FDA Disputes Acetaminophen In Pet Food

FDA says that they could not find acetaminophen in dog food samples they tested over the last week. But the FDA may not have tested the same batches of food as the Texas lab that originally reported it.

“This case is not closed,” Donna Coneley, lab manager with ExperTox, Inc. told ConsumerAffairs. “They’re (FDA) still requesting samples and data from us. We’ve talked to them three times today. I don’t see by any means that this is over. If it was over and done with, why would they bother spending so much time with us on the phone and arranging for samples to be released?”

ExperTox is looking to build a cooperative relationship with the FDA. Coneley believes there may have been pressure to move beyond the pet food recall on the FDA.

Meanwhile, as we have reported before, the Pet Food Institute continues to express doubt from “experts” about the lab without naming any sources.

Coneley says:

“To me, it sounds like they’re talking about imaginary experts. The (scientists at the) FDA are the only people we’ve been talking to about our findings.”

Meanwhile, the FDA has not yet announced its finding regarding positive cyanuric acid and melamine results from ExperTox.

[Source: ConsumerAffairs.com]

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33 Responses to “FDA Disputes Acetaminophen In Pet Food”

  1. Ann H says:

    I had a complete & total meltdown when I read that.

    Maybe the Chinese would be so kind as to do a peer-review of the FDA risk assessment and test our pet foods and tell us what is killing/sickening our cats..

    FDA makes China look good.

  2. mittens says:

    it just gives me a headache- perhaps i should just eat a can of dog food and call it a night…

  3. High Note says:

    I simply do not understand it all! Why is it the FDA does not take a labs word for this? I would not think they would lie about a test! They were getting paid for it! Of course they need to test samples from the same code numbers and not get a bag from the maunfacturer if they are going to test it again. ARE they nuts! No matter whether their testing is different than another lab they found tainted stuff in theirs so they must do the right type of test. After all it is not going to show up unless it is in there in the first place. No wonder the FDA is so slow at everything they do and pets get sick because of it and us pet parents pay more vet bills. No loss to the FDA just us.

  4. chris says:

    Here is the entire article from Consumer Affairs.


    Here is Consumer Affairs / Consumer Complaints.


  5. JanC says:

    I read an article earlier today about this…..not even sure now where I found it…..it may be the same one that somebody just posted a link to at consumer affairs…..it said the FDA was being pressured to make a public statement about the latest findings……chances are it was our friends (sarcasm of course) at PFI pressuring them & naturally, they wanted the word out that these findings were bogus. After all, these people have to think about their million dollar bonuses & not anger the PF companies. I can’t even imagine a coverup of this magnitude where these companies that make all these “wholesome” foods (more sarcasm) for the well-being of our animals would allow intentional poisoning of these same animals. How can these people live with themselves?

    It might also be in the above links at cons affairs where I read post after post of people with sick or dead pets ranting about certain pet foods. I sent the link to one of the PF companies that was mentioned the most along with a note that I hope they would take the time to read these posts & to have a nice day. Maybe I should do that with the others that were mentioned over & over. Very depressing to read all those posts.

    Will this ever end? On the positive side, no recalls for a while now…..but maybe there should have been!!!!!!!!

  6. menusux says:

    Here’s the link for the updated Consumer Affairs story:


    FDA Disputes Pet Food Pain Killer Findings
    ConsumerAffairs.com June 15, 2007

    Here’s the link for ExperTox and the following from their home page:

    “ExperTox is a certified federal small business contractor”


    “FDEA (Federal Drug Enforcement Agency)”

    “Dept Health & Human Services (Clinical Lab Improvement Act)”
    BTW–FDA itself is a branch of Health & Human Services–HHS so they ARE accredited by HHS.

    We have links for the PFI expert on Itchmo here:



    You’ll see his remarks were totally opposite to PFI’s prior to his joining their commission.

    “To me, it sounds like they’re talking about imaginary experts. The (scientists at the) FDA are the only people we’ve been talking to about our findings.”

    He’s not imaginary, but he’s not found on record as nodding in agreement with what Gallagher came up with. Give up the Mr. Cool toothpaste, you guys–dementia has progressed to delusional.

  7. Purina Puke says:

    JanC I was reading those posts but I had to stop. It just made me feel sick to see SO many posts and most of them were of pets dead. I wanted to cry.

  8. menusux says:

    Thinking more here–if the Texas expert was willing to go on record with what Gallagher says he said, PFI would have busted their inept butts to get a press release out quoting the Texas expert.

