Family Puts Up Controversial Sign In Yard After Dog Run Over By Car


The Littleton family is mourning the death of their family dog, Spike. They are also extremely angry and are showing it with a large sign in their front yard.

When Spike escaped from the family’s fenced-in yard, Bob Littleton found his terrier dead in the road.

A neighbor saw the driver hit Spike and immediately take off in his car.

To express their anger over what happened to their dog, the Florida family put a sign in their yard that reads: To the person who killed my dog and didn’t stop, may you rot in hell.

The Littleton family said Spike was a part of their family, and they are angry that the person was so insensitive to not stop and check on Spike.

They don’t want the sign to offend people, but instead they want the sign to affect the person who killed Spike and feel bad for what they did to their beloved dog.


31 Responses to “Family Puts Up Controversial Sign In Yard After Dog Run Over By Car”

  1. Stefani says:

    I don’t see what is controversial about this sign. They SHOULD rot in hell. If only there WAS a hell for people like that.

  2. Jenna Z says:

    We have had a rash of letters to the editor lately here in our town of people who had their dogs killed in hit and run accidents. I understand they re upset and want to blame somebody, but 1) it is your responsibility to keep your dog safe and yes, he got out of a fenced yard but maybe he shouldn’t be left unsupervised or maybe the fence needed inspected, etc. etc. and 2) what good is this sign doing? And what lesson is it teaching the family’s children if they have any and children passing by? Hold a grudge, don’t forgive, carry hate in your heart? A lot of people who aren’t animal savy would have no idea what to do if they stopped. They wouldn’t know who to call and probably wouldn’t touch a wounded, bloody animal to see if it was wearing a tag. Yes, it’s dispicable, but I understand the fear/confusion that must come over someone who doesn’t know the proper steps to take in that situation. I think the sign is tasteless.

  3. bengals says:

    While I agree with most of what you say, Jenna Z, I don’t see what harm it does to let whomever hit their dog and kept going KNOW how upset they are that they didn’t have the common courtesy to at least stop, see if they killed the dog or if it could be saved…and apologize for what they did.

    What if it were a child they hit?…keep on going? Not see if they could do anything for them?…

    The sign is not tasteless and anyone who drives by it, parents with kids in the car, maybe it’s a great lesson to teach… “if you make a mistake, admit it and try to make better of it…not just ignore it and keep on going as if nothing happened”.

  4. Bridgett says:

    I would do exactly the same thing if some one hit my dog. Good for them. Maybe people will start to slow down.

  5. Stefani says:

    I agree with Bengals. Maybe this person, when they hit the dog, told themselves “it’s probably a stray . . .” to help them rationalize not stopping (which is JUST as wrong . . . ). Maybe driving past a sign that shows them a family was hurt by this will give them the pangs of conscience required to change their behavior next time around.

  6. PoodleLuv says:

    That is pretty harsh words. I dont think the people that put the sign up could possibly be true Christians, or anyone that would really feel that way.
    Obviously a true Christian would not want ANYONE to ‘rot in hell’
    I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. So, if your not a Christian that believes in heaven and hell-” leave *hell* out of it “. Because you have no clue what your talking about, or wishing on someone.
    *There could have been better words to choose for the sign…*

    I for one have stopped when I hit a dog, and have even stopped and picked up several animals that were hit by other motorists and took them to the vet.
    NO it wasnt right at all for the person to do what they did they should have stopped and found/notified the owner of course.
    I would be devastated and furious if it were my dog that this happened to.

    But look back in your life, what if YOU have made someone so angry that they wished for this on you? What if their wish is granted?
    Thank God that people dont have that power!
    Maybe we should instead wish that who hit the dog will have to be internally tormented with guilt until until they cant stant it anymore and have to return to the place and appolagize to the owner.
    And try with all their heart to somehow make the owner feel that they are truly sorry for what happened. That would make ME feel better than knowing they would ‘rot in hell’ for it I assure you! (if it were MY dog)

  7. Guthrie says:

    Jenna Z, Maybe you need to read Christie Keith’s column on PetConnection:
    I quote:”yet the doom and gloom and demonization of American pet owners continues and is even on the rise.”
    IMHO, blaming the victim is pointless and hurtful. And I don’t see that calling someone’s attention to the pain they caused is carrying a grudge. That driver knew he/she should stop and find the owner. As Stephani said, they found a rationalization for doing nothing.

