Family Fights For Dog’s Life After Attack

Guy James is fighting for his dog’s life.

Congo, his German shepherd has been deemed dangerous by a judge and will be put down after an attack on a landscaper.

James, a New Jersey man, said that Congo was defending and protecting his wife, and that Congo is a friendly dog and has never had any history of violence. But animal control officers said that Congo’s attack was unprovoked.

The man who was attacked won a $250,000 insurance settlement as a result of his injuries.

James said that the landscaper, Giovanni Rivera, and another worker disobeyed his instructions to not get out of the car until he put away Congo and the other dogs. He stated that the workers got there an hour before they were scheduled to and they came when the dogs were outside eating.

Rivera and the other worker got out of the car and the dogs began to bark. James said that the worker hit the dogs with a metal rake, and James’ wife told him to stop. Rivera, who is afraid of dogs, grabbed James’ wife from behind to protect himself from the dogs and pulled her to the ground which caused her to scream. Congo then started to bite and scratch Rivera and the other dogs began biting him also.

James called off the dogs, and Rivera was treated for his bites at the hospital.

Since the incident, Congo has been at an animal shelter and James said that he is depressed and anxious and has to be hand-fed or he will not eat.

The James’ lawyer said the attack was provoked, and that under New Jersey law, the dogs had a right to protect themselves and their family.

But the municipal prosecutor said the family is responsible and should have kept their dogs under control and were negligent.

A dog behavior expert testified that the dogs’ attack was provoked. She wrote, “Based on these threats (unfamiliar individuals, perceived threatening position, the attack on the puppies with a metal rake, grabbing the owner from behind and pulling to the ground) the dogs were compelled to defend themselves and their owner.”

Various neighbors that have had experience with Congo and the other dogs also stated that the dogs are “happy dogs” and are friendly.

The judge is expected to place his ruling on the record on Tuesday.

James said he has received thousands of letters and e-mails supporting him and Congo. He said he plans to appeal the judge’s ruling to Superior Court.

Some animal experts and animal control officers said that Congo’s behavior was exceedingly aggressive in the attack. They said that Congo initiated the attack, and that they have concerns that Congo continued to bite and attack Rivera instead of just biting him once. They all agreed that the James should be held responsible for not controlling their dogs.

One animal expert said, “The reason the guy got bit was he was afraid of the dogs. He was the aggressor, grabbing the woman. In that action to a dog, he’s reading it as an aggressive action. A German shepherd will die for his master. All he was doing was protecting his pack. The owners were negligent. They deserve to be sued but they don’t deserve to have the dog put down.”

Source: The Times

(Thanks Irene and Stattwit)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As horrible as this is the dog was clearly trinyg to protect the owner.

  2. Tanya says:

    One of the troubles of owning a larger dog, is that you have to know how to control them, when to control them, and be able to control them even in what on the out side could be percieved (by the dog) as an attack.

    I’ll be curious how this turns out, but i would say the owners need to learn about controlling their dogs from a qualified trainer.

    Police dogs, protecting thier master, can still be called off on a single word. so it’s possible, you just have to take the time to say “i want a well trained dog, as well as a loving pet.”

  3. kathy says:

    Even in this day of great dog training, if someone grabbed me from behind I hope my dogs would attack them! Any landscaper who cannot follow instructions should not have any work to do. He shows up an hour early, unannounced, attacks the dogs, pulls their person down to the ground…….come on, this is a no brainer. Was the landscaper stoned, or was he just stupid? Not only the dogs, but I also would percieve this as an attack!

  4. kathy says:

    Sounds to me like what this landscaper has learned is How to get a huge sum of money without working!

  5. furmom says:

    It’s true protection dogs are trained to stop an attack or release on command. However that is when the situation is clearly controlled by the handler, e.g. suspect is subdued or officer is not under threat, so gives the command. But even a dog trained to stop is not going to do that if the handler or himself is under direct threat, being hit, grabbed, or thrown to the ground. Otherwise the police dog would be pretty useless, the bad guy could just hold a gun on the cop and he would have to call off is dog. Or if the cop called off the dog, thinking everything was in hand, but the suspect makes one more try to attack, and the police dog would be politely waiting for some reversal of the call to stop. A protection dog will attack as long as there is a serious threat of harm, it has very little to do with the command to stopor not.