    They didn’t, so this says there’s some reason he didn’t agree to do that for a press release.

    Maybe when you wear a PFI hat, you get secret messages from Elvis too.


  9. Trudy Jackson says:

    Mittens, Thomas, and Menusux, I just wrote over at -Friday update recalls.
    These things are making Me sick. this whole thing is so corrupt.
    Menusux I think this is Yours?
    If I don’t get it right, will you post it again? I couldn’t believe what i was reading.

  10. 5CatMom says:

    A few days ago someone (sorry I don’t remember who) posted a comment saying that the FDA couldn’t find acetaminophen in a bottle of Tylenol.

    I Couldn’t agree more.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  11. menusux says:

    Not mine, Trudy, but here’s the URL for it:


    And here are some others we know:





  12. Trudy Jackson says:

    Menusux, thanks, I feel like these are so important. And I’m feeling worse by the minute. Please read them everyone.

  13. mittens says:

    trudy that was me with the list of monsanto’s highly placed government buddies at politicalfriendster.

    i was trying to find out how much money monsanto actually spent at government agencies legally( drug companies have to pay fees to the fda etc in order for their drugs, medical devices, agricultural products to go through the process of approval for use. it does not include their kickbacks to employees of said agencies before and after they leave government service.) up popped a list of their alleged political connections. i still can’t find the fees they pay-it has to be public knowledge-i’l keep trying.

    even patron saint of the environment al gore has connections to monsanto.

    pretty much the fda ain’t gonna do squat to get to the bottem of this-it’s up to us.

  14. mittens says:


    government officials and anyone doing research and testing in the biosciences ring around the agribusiness rosey.

  15. Debra says:

    Another beef recall:

  16. Trudy Jackson says:

    Mittens, Sorry I didn’t know it was you. but it scared the heck out of Me. glad you found it. Now, how in the world do we fight people in those positions, and so many of them?
    No, the FDA is just gone. And i’m still waiting for more recalls.
    I think i’m feeling like it’s useless. But I will keep fighting right along with all of you.

  17. JanC says:

    Purina Puke: (BTW, love your name….you & menusux should get a prize for your names)

    The posts on that page alone are probably more than 16 dead animals…..I was too busy reading & getting more & more upset to count…..perhaps that link should be sent to all these jerkfaces that are still using that gross 16 dead figure.

  18. Trudy Jackson says:

    I forgot to mention- My daughter had bought some blue bonnet margerine [before all this] and it tasted just like clorox. she said She’d never buy it again.

  19. thomas says:

    trudy, Mittens And Menusux those sites carry a lot of information. Very, very scary!!! Trudy i will not quit either. I have some info on whose been funding these politicians I’ll try to get it on the web Sat.

    It seemd that the state farm b’s are aligned with agriculture universities. One of the things I have also seen from attending various town and etc meetings in my community is that many farmers sit on these boards and really push the right to farm law.
    The right to farm law and some of the farm organization are pushing for legislation that takes away our right to know or to choose. There is currently a proposed law in my state that would allow people to know what milk is treated with growth hormones , the farm bureau opposes our right to know.

    I have sat in meetings where farm bureau members have stated that the DEC is their friend . Dec is our states version of EPA.

    I think I’ll go buy what ever seeds I can that are not Gm. One of the seed companys had made a seed called the terminator that would not grow plants that people could keep the seeds from to grow new plants. The reason they did this was they did not want to loose money from farmers having seeds they did not purchase.

  20. menusux says:

    This is a good site to look up who gave what to which candidates. It’s been re-vamped a lot since the last time I used it. You can look up things like the food industry, corporations by name, who’s doing the lobbying and for what, and even “soft money” contributions by both individuals and companies/organizations.


    I see they now charge for certain information, but think most of what would be wanted here would be free.

  21. mittens says:

    this describes monsanto, the fda, a vet who worked in research for the fda . i take it we can feely apply the atmosphere at the fda for the events described( starting early 1990s, clinton administration- so again we see how bipartisan our elected officials are about letting big business yank our chains and perhaps kill our pets while lining their pockets and campaigns with agriscience and drug moola) to the fda now as it flubs it’s way through the pet food scandal.

    the fda is basically a promoter of the comapnies it is suppose to regulate. it is because of this we are in the sad situation of having killer products on the nation’s shelves and the regulators kissing corporate a@@ at the expense of our health and our pets lives.


