FDA Investigating Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips In Dogs’ Deaths


Kate Collins is not the only pet owner that claims a dog died from eating Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips bought from a Wal-Mart.

Sherri Shelton, an Indiana pet owner, had to put her 7-year-old dog down after she ate Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips last month. (Shelton actually contacted Itchmo about the article and her situation.)

Shelton’s dog, Sheba, started acting strangely after a visit to the veterinarian in early July. Just a few days after seeing the veterinarian, this soft-coated wheaten terrier became violently ill.

Shelton said that Sheba’s blood work was completely normal and fine when she had her last check-up at the veterinarian.

On July 24, Shelton took her dog to an animal clinic. She was told that Sheba had kidney problems, and they gave her antibiotics and an IV. Three days later, Sheba suffered toxic renal failure, and Shelton had to make the hard decision to put her beloved dog to sleep.

Wanting to find out why her dog suddenly died, Shelton immediately thought of the two bags of Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips. This former health inspector had been feeding both Sheba, and Sheba’s puppy, two-year-old Kali, these dog treats bought at Wal-Mart.

Shelton began researching on the Internet, called Wal-Mart, and spoke to a representative at Bestro’s parent company in China. She started to believe that there was something wrong with Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips.

She also gave a sample of these dog treats to the Office of Indiana State Chemist for testing. Bob Geiger, a feed administrator with the office, said the tests were being conducted on Shelton’s sample and samples from the manufacturer.

Geiger said the investigation is ongoing and the Office of Indiana State Chemist is working closely with the Food and Drug Administration.

As of yet, there has not been a formal recall of this dog treat. Wal-Mart has pulled the products from all stores and put an electronic block on the product, so it cannot be scanned during checkout according to several reports.

Shelton has said a third party representing Bestros contacted her after Sheba’s death. The company said they would offer to settle with her for $700. The amount was based on Sheba’s life expectancy and medical expenses. The company has offered to compensate Shelton up to $2,000 for medical expenses.

Kali, Shelton’s other dog, is experiencing health problems as well. Shelton has not accepted the settlement pending Kali’s health. She wants to wait to figure out everything at once. Shelton added that her intent was not to take legal action against the company.

Shelton wants to raise public awareness about the potential risk of this product before other pets become ill from consuming it.

UPDATE: I spoke to Sherri Shelton this afternoon (August 20) about the Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips situation.

When she spoke to Wal-Mart, there has been no answer from the company of why they have not done an official recall of the product. In fact, Shelton said that when a newspaper editor called Wal-Mart’s corporate office, the representative said the company didn’t know anything about the situation involving Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips.

Today a FDA official took the remaining Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips from Shelton to perform testing on it.

Shelton said that when she spoke to the third party representing Bestros, they admitted that there was a problem with the product. They are trying to figure out how the product became contaminated, in what lot, and where it was shipped to.

She has spoken to other pet owners, including Kate Collins, that believe that Bestros Chicken Jerky Strips caused their dog’s death or illness. Shelton has spoken to other affected dog owners in Connecticut, Chicago, Illinois, and in Southern Indiana. She added that all of their stories seem to coincide.

Shelton simply wants other pet owners to know about this and wants Wal-Mart to officially recall their product.

Source: Herald Argus

59 thoughts on “FDA Investigating Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips In Dogs’ Deaths

  1. Sherri: I am so sorry to hear about Sheba. I will say a prayer for Kali.

    It’s a pretty sad state of affairs that you can’t even pick up store bought pet food or treats without putting your dog’s life on the line. It was bad enough when we couldn’t trust the food but now we can add treats to the list. Wonderful.

    Because this information has still not been made public, how many pet parents are happily feeding these poison strips to their little kids not having a clue……what is wrong with this world?

    Five months & counting……will it ever end?

  2. So many will suffer horribly and die and the pet owners will be uniformed and will not know why and those cases will go unreported. I am sure it has already happened, probably in the hundreds if not more. I may go to my local Wal-Marts (numerous ones) and pitch a fit when I find these treats on the shelves. ( I found many other recalled products still on the shelves several months ago at many various local stores including Wal-Mart) It would’nt surprise me if they call the police on me. Of course the staff always says that they have pulled all the affected products off, when they have not!

  3. Sherri, I read about you late last night on the other thread. In case you didn’t read my reply I just wanted you to know how sorry I am for you & your beautiful babies. I am praying for all of you. Know also that love is being sent your way. Again I’m so sorry we all know how bad your hurting.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss, Sherri.

    Your Sheba was very beautiful. Indeed my dear Zola looks very like her.

    She loves the jerky treats from Kingdom Pets. Now I am worried that they are also made by the same manufacturer. It seems to me that they used to be made in LA a long time ago and I never checked to see if the place of manufacture had changed, and it is now China, too.

    Again, I am so terribly sorry for your loss….

  5. I too am sorry for your loss Sherri. I am angry too since these treats have to be tested before they will put a recall on them. If one pet dies over something then it should be recalled right away and not wait for tests till many more die. I was happy to know that Wal Mart had the good since to take them off their shelf. I only hope and pray that others have done the same. Do not buy any pet products made in China! I am sure the FDA are not checking any of them. I just hope they are checking the chemicals and the vitamins made in China that are put into our pet products. This is really scary to me. Again I am truly sorry Sherri for your loss!

  6. I hope this sad story has emphasized more than ever – do not buy any pet food made in China.

  7. So sorry about your loss. Iagree don’t buy any pet or people food from China and avoid food produced for pets in the USA if you can.