  6. Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie says:

    Our own first thought is the same as kathy’s — this sleazy landscaper (or his lawyers) found a way to make a gob of money without much work. Indeed, we wonder a bit if the auto accident scammers haven’t branched out into animal attacks.

    Does anyone know, was Rivera charged with assault for grabbing Mrs. James? It sounds to me like he could be, along with trespassing for being on the grounds when he wasn’t supposed to.

  7. mittens says:

    if the owner is being attacked by someone- ie thrown to the ground by unknown persons -what the hell is the owner or the dog suppose to do ? the dog is after all just a dog so it’s not as if it has the human capacity to reason through a situation and the owner told the men not to get out of the car and they proceeded to do so then went on to attack the dogs and attack one of the owners.these jerks shouldn’t have gotten a cent- theyre stupid- but courts in america love nothing better then to lavish money on those who survival of the fittest would mark out for extinction ie coffee is generally known to be hot and animals trained to protect will attack when threatened. they ignored the owner then they attack so complain theyre attacked?

    if the dogs are put down it would be an act of cruelty. although the owners are for certain responsible for their dogs i cant see it fair theyre held accountable for the sheer ignorance of people who will not listen and go own to participate in behavior that’s bound to cause the animals to attack. what kind of ‘ man’ throws a woman in front of an attacking dog? he should have been charged with aggravated assault. sounds like he deserved the bite and richly so.

  8. EmilyS says:

    there’s nothing in the story to indicate the dog was a “trained” protection/attack dog. I’m betting that it’s a family pet.. of a breed NATURALLY inclined to be protective. But surely many dogs would react to an attack on its owner in the same manner. The notion that this makes the dog so dangerous it needs to be destroyed is just wrong, and cruel.

    The owners may indeed be legally liable and the “victim” may indeed have a claim for damages.

    The two issues need to be separate.

  9. catmom5 says:

    I hope that someone with authority makes the right decision in this case ~ and that is to let this brave and loving dog live. He did nothing but protect his home and pack. The landscaper was told NOT to get out of his car, which he did anyway. STUPID CHOICE on this man’s part . . . and the stupid choices continued. He should be charged with assault for pulling the wife down. Sounds as if the dogs responded when the owner called them off. The landscaper created the bad situation, reacted badly as it played out and now claims to be the victim. Sorry, but I don’t buy it!

  10. Nora and Rufus says:

    The judge has to be an idiot and the attorney who took up for the landscaper an absolute crook! Even my loving Aussie would have went for the stupid landscaper with teeth bared and roaring his displeasure had the dumb-ass grabbed me like that!!!! There is no way this dog should be put down for protecting his Human mom from someone as ignorant as the landscaper.

  11. Nancy G. says:

    Yeah, if it had been a rapist who had grabbed the woman, the dog would be hailed as a hero for saving her. This is just plain nuts, and wrong.

  12. Nancy G. says:

    click on the link at the bottom of the article, “The Times”, for more information

  13. shibadiva says:

    There’s a petition at Care2:

    You can also write to the judge:

    Please email Judge Annich and show your support for the James family and Congo.

    The address for the Courthouse is 400 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ 08540

    Russell W. Annich, Jr. - Judge
    Email Judge Annich in care of the Court Administrator:
    fax letters to 609-924-5902

  14. shibadiva says:

    Oh, catch the animal warden’s take on this story.

    Land of Oppor-tu-ni-tee.

  15. Jenny Bark says:

    Nora & Rufus, I agree with you what is the matter with this da!! judge?

    Everybody who posted this may be a new way to go after money, I think you might be right. Not only did he get all that money from the insurance but this family offered to pay all his medical bill & that is still not enough for him. What is he doing in landscaping if he is afraid of dogs? What right did he have to go on the property if he was told not to & to waite? Everything sounds to fishy to me. Me thinks we all better be more careful from now on.

