Fallen Marine’s Family Able To Adopt Military Dog

LexLex, a seven-year-old German shepherd, stood by Cpl. Dustin Jerome Lee until the end. The two had spent Lee’s last several months of his life side by side.

This Marine dog handler died in Fallujah, Iraq last March on a daily mission when a grenade exploded nearby. Lex was also wounded in the incident, but he crawled over to Lee’s side, nudged his face, and laid at his side while Lee’s wounds were being treated.

Lee’s family wanted to adopt Lex in memory of their fallen Marine and they said that Lee would have wanted Lex to stay with his family.

But Marine officials denied the request, saying that Lex was still an active military dog. Since military dogs are in short supply, and Lex was healthy and well trained, officials wanted him to continue working.

After six months of fighting for Lex, Lee’s family has finally gotten permission to adopt the military dog. They will be able to pick up Lex on December 21.

Lee’s father said, “Lex will always be a special part of our family. Lex was Dusty’s best friend and partner.”

Source: Marine Corps Times

(Thanks Lynne)

6 Responses to “Fallen Marine’s Family Able To Adopt Military Dog”

  1. Lynn says:

    It took a while, but in the end the right thing was done.

    While Lex is not a replacement for Lee, I can’t think of anyone who could bring the family more comfort than Lee’s best friend.

  2. Nancy G. says:

    Oh please– your headline– it’s “Felled” or “Fallen”, not “Falled.”

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Thanks Nancy. I just realized that I had that typo right before I saw your comment.

  3. Sharon says:

    Our leaders suck. Good men are dying while pieces of shit like George Bush thrive. I hope God forgives the American people for what they have done.

  4. The Lioness says:

    What a heartwarming story! I’m so glad the Lee family gets the dog.

    Thank you, Cpl. Lee, for your service!

    ~The Lioness

  5. Sylvia says:

    What a wonderful Christmas present for this family - and for the dog

  6. Anonymous says:

    Go Live In Another Country and it Will Help your Attitude!
    Your vulgar language shows your class and lack of breed.
    Your ANGER is DESTRUCTIVE rather then CONSTRUCTIVE, and not Helpful in time of need, it only weights Our Country down.
    A million babies are aborted (Killed) in one year then the total number
    of Soldiers we’ve lost since this War began. Where is your cry for them?
    These Soldiers Voluntered to serve for Our Freedom and Safety including My Son and I Proudly Honor them. The Bottom Line is, God too accepts
    war because of hatred and evil governments in other countries. We can not deny nor ignore the VIOLENCE towards American and Israel (read The Holy Bible).

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