Family Dog Stolen, Killed for Food

This article contains material that may be disturbing to some readers.

Imagine the pre-holiday rush. Imagine the shopping, the wrapping, the parties, the panic. Now, imagine there is someone missing. Someone dear to you.

This is precisely what happened to Frank and Debbie Manuma of Honolulu, HI, when their beloved dog, Caddy, was stolen from the Moanalua Golf Club on December 16. Mr. Manuma had taken Caddy along on one of his golfing trips and left him leashed to a shack—with water and with the permission of the golf course management—while he golfed.

Two golf course workers allegedly saw the dog and took him. Caddy was taken to the home of one of the men—who have since been arrested and fired but not yet convicted of animal cruelty—where he was butchered and eaten, but not before he was apparently tortured.

Meanwhile, a sympathetic soul has given the Manumas another dog, whom they plan to name Caddy II.

As of December 20, 2007 the Hawaii Humane Society was offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to an animal cruelty conviction in each case. Humane Society officials have asked people with tips to call (808) 356-2247 with information. There is also a web site set up where readers can sign a petition pushing for animal cruelty convictions.

Updates and corrections to this story will be made accordingly.

(Thanks Issac)


40 Responses to “Family Dog Stolen, Killed for Food”

  1. Gindy says:

    While I have a great deal of sympathy for the Manuma family and a fierce loathing for the evil people who did this, isn’t it pretty damned stupid to tie up your dog in a public place? I mean I see it around here at grocery stores and think something bad will happen eventually. It really doesn’t matter if Mr. Manuma had permission from the country club folks. It isn’t their job to care for his dog, it is Mr. Manuma’s. He’d still have his dog if he had left the poor thing at home, safe.
    I hope the person who gave them another dog (why they need money for their loss is beyond me) made them promise not to tie it up in public places…

  2. catmom5 says:

    I agree that this is a terrible thing for anyone to go through, but tying up a dog in a public place is crazy. I am so sorry for the poor dog. Hope these evil men get what they deserve! Just when I think I’ve heard it all . . .

  3. Sharon says:

    It wasn’t a public place. The people who took the dog worked at the golf course. No animal cruelty charges? Thanks for making me never want to go to Hawaii ever. What kind of people must live there if this is acceptable behavior?

  4. icr says:

    Country clubs are normally located on wholly private property. That’s why they’re called “clubs”. It’s different from the colloquial use of the word “club” for some saloon.

  5. Pam says:

    I also have a problem with setting up a Paypal for their loss. They have already gotten another dog donated to them. What loss? If Mr. Manuma can afford to go golfing, they don’t need money. This is a rather disturbing story on all fronts.

    The men who stole, tortured, butchered and ate the dog are a danger to society. I certainly hope they are prosecuted.

  6. Jennifer Moore says:

    I think the Paypal account was set up by someone else, as was the petition.

    The HHS has not given up on animal cruelty charges. They are still seeking information that will lead to a conviction.

  7. Isaac says:

    First, I thought I should say, it was me who set up the Donation page. I had not formed a page before and I was told by another person it would prabably be a good idea to set that up along with it, incase some wanted to send in financial donations.

    I apologies if that offended anyone, I have since removed it. It was not by the Manuma’s that that was set up, and I had put in myself as a way of helping any further donational needs. If anyone does want to send kind comments to the Manuma’s you may contact me and I’ll send the letters on.

    Also, a Golf Course is not a supermarket. Or an open public park. You can only gain access in most cases by having a membership. technically speaking, its expected to be a safe place, for kids and such. I take my dogs with me anywhere I can when I have open time to do so, and as long as I secure permision and I feel its safe. (example: parks, mountians, sometimes drive in theaters. Were a nation who loves our pets, after all 68 percent of us own one.)

    Any support here would be appreciated, please stop by and sign the petition! I personally Thank the reporter whom wrote this! Thank you so much.