    When someone is comming to my house to work I do the same thing & let my dogs out to use bathroom before they come. When I’m taking a shower my dogs are inside but when my husband is home they can use their doggie door as they want, same as this family.

    I don’t care what size dog you have most everyone of them will protect their pack or as humans like to say their family. I don’t have pups but if you use a rake on one of them the others will come after you. God forbid if you put me down they are going to get you & not listen to me. Bet your dogs will do the same thing. Bet a human kid will do the same thing too.

    Why isn’t this dog put on home arrest instead of a shelter until the case is setteled? NY must have even tuffer laws than Pa..

    They are taking every right of the animals & property owners away. I think we had better be careful.

  16. mikken says:

    From shibadiva’s link -

    “Johnson also doesn’t buy James’ claim that his dogs were bred for obedience. “He fed them raw meat and dead rabbits,” he said. “That puts aggression in a dog.””

    Uh, can we say “ignorant”, anyone? And he defends the landscaper who “only changed his story three times”? What’s wrong with this guy?

    My Labrador would definitely go after anyone grabbing me and I would be glad of it!

  17. Robert Davis says:

    Johnson is an idiot for saying raw meat puts agression in a dog….I have never seen that. I guess all the RAW diet folks should be careful now that Johnsons says it can make your dogs aggressive!

    I signed the petition….I hope things will work out by the judge changing his order or on appeal. What country am I living in now???? I forget - I thought it was the home of the free and where your home is your castle and you have the right to have it defended by yourself, family pets or guard dogs.


  18. straybaby says:

    wait a darn minute here! my Dalmatian eats raw meat. AND i suspect she would protect me if i was grabbed from behind by a man (that had moments before been wielding a rake!) and threw me to the ground. this would be my *fault*?! OY!!

    “Rivera, who is afraid of dogs, grabbed James’ wife from behind to protect himself from the dogs . . . ”

    what kind of man puts a woman in front of him as *protection* against a perceived danger?!

  19. Anna says:

    I think the human gene pool has gotten so polluted there’s got to be a Darwin Award by State and Occupational Category. Rivera and his crew wins the DARWIN AWARD for CONTRACTORSin NEW JERSEY because their STOOPIDITY defies DARWINIAN LOGIC (or meybee him and hisun’s crew could NOT understand Eeeenglish????) - and that’s all I have to say - if you want protection according to HUMAN LAWS, then you have to put up enough evidence YOU’RE A HUMAN, and in my book, Rivera and his crew were acting like jungle baboons. NO WAIT, Jungle Baboons are smarter than him. In the end, TOO BAD THE HUMAN GENE POOL DID NOT GET CLEANED UP THAT DAY. I could care less about the bleedin’ hearts, it’s time to screw everyone’s heads back on.

  20. Lesliek says:

    This is a crying shame. Even my chi would have attacked them. And the animal warden is an idiot who should not be in a position to work with animals. I guess by his way of thinking all of us doing raw or homecooking have vicious animals. I especially loved his comment that the owners injured a puppy themselves deliberately.I would guess he also thinks we all poisoned our pets so it would look like the pf was at fault.So now we have at least 2 illegals who will profit from this & probably be allowed to stay too. And a good dog will die & his family be punished emotionally & financially.Makes me ashamed to live in NJ.

  21. Don Earl says:

    Reading between the lines…

    “Congo is a friendly dog and has never had any history of violence.”


    “Giovanni Rivera, and another worker disobeyed his instructions to not get out of the car until he put away Congo and the other dogs.”

    TRANSLATION: The owner knew the dogs are aggressive and likely to pose a threat to strangers.

    “James said that the worker hit the dogs with a metal rake, and James’ wife told him to stop.”

    TRANSLATION: The dogs were already in attack mode (a rake only has a 4 foot handle) and rather than trying to control the dogs, the owner joined in the attack.

    “The man who was attacked won a $250,000 insurance settlement as a result of his injuries.”