  8. PoodleLuv says:

    I dont know who Lynne is…..
    But I was the one that wrote the 6th post. I dont have a clue why it has Lynnes name there instead of the Poodleuv name that I use.
    Anyway, to Lynne: sorry that it posted the wrong name. I dont have any idea how that happened!

    There is an occasional bug in the system that takes a previous poster’s name and puts it as the name from a commenter. We changed the post name to be under PoodleLuv instead of Lynne. Sorry about that.

  9. Traci says:

    This happened on the first Ellen D. thread a few days ago. Straybaby claimed to not have made a post that had her name attached.

    !!Itchmo? Help? Have we a glitch in the system?

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  10. YorkiesGalore says:

    I agree with what Lynn says, those are very harsh words.

    While I understand the amount of anger and sadness that would be associated with this, telling them to “rot in hell,” is not helping anything, and just feeding the fire.

  11. CorgiPants says:

    Guthrie, that was an interesting post, thanks for the link. It’s definitely something for rescue groups to think about. I know the few I am involved with have some pretty high standards simply because they have invested SO much (time/money/emotion) into each individual dog and care for them as if they are their own for as long as they need to. They do not have issues with high euthanasia rate (they are breed rescues) so don’t see an issue with holding a dog for the right home. And around here, the public shelter will really only turn down someone if they are a renter without permission from their landlord. It’s sad to hear about shelters other places that would turn down perfectly good homes. As for blaming the victim, I believe in taking responsibility. If they want the driver to apologize and take responsibility, they should be willing to shoulder at least some of it as well and not just blame someone else.

    I do understand their pain and I know accidents happen but I wish the sign was worded differently. It’s the sentiment I find tasteless but I’m sure they thought that would get the biggest reaction and maybe thought it best expresses the magnitude of that pain. In comments to the local story, they try to explain that “THE REFERENCE TO HELL IS A REFLECTION OF PAIN AND SORROW” I’m not sure they chose the right words, in their anger, to most simply express that.

    Not knowing them, I don’t want to judge but their ALL CAPS comments and defensiveness do not paint a pretty picture.

  12. kaefamily says:

    Jenna Z wrote: “A lot of people who aren’t animal savy would have no idea what to do if they stopped. They wouldn’t know who to call and probably wouldn’t touch a wounded, bloody animal to see if it was wearing a tag. Yes, it’s dispicable, but I understand the fear/confusion that must come over someone who doesn’t know the proper steps to take in that situation.”
    I must agree with Jenna on this point because I personally experienced a similar situation: After witnessing a lost German Shepperd got hit by a car driven next to mine in an evening rush hour traffic, I pulled over and walked to the injured dog intent to comfort it. Someone stopped me with a warning,”Unless you know exactly what you’re doing it’s not safe to comfort an injured animal because now it is in the defensive mode.” Of course, a phone call to the police or animal shelter would be the next logical and caring step.

  13. Furbabies says:

    I agree with the sign, any one who is so cowardly as to hit an animal and then just take off should ROT IN HELL.

  14. Lynn says:

    Itchmo - we also had a glitch when “NOra and Rufus” suffered my lashing for something they had not written. Never seemed to have these glitches in the past. Suddenly they are all over the place. Need to fumigate.

  15. Lynn says:

    If that sign made the bereft family feel just one tiny bit better, so be it. Let the sign stay. It just might inject some guilt somewhere. If anything, people will learn that there are some who love animals and treat them as family members.

  16. Jenny says:

    I agree with one of the opinions above. While I feel bad for their loss, and agree the people should have stopped, they let their dog out off his leash. The sign could be more tasteful. I wouldn’t want my child seeing it if I was driving by.

  17. PoodleLuv says:

    Thank you for correcting. :)

  18. Gindy says:

    Hey Poodle, plenty of supposed xtians tell gays to rot in hell all the time. Fred Phelps, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, et al come to mind, brain bleach please!
    As for the dog sign, I say keep it up and even enlarge it to a billboard.