  8. Denise says:

    I feel realy bad for the family but would have never tied my dog up and left her any where. I can not even start to understand how people can be so cruel. I would probably kill someone who did that to my dog. This makes me sick. If I were hurngry and my dog was hungry she would eat first before me. My god what is this world comming to. There are alot of homeless people in Hawai and they can fish or go to a soup kitchen. My dog is everything to me. I love animals and I love my pup missy. please keep an eye on your pets. I never let her out alone I am always watching. thiere are very sick people in this world.

  9. Isaac says:


    I agree, I’d likely kill someone too. If my dog had been struck by a car, accidently, that……would be hard but I could eventually accept. Intentionally doing something like this? I’d react much the same way you suggested, in all honesty.

    Please visit my page and sign my petition against what happened. Or please send letters to the Prosecuting attorney.


  10. Anonymous says:

    True justice would be if those two men who killed and ate the dog were slowly tortured to death. This should be the legal penalty for what those two worthless bastards have done. And by the way, this sort of crap goes on in other countries with large third world populations too, like the Phillipines and Guam. Our schools and children are being brainwashed with bull about “cultural differences” and “the richness of cultural diversity”….don’t fall for it…they want us to tolerate this sort of insane behavior towards animals in the name of “multiculturalism”….animal sacrifice during Santeria and voodoo ceremonies is an example. When the incompetent and probably corrupt Supreme Court of the early 90’s legalized animal sacrifice by religious cults in some perverse interpretation of the Constitution, I knew our country was on its way into lunacy. All true animal lovers should fight the multicultural agenda all the way, or it will put all of our pets in danger, and animal welfare will be set back centuries. People are criticizing the poor dog’s owner for tying his pet up in a public place…people should be able to live in a society where they can do that without the culture being so depraved that a couple of scumbags would be able to do something so vile and evil, and do it casually…so it wasn’t the best idea to leave the dog there…should the owner have to have his dog tortured to death and eaten as a result? Those two men should be strung up and slowly allowed to strangle to death, and it should be done publicly, to give the public the message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. The fault and the responsibilty for this sick event lies with those two men…period. The dog’s owner is blameless…he has the right to not have to live like he and his family (including the dog) are constantly under siege. It is the government’s duty to enforce penalties against those two perpetrators that are so severe, final and painful, that people will be too frightened to act that way again.

  11. Pam says:


    Thanks for explaining how the Paypal account was set up. I wasn’t offended. I just thought it was a strange response to the situation as explained. BTW, I read there was a third man involved who was not arrested and not fired from his job.

  12. Jennifer Moore says:

    Pam, where did you read this? Could you please send me a link? I need to update this article to remove the information about PayPal, so if you have further information, I’d like to update the article.

    I did see mention of a third individual, but there was no further information.

    I have emailed the HHS but have not heard back from them.
    Thank you ever so much.


  13. Nora and Rufus says:

    The monsters who did this should be killed. They are not fit to live in the USA. I DON”T CARE WHO THEY ARE.

  14. Bane says:

    Also, Mr. Manuma should sue the golf club….if they allowed him to keep his dog there, and if he didn’t sign a waiver absolving the golf club of any responsibility, they are liable. I’m not surprised the Hawaiian officials are dragging their feet in bringing cruelty charges…the felony animal cruelty law is a new one, only brought about by the enlightened leadership of the current governor who is an animal lover. Before she was in office, just a few years ago, if this had happened the men would have not had any negative consequences at all.