    TRANSLATION: The man was severely injured in the attack, was out of work recovering from his injuries, and was likely maimed for life.

    According to the CDC over 4 million Americans are attacked by dogs each and every year. The injuries caused by the attacks range from minor bite marks, to death, with everything inbetween. In most cases, the attacks are on family members, on those on the property at the owners invitation, or on those passing by on public property.

    I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with those who think there is something about this that is okay. No innocent person deserves to be killed or maimed for life by someone’s pets. No one who allows an innocent person to be harmed by their pets UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES deserves to have pets.

  22. Nancy G. says:

    That warden sounds like so many in that position who are ignorant, uncaring and only care about their paycheck. The dogs being fed raw meat actually means the owners ARE concrned about their health, many owners these days do the same, esp. after the recent poisoned dog food scares. The warden needs to read a few web sites, his ignorance is appalling. And the claim that the owners injured one of the puppies themselves is ridiculous and shows that he just wants the dog killed. The man should be fired.

  23. straybaby says:

    Don, for many people it’s standard practice to secure their animals before workers enter a premise. it’s a method designed to protect the PETS! Yard work equals gates being open/closed/left open. sorry, but i would be bringing my dogs in the house before gardeners arrived. but an hour before hand i might have them in the yard for breakfast and potty time. btw, i also make sure my cats are secured before deliveries/workers arrive at my apartment.

    just because they already used the rake does NOT mean the dogs were attacking. the dogs may have been barking as dogs are known to do when strangers (and friends) enter homes/property. that would be enough for a dog fearful person to use a rake. ever hear of a human over-reacting to a dog? i’ve seen it just walking my dog down the street. and she’s at my side and NOT barking.

    sorry, i find some of Johnson’s comments very scary as a dog owner. but it must be nice for the illegal gardener who is now living in an upscale neighborhood! funny how he can’t seem to enter the country legally, but sure knows how to sue!

  24. Vettech says:

    Seems to me in the first line it says that the Rivera is an ILLEGAL working in this country….why wasn’t he sent back ??? Also if you read further down the other worker who is not named is also an ILLEGAL!!!!
    He should be happy this wasn’t on my property and not my dogs or there would have been more than bite wounds than this guy would have dealt with. I would also have sued for grabbing my wife and pulling her to the ground.

  25. jada says:

    He was probably here ILLEGALLY and DOESN’T SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!

    Good Lord - so many horrible things happening in this country because
    of this issue. Do you know how many people have been killed on the
    road because they’re driving without driver’s licences??
    They can’t read the signs, traffic signals -
    Unfortunately because we haven’t had anyone crack down on this
    the poor dog will probably die!!!

    Even IF he wasn’t here illegally - THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH FOR
    GOD’S SAKE!!!!!

  26. straybaby says:


    the owner of the dog spoke Spanish!

  27. Belgian_owner says:

    I once had an “electrician” try to sue my dad for a back injury he received while moving our piano around (did we WANT our piano moved? NO.) The guy was a shady nutcase and on drugs, come to find out. How I wish I had my dog back then.

    The amount of landscapers/construction workers here that tease my dog as we pass them on our walks is ludicrous. Is there something in their employee handbooks that just outright SAYS “And always remember to be a total ass around big dogs”?

    And that “Warden” with his raw meat comment is a JOKE. It is a sad state of affairs when those in charge of deciding a pet’s fate have absolutely no clue what they’re doing. Anybody watch those Animal Cops shows on animal planet? There was an episode where AC nearly seized a bengal cat because it “looked like some wildcat roaming around”.

    Poor Congo. I have a shepherd mix who I know would do the same for me if I were ever in trouble or just at the hands of a complete idiot.

  28. Traci says:


    Take your racism elsewhere.

  29. Traci says:

    You too, Anna.

  30. kaefamily says:

    A friend just adopted a one year old pound mutt. He welcomes EVERYONE into her home! Good thing she has another dog, a 4 year old mutt, that actually guards and protects the family like most dogs would. He’s still not an aggressive dog tho’.

