FDA Announces Intention To Hold Public Meeting On Safety Of Pet Food

FDA is announcing its intention to schedule and hold a public meeting to obtain input from stakeholder groups, including, but not limited to, the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), veterinary medical associations, animal health organizations, and pet food manufacturers for the development of ingredient, processing, and labeling standards to ensure the safety of pet food. These standards were mandated by the FDA Amendments Act of 2007 (FDAAA). The date, time, and location for the public meeting will be announced in a subsequent notice that will be published in the Federal Register at a later date.

A docket has been opened at FDA to receive any comments in advance of the public meeting. Submit written comments to the Division of Dockets Management (HFA-3051, Food and Drug Administration, 5630 Fishers Lane, rm. 1061, Rockville, MD 20852.

For more information about the docket (Docket #: 2007N-0487) and how to submit electronic comments, visit the FDA Federal Register.

Note: As of today, Docket #: 2007N-0487 is not available online, but when it is posted online, people are then able to leave comments electronically.

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10 Responses to “FDA Announces Intention To Hold Public Meeting On Safety Of Pet Food”

  1. anon says:

    How come the people who pay the bills, the pet owners are so low on the totem pole of “stakeholders”?

    FDA priorities are as screwed up as might be expected.

    When the pets and the people who care for them come FIRST then the FDA will be on the right track and not until then.

  2. Pam says:

    I can only say AMEN to what Anon has written. Right on the mark!!

  3. Deb says:

    While I agree with the previous comments, it is only us that can continue to lead the fight to MAKE them change. It will be a long slow process but unless we continue to try all will remain the same. PLEASE, get involved and e-mail your suggestions to them. Join in on the class action suits that are being done. Be a voice for those who cannot speak. Thanks

  4. furmom says:

    I put exactly ZERO stock in what the FDA would come up with. What’s the point in “standards” that manufacturers don’t take seriously, don’t abide by, give excuses when “oops” how did that get in there?, don’t seem to have control of their ingredients, won’t take responsability for sick and dead pets, etc. etc. Buy locally, make your own, or seek out the few manufacturers who have some credibility still remaining. I don’t rely on the FDA and their horrible track record. Where were they last year?????

  5. judi says:

    furmom hit the nail on the head!

    I put exactly ZERO stock in what the FDA would come up with.

    The FDA is FOS!!!!!

  6. Sharon says:

    I don’t see pet owners or pets themselves listed as stakeholders at all. The ONLY thing the FDA cares about is protecting business at the expense of the American people. All the FDA is is a lobbying group for industry period. Welcome to the world of George Bush where the American people exist only to serve those who make money off of them.

  7. Cheryl Wrona says:

    Why not just make food for your pets and be done with the problem. Buy Dr Pitcairn’s(he has PHd in immunology, is a homeopathic vet and has holistic vet school) book to start to learn how to better take care of your cat and dog. Buy the book “Foods pets die for” to learn what is really in the big companies pet food. It’s really gross. Dead cats and dogs in your pets food. There is many more books. These are just really good to begin with.

  8. Valerie says:

    The only way things will change is if pet owners and breeders stop spending their hard earned money on an industry that is nothing short of criminal. The pet food industry answers to nobody! If they were producing food for people they would be in jail now!
    Well we CAN and SHOULD make them answer to us by not buying this rubbish in the first place. Oh what a sad and hard lesson we have learned! Don’t let the American people ever forget what they have done… don’t let them put all the fault on China. There is more wrong with their products than the melamine fiasco! Do you realise that the problems have spread to overseas but we can’t fill out the complaint form because we do not live in USA. All of you join the class action and think of us who have no chance of being recognised as victims too.

  9. SMITH111 says:

    After almost a year (really longer than that) I am still so disgusted with the pet food industry. I lost two of my best friends to tainted pet foods plus my new cat throws up dry food all the time. I’ve tried numerous both better and lower quality brand pet foods. I believe this situation has not gotten much better than a year ago. Sad to say. I am completely disgusted with our legislators.

  10. gail calhoun says:

    recently read in my local paper the food and drug claimed melamine levels were so low in infants formula sold in the u.s. it should be considered safe, and was passed in inspections. Naturally moms everywhere said “WHAT!” and almost immediately people went to work. New safety levels of melamine contamination are now in place.I do not know at this time what new level of this poison the FDA considers safe.This was a eye opening read and discovery for me. When the FDA says there is no melamine in your food,or your child’s- and certainly your dog or cat- (and to so many of us, myself included, we are really talking about our children)what the FDA is really saying is the levels are low–safe by the standard in place at the time. It doesn’t mean there isn’t any melamine in the food.Last year when the poisonings were the discovery process for this additive, and it was removed, I presumed from forward on, the foods manufactured should really be safe. The fact that this is not the case at all tells the story of greed.What is the new safe level for melamine in pet food? Dry or wet– I don’t want to loose my best friend in life and not be able to do squat about it so someone who wants money is richer.Can someone email to me the information I’m searching for?Thank you Gail

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