  15. dogsRbetter says:

    First of all, please stop using the word SICK to describe these two killers. Use proper English, call it what it is and do not slander those individuals suffering from true mental illness. Evil is evil, depraved indifference to the suffering/rights/appeal of other living things. It is true that most TURD world countries enjoy dog flesh as food. I cannot condemn this as I eat mammal meat as well. The difference between canines raised as meat and bovine, swine, etc. escapes me. Those who worship cows surely must feel that we are misguided, at best. In fact this crime began with a THEFT. The key here is not that the men ate a dog, perhaps in their country such meat is considered a delicacy. The crime began when they, upon spotting a dog obviously restrained with a leash and collar, decided to steal the animal and consume it. I have not seen information on alleged “torture” but it is a fact that many people believe that a bit of torture will make the meat sweeter. Disgusting? Yes, indeed. Unusual? Not at all. There are many sites on the internet with photos of the vast network of dog eating nations. They also eat poultry, dolphin, primates, rats, etc. and see little difference between these creatures. It is best to avoid emotionalism and regard the facts of the case presented. These men conspired to steal property, obviously belonging to another person, who had taken steps to safeguard the animal. Until society is able to come to terms with the evil that walks freely among us, most often on two legs, we will cointinue to see desperate and depraved acts committed agaionst us. We, we are, all of us, society. So please, stop using the word sick where it does not apply. These men are thieves, and worse. We place no value upon the life of a child, (see the ineffectual, insulting lack of punishment handed down, over and over again, to child predators, molesters, abusers) or an animal. Only recently have women become worthwhile in the “civilised” nations. Elsewhere they can be tortured, burned, maimed, even murdered because their husband grows weary of them or because the dowry has run out, they glanced at another man, they were diobedient, etc. Now you want to impose the death penalty on these two, yet do not hit the streets and fight in support of the death penalty in cases of child murder, multiple murder, special circumstances, etc. Please-you make me laugh. It is up to you-for society is what we have made of it-or allowed others to make. Take back control. Demand that the death penalty be carried out in a timely manner on those already waiting. THEN we can decide who to add to the “row.” I have no problem whatsoever having these two useless imbeciles removed from the land of the living, but there are many, many thousands of people far, far more dangerous, disgusting and deserving of dseath than these two. dogRbetter

  16. Anonymous says:

    DogsRBetter…you are wrong in that I don’t support the death penalty for child murderers as well…I support it for all violent criminals who prey on the innocent be they animal or human. I have no respect or tolerance for third world cultures (or any culture) in which the torture and killing of dogs and cats for food is commonplace and accepted…it’s true that it is wrong to do that to any animal, but dogs and cats are companion animals who have a special trusting relationship with humans and have had that for centuries…also, it is not natural to eat dogs and cats as they are meat eaters and share the top of the food chain with us….that is, those of us who eat meat. People can survive quite well without meat. I don’t eat it. As for there being many more deserving of the death penatly than these two…I don’t agree….they deserve it as much as and even more than the next psychopath in line. The sad thing is because of apologists like you, they’ll never get it. And I’ll use whatever term I please to describe these creeps…they are sick, evil and twisted. I’m not interested in your pc wordplay.

  17. Alan says:


    I agree, these men are sick. We sadly have apologist like that ONE who want to tolerate the intolerant. Sadly, regardless of what is right or what is wrong apologists want to shove wholesale Bu**hi* down everyone elses throat.

    The funny thing is, they can accept anything, no matter how low or how evil, as long as its against YOUR views.

    Because what they stand for is against everything that is common, decent, and held up as value in the western world. We got along very well long before this sick way of thinking that DogsRbetter shares.

    Regardless of what he may think, its the western world that has evolved past barbarism and brought on the dawn of intellegent civil discourse. It was the Western world that created equal treatment (through painful moves) equility of the genders. its the Western world that decided the domanint faith would not control or take preference over the minority faiths.

    Point me out any other civilization that does this? Suadi Arabia? Iran? How about Pakistan? Or moderate Turkey? Where Missionaries or Rabbi’s are hunted down and slaughtered? No, I’m proud to be part of the “civilized world” and refuse to accept culture that tolerates wholesale torture as a way of improving the “taste” of the meat.

    Is he entitled to believe this way? Yes.

    Am I entitled to my way of believing? According to he’s types, no. But regardless, its my way of believing.

  18. Kondike says:

    Thanks for getting a petition set up for this, Isaac. I signed it.