  31. Tanya says:

    He should be happy this wasn’t on my property and not my dogs or there would have been more than bite wounds than this guy would have dealt with.
    I love it. a guy gets attacked by dogs in a situation where the owner should have controlled the dogs better, and you all decide he should have gotten WORSE treatment?

    What if this had been a teenager, just messing around on your property? do you think the teenager would deserve 150,000 worth of medical bills (if you read the detailed stories, they list that 50,000 of the damages was emotional, the rest was to pay real medical costs).

    What if a child had wandered into teh yard accidntly to pet teh “pretty baby puppies”> would that child deserve to be attacked?

    PEOPLE WHO OWN DOGS *MUST* be able to control them; must post signs of the dog is aggressive at all.

    and as for the “police dogs can’t be called off”, comment made earlier. that’s just ignorance. Police dogs and ALL GOOD DOGS are trained to obey INSTANTLY signals from their trainers, officers, and others who know the signals. they do not disobey those signals, even if they continue to be growling and highly agitated.

    Dogs kill. if you don’t understand that, and can’t control that, you shouldn’t have a dog.

    i can’t believe when anyone says “the guy didn’t get enough” or “he would have gotten more on my lawn” or “yeah, dog, glad you attacked”.

    you call yourselves human while chastising teh humanity of 2 workers?

    and what does being illegal or not have to do with anything.

  32. JLLH358 says:

    If the owner TOLD the workers to remain in the car and they did not, that is not the owner’s fault. If the workers then proceeded to hit the animals with a rake and grab at the owners, that also is not the owner’s fault (or the dogs). If I am working on someone’s property, or a guest in any way on their property, you better believe I’ll be paying close attention to what they tell me to do and not do - esp. if they have animals!! My fault if I get injured because I’m not paying attention or not listening to them. Mine. No one else’s.

  33. Robert Davis says:

    Jada - you are right about the language barrier. And I know of an illegal in NC whose girlfriend, a legal, is getting welfare benefits because she says she lives alone. He brings in 1,000 a week doing construction under the table. And the legal companies are supporting this because they do not have to pay the taxes. I do not know if he is illegal or not so I cannot say.

    On the illegal issue….For those who think this is a racist issue, continue to be ignorant. There are legal means to enter this country. If you choose not to enter legally then you deserve to go to your home.

    It is amazing how everything becomes a racist issue when the outcome for a crime may not turn in the criminals favor. These people should have called the police to arrest the man for trespassing (he was there too early and did not listen to the home owner who OWNS the property!), attacked the guys wife and beat his dogs. I know I would be joining in the ass whooping if someone beat my dogs or partner.

    I know if it was me I would have immediately pressed charges against the man and sued him for mental stress, anguish, loss of property, etc…. And why was this mans insurance company so damn stupid to settle or even pay? They should have refused to pay. The landscaper, according to the story, appears to have acted criminally negligent himself.

    When I have workers come over they are not allowed in my house until my dogs and cats are up. My dogs are part of the family and I want to make sure they are safe, but I also have them to make sure if someone attacks they protect me. I also make sure my cats are up so they do not get let out by the workers.

    It is a sad case all around….I do not feel sorry for the landscaper at all. In my opinion he deserves what he got (except for the money)….good dogs for doing your job….just hope you are not murdered by the system for it.

    Robert Davis

    PS Shibadiva ….. I hope you know I was making fun of Johnson about the RAW diet…. :-)

  34. Don Earl says:

    RE: “it must be nice for the illegal gardener who is now living in an upscale neighborhood! funny how he can’t seem to enter the country legally, but sure knows how to sue!”

    Personally, I don’t believe there is any place in our society, or on these boards, for that sort of racist commentary. I can’t find anything in the article to suggest this man was in the counrty illegally, and regardless, your view he deserves to be mauled by dogs because of his race is pretty disgusting.

    All this guy did was get up and go to work to do a job involving hard physical labor that the property owner was too lazy to do himself. The next thing he knew, he was in a hospital, maimed for life. I have absolutely zero sympathy for any pet owner under those circumstances.