  22. JJ says:

    Sure sounds like pet food sales are way, way down if the FDA is saying it could not find anything that Expertox had found. Someone is standing hard on the FDA’s neck to get it to dis-respect the other lab and hope that people will believe it is the be all and end all of testing places - what a joke! Everytime they open their mouths (FDA, PFI, etc) they do so much damage that it keeps people alert and on their toes. So as usual we will continue to not buy their lies nor the un-recalled food still on the shelves.

  23. MarySmith says:

    I just finished reading the web page linked below and WOW!! everyone needs to read it.

    It is a summary of a book, however, the page itself gives lots of information.

    I am not afliated with the book, website or Jeffrey M. Smith. I found the site through Yahoo Search engine.

    Seeds of Deception
    By Jeffrey M. Smith
    A 10-Page Summary


    “The message was part of a master plan that had been crafted by
    corporations determined to control the world’s food supply. This
    was made clear at a biotech industry conference in January 1999,
    where a representative from Arthur Anderson Consulting Group
    explained how his company had helped Monsanto create that plan.
    First, they asked Monsanto what their ideal future looked like in
    fifteen to twenty years. Monsanto executives described a world
    with 100 percent of all commercial seeds genetically modified
    and patented. Anderson Consulting then worked backwards from
    that goal, and developed the strategy and tactics to achieve it. They
    presented Monsanto with the steps and procedures needed to
    obtain a place of industry dominance in a world in which natural
    seeds were virtually extinct.”

  24. MarySmith says:

    Here is the home page:

  25. MarySmith says:

    Here is another site with lots of information.


  26. Purina Puke says:

    Glad you like my screen name JanC Whiskers inspired it since the Purina food made her do just that, puke.

    I keep hearing about Menu Foods prices going down. What abouit Purina? Are their prices going down as well?

    Earlier today I saw a Beneful commercial and actually changed the channel in disgust.

  27. Itchmo: News, humor and product reviews for cats, dogs and pet owners. » Recall Update: Saturday says:

    […] certain it’s a life-or-death issue for pet owners. The FDA disputes ExperTox’s acetaminophen findings, and the PFI goes on the offensive. But, consumers are clearly concerned with their pet […]

  28. Cynthia (cynthiak23) says:

    And, we all know who the FDA works for…

    The Secret FDA Agenda – Government Against the People
    The FDA is a puppet organization. Its management is a revolving door with Big Pharma, Big Biotech, and Big Agriculture. The behavior of its management team, set by its current leader Andrew von Eschenbach – but fully entrenched in its long and ugly history, is one of acting as a police-force bully to forward the profits of those with money and stamp out all competition (under the false guise of consumer protection). The FDA management fully believes it is above any law that is in its way or any attempt at Congressional oversight. It gives lip service to its safety mission. It is a cult unto itself.

    Read more…

  29. Elaine says:

    MarySmith Says:

    June 16th, 2007 at 2:07 am
    Here is another site with lots of information.


    Good website, Mary! I could get lost in it for days looking things up.

  30. Terri says:

    From the Organic Consumers Association…. ” How the FDA is Becoming a Drug Company”


  31. mittens says:

    Monsanto is one of the largest producers of seed in the entire world. they have sued many farmers , claiming they cross pollunated their branded seed products. generally monsanto in US courts wins and the farmers go to jail and pay fines in the millions of dollars.


    and here we have big pet food companies apparently nickle and diming people whoes pets they sickened or killed.

    the power they have in a democracy is frightening beyond words. if their or some other agri-biotech concern is anyhow involved in the contamination of the grain products in pet food it could be that nothing will ever be done about it. they’re that powerful.

    you thought you know who God was well, think again. god is a multinational corporation that apparently runs our government and network of law enforcements.

  32. YaYa says:

    It’s early and I don’t have my reading eyes adjusted yet :-P so haven’t had a chance to read the links and Monsanto things yet but; if it’s not in any of the article etc. Plug in the words: Cremate Monsanto, into any search engine.

    I thnk mittens said it best. Yep if we think we knew who God was, well that’s changed. It’s things like conglomerate-international-worldwide-one world-multinational, just like Monsanto. Or Nestles.
    {those are just 2 and in the *Food/Pharma/Agri* biz}

    Who woulda thunk it, a little cocoa company would be one of the ones to TRY to rule the World some day?

    Here’s another word to plug in: lactaferin {I think I’m spelling it right}.

    We don’t need Horror in the Movies; we’re Livin’ it everyday now.
    And I think it’s just bit Us in the A@@ big time recently.

  33. Captn' Carl says:

    If you are ever in the unfortunate position to hear the statement “We’re from the Government and we’re here to help”

    Run for you life.

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