  19. PoodleLuv says:

    Hi Gindy,
    I wasnt aware of that. Thats pretty bad. I dont really know who Fred Phelps is. But as far as the other two, if you can tell me where to find them saying such a thing (such as a cd, tape, website, ect…) I would be extremely interested in hearing it or seeing it.(for curiosity, and amazement since I dont really listen to them regularly anyway)
    And once again, I dont care WHO they are. Preacher, or whoever…I’ll say it again a true CHRISTian doesnt want ANYONE to “rot in hell”.
    God bless :)

  20. Anonymous says:

    Christians, JC never blamed the victim. What’s the matter with you?

  21. mittens says:

    in my state youre required to either find the owner of an animal you hit( say if it has tags on) or of that’s not possible contact animal control/police not take off. how ever the animal got out is irrelevant to the driver trying to do the right thing.there are probably more effective ,positive ways to encourage people to excersize some charity and concern for others but when people are angry and hurt they tend toward lashing out. im responsible for my pets, that’s certain, but i’m also responsible for anything i may hit with my car however accidental.

  22. PoodleLuv says:

    Anonymous, If you are refering to me I dont understand why.
    I certainly dont blame the owner for being furious and devastated over the fact that the driver did what they did.

    But the victims are still responsible for their words and actions too.
    And no matter what, it is a poor choice of words. And tacky as someone else put it…

    mittens, VERY well put.

  23. Nigel says:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with the sign. The person who hit the dog deserves to rot in hell. The person who hit the dog deserves to suffer the same fate. A wronged person should not be forced to forgive…there is nothing wrong with not forgiving or with holding a grudge in a situation like this….that is a person’s right. And this family also has the right to their freedom of speech. People should be allowed to stand up for themselves and for their pets without a bunch of do gooder spineless liberals whining about “forgiveness” and making excuses for the killer. For as long as you do this, you and your pets will continue to be victimized.
    I think the reason animal cruelty laws and animal welfare in general is largely ignored by the powers that be is because pet owners themselves sell out the animals they pretend to love by being to quick to find excuses for the people who hurt their animals…people would kill to defend their children and they should be willing to do the same for their pets, or they are just hypocrites.

  24. Nigel says:

    It’s amazing how these people have lost a beloved pet to a jerk…rather than seeking out the creep to physically give him what he deserves they only gave voice to their anger and loss in a sign, and now they are being criticized and being called “tacky” by a bunch of morons.

  25. Nigel says:

    It’s not surprising that Gindy is not sympathetic to these people who’ve lost their pet, since she herself has admitted on here in the past that she rounds up feral cats and takes them to shelters to be killed. Nope, not surprising at all.

  26. V says:

    Stefani… Hell exists specifically for people who run over dogs. Driving away afterwards showed that the driver was a coward. Cowards are doomed to burn in hell for all of eternity.

  27. LDP says:

    To all the Christians who feel the need to condem this sign (and I am a Christian) The bible also says “JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED”. You judged this family and you judged their sign… maybe you need to take time out of your day to ask for God’s forgiveness. And if someone hurt or killed my dogs… you best believe that I would be hunting them down…not just putting up a sign and I’ll wait for my judgement from GOD not from anonymous people on a website.

  28. Kathy says:

    I feel your pain. There are many heartless people out there. My Jack Russell was hit and killed by my father in law in my very own driveway. I’m still waiting for an I’m sorry. I watched him hit her, it happened so fast and he wasn’t watching.(even though I have 3 dogs, a 4yr old son, and 9mth triplet girls) So as you said to the person that hit your beloved pet, “ROT IN HELL” OWN UP TO THE HIT AND RUN YOU COWARD!!!!!!!!!!

  29. David McWilliams says:

    I was the one who hit your dog. I’m deeply sorry. Please forgive me.

  30. anonymous says:

    It’s the owner’s responsibility to make sure the dog stays in the yard. You’re lucky the driver didn’t stop. The dog owner would likely be responsible for any damage to that person’s car.

  31. anonymous says:

    it’s what you do in life when no-one is looking that counts!!!!

    the person who hit the dog is a coward with a flawed character. i hope they find their moral compass in life.

    it’s the owner’s responsibility to make sure the pet is safe (reasonable care) and it’s a driver’s responsibility to attend to a dog that they have knowingly injured. is it that hard to call authorities or find a neighbor? no, it’s not.

    to the last poster, anonymous. lucky? most people are insured. it’s interesting that property damage is what you get from this. I know it’s easier for certain people, but the world isn’t black and white.


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