taurine too.

    I’m begining to become “alarmed” with folks reportng Bags and Cans being removed from grocery shelves!

    Last week a woman {can’t remember who} said she saw HEB’s in Austin, removing bags of Beneful off the shelves. I haven’t seen anymore {postings} since that. {I think it was last Sunday}

    I’d Like to Know More about that! {I don’t use that or commercial anymore, and have a Cat}

    If folks could just mention a State or large city, to help pin point this “food removals or dumping in Carts” and it being marked down, it would help others take notice too.

    We could try to keep track of such food “movements”.

    That they are “marking Down” and dumping in discounted carts, for those unknowing in the Public, Stinks!

    There must be “something” wrong, with those foods if they are not damaged and Not ON THE SHELVES!

    WHO is telling these stores to put them on/in Mark Downs Carts? To remove them from the Usual place???

    And Of Course, they are going to try to recover {some of} their losses {tho small they may be} by HIKING Up prices.

    It all sounds like an anticipation sort of thing to me too.

    Yeah and All that over “just a couple” bad ingredients???? Suuuuure!

  29. Whisper says:

    So clams are a good source of taurine? I have been cooking for my cats for a little over a week now. At first they would not eat it so I experimented to make it stinky and to make them gravy. Now they love it. We fish alot so my cats are getting fresh fish, which I cook of course. I don’t trust the chicken, not for a while anyway. I make a broth with fish heads and guts then boil the meat. I grind it up with some bones to make a pate and add some canned pumpkin for fiber (a suggestion from my vet to keep the stool a good consistency). I pour fish broth on top and they eat it up. I was concerned they weren’t getting enough taurine since fish guts are rather minimal so maybe I will try some clams.

  30. Mandy says:

    One of my medications was recalled because it was giving people heart attacks…

  31. Barbara says:

    I noticed the same thing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many large bags in the store in my life. And the price! Well, they saw the opportunity for MORE money and they are taking it. It just takes me out to see what creed has done to the US. It’s never been about what is best for us, it’s always been the $$$$$$$. The damand IS big now!
    And like Sandy said she saw cans marked down. Now, who would buy that to feed there pets. Maybe the ones who don’t whats really going on. all they see is a way to save some money.

  32. Barbara says:

    Does anyone know if there was any bad comments about Blue
    sky packaging? Where are they located?

  33. 3FURS says:

    If any store is knowingly selling contaminated pet food to unsuspecting people—THAT”S CRIMINAL. I hope the law of KARMA gets them.

  34. cheetah-dog says:

    e wem:

    In regards to Andrew Lessman, I sent an email asking him directly if he used any ingredients that were imported from China and this is the response email. INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED caught me eye in the respone. What does this mean. I emailed back asking him if any of the internationally recognized ingredients were from China and I have yet to hear back. I use alot of his vitamins and am now going HMMMMMM!

    Thank you for the e-mail. 
    Everything we make is sourced from natural ingredients, and we do not add dyes, fillers, waxes, and other unnecessary additives such as melamine, rice gluten or wheat gluten. We manufacture our own products and maintain the highest quality standards in the industry. Other companies import their products made outside the U.S. We only buy product ingredients from internationally recognized, quality suppliers and we require third-party testing on their ingredients. Then we do the confirmation testing ourselves.
    We do all of our own manufacturing with strict quality standards. This ensures there is no possibility of outside tampering or manufacturing process complications. Our quality control methods allow us to confidently state that our products are more potent, pure, reliable, and safe than any other products on the market. All in all, you are receiving manufacturer-direct products shortly after they are packaged, thus assuring the most effective, purest and freshest supplements on the market.
    Please e-mail if you need further assistance. 
    Best of health and thank you for choosing ProCaps Laboratories!
    Shaun Hutchings
    ProCaps Labs Web Support
    ProCaps Laboratories
    430 Parkson Road, Henderson, NV 89011

  35. 3FURS says:

    To Kathy Hayes, your friend’s tribute made me cry, for my two babies who suffered many chronic problems until I couldn’t let them suffer any more. At the end it was unbearable. They ate Iams. That was four years ago. Then I got a Golden who suffered from hot spots for a year (many vet trips) so I changed to Solid Gold and same thing. Vet said hot spots are a part of Goldens. I changed to Pedigree and gave her omega oil. Skin condition cleared—-but she smelled!! Since this disaster, and thanks to Itchmo and all of you, I feed home made. She dosen’t smell bad anymore, and she dosen’t look depressed like she did.

  36. e wem says:

    cheetah-dog - thanks a million for sharing that info. It looks like Andrew Lessman doesn’t do the chemistry at his plant, but mixes ingredients. Your suspicions are likely correct. I will stick with him for now because sadly it looks more and more like most brands do this and at least he is clean and meticulous on formulas.

    In America of 20 years ago we would have no trouble finding good american made supplements. We are between a rock and a hard place but I will persevere because the market will find us. Someone will get us a product if we keep clamoring.

    I have started searching for taurine and/or cat supplements. It is hard to get info on anything. A few years ago I bought a taurine/arachadonic/fatty acid supplement at a pet store. The bottle mentioned cat foods rarely have the arachadonic acid cats need. My cats blossomed on that stuff, but I could never find it again to buy it.

    I am going to try clams mentioned above. Not hopeful my little stinkers will eat them

  37. Barbara says:

    Sorry to hear about your babies. I know, it’s horrible. Best of luck with your Golden. Hope all is going well.

  38. Barbara says:

    Have you heard anything yet about Solid Gold? If I find or hear anything, I’ll let you know.

  39. 3FURS says:

    the one thing I read somewhere, was that Solid Gold is vaccume packed and if the vaccume is broken moisture could get in and cause the food to spoil over time.

  40. betty says:

    for e wem

  41. Barbara says:

    Aren’t all pet can food vaccume packed? If the seal is broken, wouldn’t the top of the can pop like regular cans?

  42. kristy says:


    Solid Gold vacuum packs their dry food too.

  43. Jade says:

    I love Champion Pet Foods… they make Orijen (which our cat loves even more than Blue Buffalo… which is hard to believe) and Acana (which our SPCA sells as their sole brand of choice). Made in Alberta, and Orijen at least is grain free… www.championpetfoods.com. Also, I bought Go! and Evo in cans… evo is completely grain free (but smells realllly bad) and Go has a few grains and vegetables (though nothing on the recall list) that seem to be very highly regulated… smells amazing, and seems to be very very similar in taste and nutritional content to the Blue Buffalo canned stuff… good luck guys!!!!!

  44. Barbara says:

    How do they vacuum pack the dry food? I’ve never seen that at the pet shop. Just regular bags. I hope I’m not sounding stupid.

  45. Barbara says:

    If you go the top of the page, hit Discuss if forum. Then go to reacll related. Then go to info. about Merrick. You’ll find it there.

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