    As most on these boards know, I have devoted an unholy amount of time, energy, many sleepless nights and substantial amounts of money, on my own behalf, and on behalf of all pet owners that were harmed by poisoned pet food through no fault of their own.

    My view on such things is a simple one. There is only one true sin in the world; harming another person who did nothing to harm you first. On that basis, my sympathies lay with Rivera and any other innocent person harmed under such circumstances.

  35. Don Earl says:


    Workers are expected to arrive on your property first thing in the morning. You own large dogs capable of causing the workers harm. What do you do?

    A. Leave the dogs out overnight so they are loose on the property first thing the next morning.

    B. Put them in the garage overnight with a bowl of food and water, an old blanket or pet bed to sleep on, and perhaps spread out some newspapers just in case.

    (Hint for sociopaths and racists: The answer is not A)

  36. Traci says:

    Whether one sides with the workers or the owner, THIS ARTICLE (which we only know what the media tells us) is about specific workers and a specific owner with specific dogs. How it became about ALL illegals and ALL non-English speaking people is beyond me–but then, I am not a racist.

  37. straybaby says:

    Don, the second link that Shibadiva provide gives the 2 workers legal stats as illegal. THAT is what prompted my comment, NOT their race. they could have been French for all i care. i have NO patience for people NOT entering the country legally. it’s a little thing called National Security.

    i NEVER once said he DESERVED to be mauled. please quote where i said that.

    discussing a person’s lack of ability to follow the laws of entering our country legally, yet having no problem suing another in our country, is NOT racist. nor does it imply that it is ok for dogs to maul someone.

    :”There is only one true sin in the world; harming another person who did nothing to harm you first.”

    let’s see, wielding a rake as a weapon, hitting dogs with the rake (including puppies!), grabbing a woman as a shield against a perceived threat and causing a woman to hit the ground is ok and not inflicting harm?! and the fact that this all occurred because the dogs may have done nothing more than alarm/alert bark and other NORMAL dog behaviors at the arrival of people on the property. of course it’s the owners fault! they were to lazy to take care of their property! i guess we should all stop hiring help . . . . after all, we seem to lose our rights as property owners and get labeled as lazy.

  38. straybaby says:

    regarding your pop quiz,

    see my first response to you.

    so now all who would follow a routine YOU don’t agree with are sociopaths and racists?! wow. exactly where does it say the dogs were out all night? they were feeding in the backyard ONE HOUR before workers were due to arrive, MANY raw feeders feed in their backyards just as MANY dog owners let their dogs out into the yard in the early morning hours. oh, the horrors!

  39. Belgian_owner says:

    Why not show any of the puppies a rake? If, like Rivera claims, these dogs were only kept away by it, then the dogs won’t react to it. However, if they were beaten, the puppies will have quite a reaction to it.

  40. Tanya says:

    by teh way, for those saying he was told to *stay in the car*, does that not strick you as seriously wrong?

    people get out to streach, to smoke, etc. odds are, if you are saying “stay in the car” you know your dogs are a bit more than “just playing”. you knwo they are at least a *bit* aggressive with strangers.

  41. Lynn says:

    The judge is an idiot. Someone get me his/her name and the city/state.

    I see this whole debacle as:
    [1] trespassing onto private property [by the workers]
    [2] illegal alien issue [by the workers]
    [3] assaulting the wife [by the workers]
    [4] and most importantly, animal abuse [by the workers]

    Whatever happened to the laws that protected the homeowner and his property????

  42. Lynn says:

    And I’m betting the judge is clueless about dogs - and since this happened in New Jersey [thank you, Michael Vick], it could be the judge has been conditioned to think that all dogs that bite are vicious and should be destroyed. The judge needs to be removed from this case.

  43. shibadiva says:

    I’m biting my tongue because I’m mad as hell about a tradesman that showed up unannounced today (although they had on record - at their own request - that I wanted an appointment be set up before anyone came to do any work), reached over a 6 foot fence and then some to unlock my back yard gate to get in and do the work. I tore a strip off his supervisor this evening.

