FDA Analyst Takes on Wyeth Heartworm Drug

This isn’t your average David versus Goliath story. It’s a story of one person inside the FDA who went to hell and back to fight for what she believed was right. [AP story here]

Victoria Hampshire, who gathered side effect info on animal drugs for the FDA, fought to get Proheart 6 off the market when her numbers showed that it was linked to more than 500 deaths. But what was really alarming was the conflict of interest, shadowy tactics, and hardball politics employed by those who stood the most to benefit from the drug dollars.

Hampshire won her war when Wyeth ordered possibly the largest pet drug recall in history, but not before she took on tremendous personal losses at each battle. The 2004 saga also involves FDA’s Dr. Sundlof and other veterinary officials, who are currently embroiled in the pet food recall.

The heartwarm drug is still on sale in Canada and Europe. And may soon return to the US.

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5 Responses to “FDA Analyst Takes on Wyeth Heartworm Drug”

  1. Traci says:

    Ah yes, the same who make Premarin (abusing pregnant mares to get the pregnant mare’s urine…)

  2. Debbie says:

    It’s past time for the industry to take a fall and those entwined in the seedy scheme for profits at the expense of defensless pets should burn in hell.

  3. rintoko says:

    The ex-commissioner of FDA, Lester Crawford was a veterinarian. Google his name. You will see some interesting stuff.

  4. Sandy says:

    Bless Victoria.

  5. Donna says:

    Drug reps for proheart would come with dinner and gifts and reasons why we should “push” this great heart worm protection to the public.Our vets, rewarded vet techs for “selling” this product to clients.I asked too many negative questions to the rep.He found me a “bit” of a pain.I had negative feelings from the start as to safety for pets. I wait five years when a product hits the market,……………..then watch the problems develop.It’s, ALWAYS about profit and little concern for pet safety.Working in a vet clinic for years………….opens your eyes to many “truths”. Give me that “old time vet care”.Keep the new stuff away from my fur kids ! Battling a giant is “tough” but it is the right thing to do.Deceptive, medications and lies………..for profit is wrong. It’s time clients, turn the tables and ASK questions. Vets WORK for YOU. Owners should NEVER put blind faith into what is told to you.You sign the checks, that make YOU in charge with the “right” to have answers.Before treatments begin ! Research all treatsments before giving the “okay”.

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