  19. Pam says:


    Here is the link:

    About 2/3 down the story, it mentions that 3 workers confessed and two were fired.

  20. Klondike says:

    Here’s another detailed article with photos of poor Caddy the dog.

  21. mittens says:

    equality of the genders is most certainly NOT an invention of the “western world” ie white anglo-saxon patriarchy that thrived in europe and settled north america and what likes to call itself ‘civilization’ as opposed to most of the rest of the world that doesn’t speak english and worship jahweh. this so called western civilization is based to this day on the Roman subjugation of the indigenous populations of europe( through SLAVERY) and their fawning replication of the greek republic which in classical literature acknowledges it’s own degradation from it’s matriarchal goddess worshipping roots( the so called ‘ golden age’). you NEVER find true equality of the sexes in cultures that predominantly worship male gods at the complete exclusion of female ones. equality of the sexes was destroyed by western judeochristian civilization not created by it. such arrogance to think it created human liberty in all forms.

    furthermore, it is arab/ islamic civilization, now how highly ironic, that encoded laws protecting jews and christians and allowing them to worship freely in islamic lands thousands of years before ‘ the western world’ ,primarily in america, enshrined it in a legal code. at that time, the enlightened western european christians were burning witches, heretics and killing whole towns full of jews . up until about 6 months ago, if i died serving my country in the military i couldn’t get the symbol of my religion on my tombstone next to all the crosses and stars of davids and crescent moons because even the sitting president of the united states doesn’t think goddess worshippers/pagans have a ‘ real ‘ religion that’s protected by the constitution.

    animal sacrafice is a mainstay of the bible of the christians and jews no matter what translation you read.christ’s death on the cross was itself a human sacrifice and a classical one at that. you are to believe you eat his body and blood at communion. it’s all about blood sacrifice, taken liberally from eastern goddess worship. denying it would void the constitutional rights of many people including practitioners of voudon-( who don’t use your household pets but chickens) and santeria- both religions that are of the west( west colonizes new world islands and ‘ ‘civilizes ‘ people by oppressing them and making them slaves) and partly christian in orientation. rarely do you find dog and cat sacrifice in religions that are quasi asiatic like christianity- it’s usually goats, cattle, bulls, sheep( none of which are very available on islands like haiti among poor people hence chickens)- all of which were eaten after the offering . we still buy packages of these animals in the grocery store. are we unenlightened savages for eating a lamb chop? besides, these jerks stole a dog to eat it not make an offering to their gods. i would be very surprised if they themselves didnt come from one of the other islands where dog eating is tolerated. but they weren’t on a dog eating island- they were in america and they stole on top of it all. off with their heads.

    america today has an astounding amount of particularly violent , brutal, savage behavior including cannibalism( re: jeffery dahlmer or death fetishist serial killers), sadistic power/sex killers, growing violent criminality among teenage females( once the near total province of teenage males), gang behavior that makes even saudi arabia look enlightened. i want to know why you have to eat a freakin dog, not rape and decapitate a child or beat your wife until you cause brain damage( and it was still largely not a crime to rape ‘ your own ‘ wife well into the 1980s in this enlightened western place) to elicit such strong outrage and such powerful calls to action? people stealing pets and eating them is completely unacceptable whether they were culturally disposed toward it or not. are they evil? i do not know because not knowing where they come from i cannot judge the act save that they can’t do it on american soil and i feel it’s wrong even if youve always done it where you come from. if it was my dog i’d want to f’ them up, beat them senseless and make sure their legal punishment would send the loud and clear message that you can’t steal and eat dogs here because you will go to jail . any money gained through donations should be put toward animal welfare and awareness of animal cruelty issues.

    in ancient egypt , rape and the killing of cats were both punishable by death. if we really valued women as equal and our cats and dogs as part of our families- in fact if we valued life and had respect for each other as we should- the barbarity on our streets and in our homes inflicted toward other humans by humans wouldn’t be set to consume us and the shelters wouldn’t be so filled with the unwanted bound for the ovens. how can we expect better treatment of companion animals if we can’t treat each other any better ?