    When tradesmen are expected, I make sure the dogs are indoors, and I am there to supervise everything. And if the tradesmen show up early, while the dogs are in the fenced yard for potty, they are told to wait until the dogs are in the house.

    Teenagers messing around in my yard? Don’t even go there.

    Robert, that animal warden is unbelievable.

  44. Lynn says:

    Check out this website:

    Here’s what you need to know now:

    There will be a rally to Free Congo, on Tuedsay, November 12, at 10 a.m. outside the Princeton Township municipal court, 400 Witherspoon St., where Judge Russell Annich is expected to officially record the death sentence he handed down to Congo on Oct. 31.

    There’s a poll at as well as contact information for the Judge who is sentencing Congo to death for protecting his family.

    Help save Congo!

    Please email Judge Annich and show your support for the James family and Congo by coming to a rally at the Princeton Township courthouse on Tuesday, November 13th, at 10 AM. The address for the Courthouse is 400 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ 08540
    Russell W. Annich, Jr. - Judge

    Email Judge Annich in care of the Court Administrator:

    fax letters to 609-924-5902 - flood his fax machine.

    And if you have kids at Princeton, call them and give them the info and tell them to circulate it fast on campus.

  45. shibadiva says:

    I found the jewishblogging site a little sad. Most of the article was a rant about illegal immigrants living in swanky neighbourhoods and taking the bread out of Americans’ mouths.

    Yeah, deport him, whatever, but the issue (IMO) is saving Congo and not using the dog as an excuse for that particular agenda. .

  46. Traci says:

    I remember way back, and I am sure it’s on the internet somewhere, learning how there are illegal refugees who are unable to get legal alien/refugee status because it would force our government to admit to certain conflicts in other countries they are outright supporting–one side or the other.

    Maybe those doing the Jewish blogging would like to recall when there were ships of Jews getting turned away as refugees…

  47. Anonymous says:

    This is a crock of S***!

    The immigrant should be grateful for the bite! He is now $250,000. richer! He will be on a mission for another $250,000. along with many others trying to get a free ride. THEY HAVE GOT TO LOVE THE U.S.

    BITE ME!!! plllllleeese!

    Congo was protecting his home and should NOT be put down. The judge is an A**H***.

    Serial killers get 10+ years before they (may be) put down. They have medical care, attorney’s, food and protection for the rest of their lives from OUR TAX DOLLARS. We pay for these SOB’S to continue living!

    Congo was protecting his home and his parent from an absolute idiot IMO!!!!

  48. Lynn says:

    I don’t want to turn this focus on the illegal immigration issue, but I must say this: there is a huge difference between people running over the border and bilking this country out of billions of dollars and Jewish refugees on ships seeking asylum, trying to settle somewhere because to go back where they came from would mean extermination. I really resent any comparison.

    This blog is about Congo and I’ll say it a hundred times - the dog is the pawn in this whole assinine issue and the judge is a complete idiot.

  49. Traci says:

    “trying to settle somewhere because to go back where they came from would mean extermination.”

    And what do you think the Mayan Guatemalans who got departed were?

    Not everyone illegal is here to rip you off. Yes most are here to work, actually, doing work to dirty or cheap for legal Americans to want to do.

  50. straybaby says:

    “Not everyone illegal is here to rip you off. Yes most are here to work, actually, doing work to dirty or cheap for legal Americans to want to do.”

    well if that were true Traci, they would come in the country through one of the MANY LEGAL programs. i happen to know many LEGAL American born people who work/have worked the same jobs as the illegals . . . . and also many LEGAL immigrants.

    i have to wonder why the 2 workers haven’t been deported. the medical bills have been covered by insurance/etc and it seems all issues with the incident regarding the illegal workers are over. only the fate of Congo seems to remain. Johnson is quoted as saying their story has changed 3 times (down from FIVE!), so i would think (HOPE!) they are no longer needed at this point . . .

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