Deputy Shoots Dog In Owner’s Front Yard In Front Of Family

BobbyAn Idaho family is extremely outraged that a sheriff’s deputy shot their dog Bobby in their own fron yard.

About a week ago, a Teton County Idaho Sheriff’s Deputy knocked on Leonel Barboza’s door. Barboza said the officer stated that there was a complaint that Bobby had bitten someone and that he was here to put him down and to “kill him”.

He asked if there was any proof, and the deputy said that he didn’t need any proof.

Barboza then retrieved Bobby, the family dog of five years, while the deputy took out a rifle from his car. They walked to the front yard and the officer and Barboza tied the dog to a pole and the deputy fired three shots at Bobby.

Inside the house, Barboza’s wife and son heard the gunshots. Barboza said that there were kids in the street that were watching the officer shoot Bobby. He said, “My heart was broken seeing an officer killing my dog.”

The deputy then got into his vehicle and drove away while Bobby was bleeding profusely from his head.

The Barboza family was distraught and thought that Bobby would not make it. But luckily, Bobby survived the shooting and is on medication for his injuries.

The Teton County Idaho Sheriff did not disclose much about the incident and said it is still under investigation. He said there have been several complaints about Bobby.

But when a local news team checked court records, there was only one complaint that was filed last year and it was dismissed. Barboza said he was not aware of the complaint.

The Baborza family hired an attorney and he said, “If the facts are as they appear, the deputies behavior is disgusting, troublesome, and appalling. The officer needs to be held responsible.”

As of now, the officer is still on duty and currently working.

Source: KIDK

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  1. Elise says:

    I’m from Driggs, Idaho…
    Figured I’d let ya’ll know that Bobby did live… Hahaha… Just for your information… And they’re dealing with Deputy Gutierrez accordingly.

  2. Gina Manhart says:

    This is a joke. Wherever you are getting your sources, you need to recheck them. First of all, the 8 officers you listed as working for Teton county, Idaho, only four of them are still employed there. The first one on the list, Zane Manhart, has not worked for that Sheriff’s Department for almost a year. Then, you don’t even have the name of the officer who actually shot the dog. Maybe you should get your facts straight before you publicize this kind of information for the world to see.

  3. Jon says:

    Anybody try shooting my dogs for no reason, and I’ll take my 12gauge shotgun and blow two holes in their ass the size of two frying pans! My dogs are my family to me, and I will protect them like precious gems, most dogs will lay their lives down protecting their owner(s) I feel I should do the same! Anybody that shoots and kills my dogs will go through a living hell with me. The next door neighbor has a flock of sheep and says he shoots dogs that enter his property even if they are not intimidating the sheep. I told him you shoot one of my dogs buddy and it will be ten of your sheep! He don’t mess with me or my dogs. I don’t mean to scare anybody just a friendly warning!

  4. pet door says:

    that’s soo awful!


  5. jonathan says:


    In Elgin, TX, police entered the property to “cut through” to get to a small fire in a lot behind the house. He did not identify himself as a police officer, or that he was entering the property. I heard no “wooop” warning siren to notify me.

    The dogs were in the house, and only ran out to the yard when the intruder, Officer Hernandez, was right next to my truck. Understandably, my dog ran out to warn off. He reacted aggressively by yelling and drawing a weapon, she reacted, and bit his thumb as he shot her in the head.

    How is this right? How can I get help? I’m SO frustrated and sad and shocked.


  6. Patty H says:

    Please I hope an SPCA group will get involved. No deputy should get away with telling a citizen that he does not need proof of complaints against a dog or that the dog has been declared a dangerous animal. The deputy should be brought up on charges as the family has plenty of witness and a video to boot!!! I have forwarded the video to a legal aide group for the rights of animals.

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