  22. kathy says:

    mittens, you make the most sense to me of all. It is our violence and lack of regard for the lives of other humans that is at the root of many many violent acts in our country. Dad beats up Mom, the kids in frustration beat up the dogs. I’ve read time and again that animal abusers grow up to become violent adults, well yeah probably, but we need to look at where they learned that behavior as it too has a cause.
    Some violence, definitely not all, comes with immigrants who think nothing of beating their wives and kids, much less getting drunk and going to or participating in dog fights on the weekends. In their country it is considered their God-given right. That does not mean it should be so here, I agree—OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!And that goes for anyone who would steal someone’s dog and eat it as well. My Mom had a saying–”We don’t do that here.” Maybe it would be good on some billboards.
    But when we treat all Hispanics, Laotians, Guatemalans, Muslims, Jews, and anyone else who doesn’t look and act just like we do, like they are dirt under our feet whether they are legally here or not, I believe the root of many of these problems is US! We take our kids to violent movies, let them watch it on TV, buy them horrible video games, and are surprised when they want to do what they have been watching??? (If we even know what they’ve been watching……)
    The only way we’re going to change the world is to first start with ourselves.

  23. disgusted says:

    sorry, but this is just *F888ed* up.

    I understand they eat dogs in some countries…okay, BUT not in this one.

  24. Catlady says:

    The story says that witnesses saw the dog being abducted. Why didn’t someone step in and stop them? Or at least report it to club management? Maybe the dog could have been found before being killed.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Catlady, I think the reason witnesses did nothing is that they are probably of the same ilk as the dog killers and didn’t think it was a big deal.

    Alan, I totally agree with everything you have said…Mittens, you made some valid points such as the point about ancient Egypt and their laws but when it comes to Voodoo and Santeria you are misinformed…sure, the animal they sacrifice most often are chickens but I know personally that on special occasions they also kill cats and dogs, and they do so brutally. In areas with large Santeria populations, pets are stolen to be killed in makeshift Santeria and Voodoo ceremonies…there is no one to regulate which animals are killed or how it is done…I stand by my claim that the Supreme Court allowing animal sacrifice was the start of this country’s descent into lunacy. And Santeria/ Voodoo is not a western invention…it is from Africa, and the Catholic overtones were put in place to keep the Spanish slaveowners from knowing what the slaves were up to when they tried to practice it. This talk about it being “freedom of religion” is bull…if killing a person in a cult ceremony was part of a religion, would we have to tolerate it? So why should animals, who are sentient beings, be forced to endure it just to satisfy the bloodlust of some cultists? Sure, all ancient cultures, even the Celts of Ireland, practiced human and animal sacrifice, but have since progressed and become enlightened….they abandoned those ignorant practices centuries ago. Here’s another slippery slope you need to watch out for….in Peru, they eat cats as a delicacy. They also eat guinea pigs, an animal that is often a first beloved pet of many children in our country. A Peruvian restaurant in Texas has started offering guinea pigs on their menu…they originally wanted to go to pet stores to buy guinea pigs there (animals meant to be pets to AMERICAN children) for the menu but is was too expensive so they are now ordering them frozen from Latin America. It won’t be long, if this becomes accepted, before you will start seeing cats on menus in ethnic restaurants in America. It’s a slippery slope, folks, and we’re moving backwards thanks to the liberal apologists who want us tolerate every sort of depravity.

    Europe is way ahead of us when it comes to animal welfare…animal welfare is even written into the Constitution of Germany and I believe Belgium, and there is strong anti hunting feeling in Great Britain. No one really speaks out against hunting here in the USA. Also, there are laws in Europe that require alternatives to animal research to be used as much as possible. Not here. Pets are not killed by the millions in Europe in so called shelters. We in America have a long way to go when it comes to animal welfare, but we’re still better than these third world countries in which animals have no value at all…we must not tolerate the brutal ways of immigrants from those countries who want to practice their cruelty here without consequence, but rather, we should emulate the advances Europe has made in respecting all innocent life

  26. KAEfamily says:

    Here is the RULE:” Do NOT do it here in HERE!”

