Family Helps Rescue A Stranded Dog

An Ohio family was outside in their backyard enjoying themselves when their dog was looking over at something and whining. They heard an noise from across the creek in the woods. Then they saw something: a large black dog. The woman said that they were going to swim over to the dog, but they didn’t know how deep the water was and if the dog was going to respond well to them. The family called all over to get help for the dog while the dog stayed in the brush pacing. The family kept watch over the dog and made sure he was still alive.

After five days, help finally arrived. Authorities from the Toledo Humane Society were able to traverse the creek to reach the hungry, dehydrated dog which is believed to be a stray.

The dog is being treated by a vet and will then be put up to adoption. The family that helped rescue him is thinking about adopting him.

4 Responses to “Family Helps Rescue A Stranded Dog”

  1. the asocial ape says:

    they left it there for FIVE days because they were afraid to cross the six foot wide creek!?

    come on! i mean, kudos for calling someone, but that’s not a rescue on the part of the family.

  2. Becky says:

    I believe the dog has been re-united with it’s family. I live near Toledo and saw a Toledo news report on it this morning. The dog is 13 years old and had been missing for about two weeks.

  3. JM Leong says:

    I also live near Toledo and from the news reports, it doesn’t sound like the entire 5-day wait was completely the family’s fault. The news reported earlier this week that the family had called 911, the dog warden and the Humane Society. If I had to guess/speculate, I’d say the family notified the media as a last resort to get someone to pay attention to them so that the poor dog could get some help.

  4. Sandy says:

    Not a day would have passed before I would have swam over if you can swim swim it..(with food in a zip lock bag) ….OR I would have gotten a raft to get to the dog and hope to bring it back with…(again) food….or a boat…Holy crap 5 days is crazy…..I do not think THEY saved the dog

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