  27. stefani says:

    Re: “these jerks stole a dog to eat it not make an offering to their gods”

    I am questioning whether or not they specifically stole this dog in order to eat it. If that was the intent, why did they need to torture it as well?

    Of course, stealing the dog to eat it is also AWFUL, but let’s not even assume that these men are just hungry and looking for someone to eat. They are obviously twisted sadists, not just hungry people whose cultural background is different than our own.

    I really would like to be the judge responsible for sentencing on this case. I would put them away as long as possible.

    Oh, and re: Europe. Not all parts of Europe are that advanced in their treatment of animals. In Naples, Italy, cats are primarily considered street animals, and live filthy desparate lives (because Naples is filthy, and apparently gotten worse since I was last there in 2000, when I rescued some poor street kittens). The Napolitans I talked to did NOT believe in spaying and neutering. EVERY cat I saw on the street was diseased and malnourished, and none of hte locals seemed that interested in helping them (except for the poor little man living in a shack, obviously unbelievably poor himself, who was feeding the colony pasta with tomato sauce. He didn’t know any better, but the diet wasn’t helping things, since cats need meat, which he clearly either couldn’t afford, or couldn’t afford to spare). There were packs of wild dogs, too.

    So, I don’t know how much they respected the innocent life all around them there. The conditions were breaking my heart. While I was there one young cat died crawling in a trash dump, impaled on some sharp object or broken glass.

    Not impressive at all. Cats have it much better in the US.


  28. Anonymous says:

    Stefani, you’re splitting hairs…what Italy needs is some education on how to manage the feral cat population with TNR…mass killing American style is still not the answer. And that’s Naples…Southern Italy is known for not being as forward thinking and enlightened as northern Italy and the rest of Europe (Spain is terrible too). You know darn well that in general, cats and dogs have it better in most parts of western Europe. For instance, it is illegal in the UK to dissect cats in grade school…dissecting cats, which has absolutely no educational merit and is harmful not only to the cats but to the students who are often forced to dissect them is widely practiced by science teachers throughout the US who are incompetent, whose teaching lacks substance and quality and therefore rely on mere shock value to maintain the interest of their students. Often these cats are obtained from Mexico, where the filthy street kids are paid a dollar for each cat they catch and drown (they are paid for these cats by American biological supplies companies)…other cats are stolen pets or obtained by the vile class B dealers…there is evidence that some of these cats are embalmed alive. What kind of society do we have that we allow this? There are some other countries in Europe that have banned cat dissection..I think one is in Scandinavia. When it comes to how all of Europe fares in animal welfare, you know you can’t expect much from the Neapolitans…they are geographically too close to the middle east as opposed to the rest of Europe….they are too close to ignorant third world cultures. Spain, too.

  29. stefani says:


    “Stefani, you’re splitting hairs…what Italy needs is some education on how to manage the feral cat population with TNR…mass killing American style is still not the answer.”

    I agree that mass killing American style is not the answer, but that doesn’t take away the fact that I saw great insensitivity to suffering of cats and dogs there.

    “And that’s Naples…Southern Italy is known for not being as forward thinking and enlightened as northern Italy and the rest of Europe (Spain is terrible too).”

    If Spain is terrible too, then we cannot make the blanket statement that Europe is more enlightened.

    Re” You know darn well that in general, cats and dogs have it better in most parts of western Europe”

    I actually don’t know that darned well. I know what I saw when I was there, that’s all I know. When I went to France, I saw that the DOGS were treated like royalty, but did not see the same kind of treatment for cats. Just because their LAWS are more progressive, does not mean that their cultures are more progressive.

    Apparently, from your statements, there is GREAT disparity within Europe itself. I take it from your comments that SOME parts of Western and Northern Europe are among the most progressive in terms of laws, however, I only know what I have seen with my own eyes when I was there. So please don’t assume that I “know something darned well” when a) I don’t, and b) even your own post indicates that some of Europe is more evolved while other parts of Europe are not. So let’s agree on both sides not paint all of Europe with one brushstroke.

    I am aware — from reading — that scandinavia is among the most progressive, and this makes me happy since I am nearly half descended from scandinavia. But I haven’t seen that same evolved treatment everywhere on my own, albeit limited, forays to Europe (France, both South and North, and Italy, primary south)

  30. DW says:

    In some cultures dogs are communal property and they are also food. When I lived in the Pacific I heard of a similar situation where the staff took the beloved yellow lab of a scuba instructor and ate it while he was away. When he got back they acted like they had done him a favor by eating it before it got ‘too old and tough’.

    The people next door to where I lived id not spay their dog because ’she has puppies that fit perfectly in a small baking pan’. Yes, I found the plight of animals there to be awful, but at the same time there was hardly any violence against people there. (The violence thing has changed, but sadly the animal misery has not.)

    The torture part of this story is disturbing and if true then the books then the men deserve the charges. If it’s not true then they need to be charged with stealing and then educated on the culture they are living in. We people in the US don’t eat cats, dogs or equines. Other cultures do.

    Imagine if you went to India and found yourself in jail for eating a cow you thought you had the right to eat.

    So give it a rest in the name of cultural diversity. Focus on the theft and the torture (if there was any). I’d expect a better balanced report from people in Hawaii. Hawaiian natives once had a dog whose sole reason for existence was to get fat and be eaten. It’s extinct now … and so are most of the pure Hawaiian natives. Hawaiian is a mix of many, many cultures and people and has lots of workers, visitors, and tourists from many parts of the world and many of the laborers come places where dog is routinely eaten.

  31. Sharon says:

    In some cultures it’s ok? Listen up people. This is the United States not Mexico or some voodoo country. Maybe if we quit coddling illegals and accepting this kind of behavior by people who are unfit to be Americans, there wouldn’t be so much of it. If a white US citizen had done this they would be crucified.

  32. Holly says:

    I am sick. I can’t believe someone would take their dog (baby) golfing and leave them unattended and actually expect them to be there when they return. And then I’m sick because of what these people did to someone’s pet. I don’t know what else to say except say a prayer for all the pain and suffering animals endure at the hands of humans - a species that is supposed to be cognitive and empathetic.

  33. Hazel Chambers says:

    There is NOTHING that will excuse the actions of these pieces moral trash. They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    They are sick sick sick and a danger to society.

    I am in no way excusing what they did…but leaving a dog unattended in ANY public place is simply stupid. There sadly is NO safe place anymore….shootings and other horrible deeds are in the news everyday…schoold…churches…and yes private golf clubs.

  34. The Lioness says:

    Anonymous, I must vehemently disagree with your comments about Voodoo/Santeria (no, I do not practice it, but I do know a number of people who do.)

    Under proper circumstances, there ARE people who regulate these practices. Not only that, but traditionally, only Priests/Priestesses are authorized to do it. (This applies to formal “houses.” There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there–uneducated as well.)

    I do know that chickens are commonly sacrificed. I do not know for sure what other animals are used and under what circumstances, however. I CAN tell you that–in the case of the practitioners with whom I’m acquainted–the animal then becomes the ritual meal.

    I choose to speak out about these things–with my limited knowledge–because Paganism/Wicca and Voodoo/Santeria get commonly lambasted/badmouthed, and it’s most often done by the people who are least educated. (I throw those in together with the Voodoo/Santeria, because the people with whom I am acquainted may practice a number of different, non-book religions.)

    Please. Can we leave religion out of these discussions? This abduction probably had more to do with poverty, hunger, and/or being stupid human beings than anything else.

    If people ARE going to talk about these subjects, I would ask that they educate themselves first.

    Thank you.
    ~The Lioness

  35. Anonymous says:

    The Lioness…Wicca is quite harmless compared to Santeria/Voodoo…at least as it is practiced in most covens. They do not believe in harming a creature, or in animal sacrifice, as they believe if you harm another it will come back to you three times. I have known both Wiccans and Santeros so your comment about folks not being educated in the pagan religions is quite inaccurate. And torturing and killing this dog has to do with povery? Hunger? Are you as insane as those men? Sounds like it, if you see ANY rational or any valid reason for what they have done. You’ve no doubt participated in animal sacrifices yourself or you condone it, so as far as I’m concerned, you can go to hell.

  36. Merlin Marshall says:

    I feel really bad for the dog. Why would this guy think he was doing his dog any favors by taking it to the golf club and then TYING it up while he went out and did his 18 holes of golf? Even if nothing had happened to the dog this is terrible. If you aren’t going to be doing something with your dog, leave it at home where it is safe. The owner is an unthinking idiot. And the people who took the dog should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  37. Greeneyes says:

    It’s amazing to me how many of you are slamming the OWNERS of the dog.
    Shouldn’t your angst be directed at the men that TORTURED the dog?
    Don’t you think that the owners feel guilty enough already?
    They lost their FRIEND!!
    I’m sure you don’t need to rub it in….
    As far as the person that said they never want to go to Hawaii because of this…. I’m sorry to hear it. Hawaii is the most beautiful place I have ever been and the people there are wonderful. My family and I go every year and spend as much time as possible. We have spent as much as a full month at one visit, and intend to move there one day. (and YES we will take our pets)
    My heart goes out to the Manuma family… I understand your pain.

  38. putty_tat007 says:

    Emotional dogsRbetter! Yes I’m emotional I’m not a judge or lawyer to be cold and calculating.
    You are correct in saying they aren’t mentally ill but they are evil. I’m thrilled they found them and will have the opportunity to teach them how it works in this country. Just because they might eat dog in theirs does not give them or anyone else to come here or any other country and impose their laws and morals or steel for any reason. They could have seek-ed help at a church, salvation army and ask where they could find free food. They killed a pet a little one that was part of the family. Yes I agree they should not have tied the dog up outside and left it alone. But still it was theft and they killed a family pet when it was neither theirs or necessary. This is despicable and those who kill pets are a step away from killing people. We don’t know at this point why they did it and thus can’t really say if it was because they were hungry or it was part of their culture. We are merely speculating on a disgusting act of violence. This pet was not raised for food but was a family companion. Just disgusting it just breaks my heart to think of the fear this little one lived before it’s end. :(::::::::::::::: I wonder who will be next? Or how many there have been!!!!!!!
    The Supreme Court needs to reverse allowing religious sacrifice it’s disgusting they would ever permit this!

  39. The Lioness says:

    Anonymous, most people who make disparaging remarks about Pagan religions are uneducated about them. Yes, this can even apply to Pagans.

    To say I’ve committed animal sacrifice is just plain stupid.

    My point in saying this may have had to do with poverty and hunger and stupidity was just that: We don’t know the status of those men. Were they illegals? If so, it is possible they were not being paid a living wage. We just. Don’t. Know.

    I do not condone animal sacrifice. I do not practice it. I was simply pointing out that to generalize like you have about Voodoo/Santeria practitioners is wrong.

    If you were so sure you were right, you wouldn’t be hiding as “Anonymous,” now, would you?

    Personally, I think these guys were just plain crazy and had no compassion.

    ~The Lioness

  40. jennifer says:

    I have a situation here. My ex-boyfriend Bruce hated his neighbors dog. He went inside the neighbors house twice and tried to kill the dog. I was so angry. Should I report this to anyone? I broke up with him. I actually always have nightmare about him. He is such cold blooded person. I wanted to teach him a lesson. Please give me some advice.

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