  8. Does anybody know if the Trader Joe’s version is from the same manufacturer? I’m never feeding my dog anything made in China ever again, but it would be good to get the word out to people and alert TJ if it is from the same manufacturer.

  9. Why are any of you still buying anything from wal mart. Stop going there for anything. They buy whatever they can as cheap as they can from all over the world not checking if its contaminated or not. Then you can get a bargain. Some bargain when it kills our beloved dogs. Don’t shop at wal mart and read your labels whereever you shop. don’t buy anything at this time from China.

  10. I just checked my chicken strips that I bought from a specialty pet food store and I was shocked – Mellow Mut – Chicken Breast – No Hormones, No Antibiotics, No Fillers, No Byproducts, – in small letters lower bottom of this $8.00 package MADE IN CHINA I’m taking these back!! I can’t believe that this store is selling products made in China for pets!

  11. I am so concerned about this recall! My spaniel/terrier mix of 4 1/2 years had been eating these treats for months. She loved them. Two weeks ago, she started acting sick…drinking lots of water, not eating, urinating frequently. The vet thinks she has diabetes insipidus and we are trialing her on the medicine. True, her sickness may not have anything to do with the treats, but it certainly seems suspect. I will be looking into this further.

  12. Ct dog owner,

    Have your vet do a kidney function blood test. The symptoms you describe can be indicitive of kidney trouble. My dog had the same symptoms and the diagnosis is acute renal failure based on elevated blood, urea, nitrogen and creatinine levels. I live in Trumbull, Ct and the treats were purchased at Walmart in Norwalk, Ct. Please email me if you want more info.


  13. I have even seen a can of dog food (I was going to try something different that I figured was safe) that was from one of our Specialty Pet Food Stores where I now shop for dog treats and Canidae and Felidae for our pets, as opposed to Petsmart and Petco (besides mostly cooking for the dogs) and was horrified to find (at the check out counter right before giving the cashier my debit card to purchase, a Doggie Treat (chicken jerky treat of some sort, all natural..blah blah blah) said Made in USA, and under that in tiny print said “Product of China”. I immediately had the cashier delete that purchase and take that treat and that can of dog food off my reciept. The clerk acted as if it was somewhat of a bother but TUFF!!!!!! I cannot say too many times……READ THROUGHLY all the print on anything you buy no matter where you buy it! Also just because it says something on the labeling we can no longer believe it. CT, if your dog is now sick and was eating those treats, my God! YES…IT IS THE TREATS. No matter what your vet tells you diferently.


  15. i heard this only once over the weekend, and I think the story is being blocked. The FDA is investigating organic products.

    The person reporting said, they are not what they are purported to be.

    Never heard the story again.

    Anyone have any info, this is for all foods stuffs, human and animal.


  16. Sams Club is Walmart. Sam Walton deceased. Disregard and Boycott Sams Club right along with Walmart as they are one in the same. We had a yard sale this weekend and got rid of everything we found that has been made in China. I feel better now that that stuff is gone. I will not be buying anything made in China from now on.

  17. I am sorry for your loss. My dog almost by giving him another jerkey treat product from Waggin’ Train bought from Costco. It was also imported from China. Something has to be done. I have read tons of reports about dogs dying and getting sick from these Jerky Treats all from China. Once again sorry for you loss.

  18. Our new puppy nearly died after eating the chicken Jerky from Costco. I just have to believe this chicken is coming from the same area. Of course, costco blew me off when I told them. However, our dog was very lethargic, vomiting, diarrhea approx 5 days after beginning the treats. 2 days later when released from the vet hospital, he was fine. At this time, I didn’t know it was the treats so I geve him the treats again. He began to get diarrhea and vomiting and was heading down the same path. I stopped the treats and he was better in 2 days. I’m thinking of having the treats tested since Costco didn’t give me the time of day on this. email me at tweller@ptera.net if you have any info. Todd

  19. I am very sorry for your loss and I hope that all of your good memories with your dog will help you heal.

    My yorkie became seriously ill 3 weeks ago. He began vomiting and had diarrhea. It was non-stop and while we were on the phone with the vet trying to get an appointment his bowel movements turned to straight blood. They took him right in and started an IV. They did blood work and determined it was HGE. They do not know what causes it but one of the theories is bacterial infection or toxin.

    He was at the vet in the day and we had to transfer him to an emergency clinic at night because he had to be on continuous IV fluids to bring down his PCV. He was also put on antibiotics. He came home after two days and we are VERY LUCKY we caught this early because the vet says within 24 hours it is deadly. I found out about these treats and wondered it there is any connetion. My dogs LOVE these chicken strips and I always have a few bags on hand.

    Please if your dogs start having symptoms of severe vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy take them in. There is NO time to waste.

  20. I just lost my 10 years cocker spaniel 3 weeks ago. I too fed him these treats too. I contacted our local Walmart and was told they had not received any info yet on these treat but yet they were pulled from the shelf. I also gave a copy to our vet so he may be able to save someone else’s dog.

    I just heard about it today as CNN news was talking about it on TV. I am so mad and heart broken. These companies that send their business to China and it causes harm to human or animal should have to pay a huge compensation for everyone’s losses.

    I live in Marshall Ilinois. A very small town. Who would of thought it would be my dog.

    I am sorry about your loss.

  21. On August 14th, My dog Sugar was only a 5yrs old Yorkie and she eat the Bestro chichen strips to and died of kidney failure also plus am infection not know to the two vets. It was so hard to see her vomiting and her poop was also green and yellow and then to blood. She lived only a week after I took her to the vet, They try everything to help her but we ended up putting her to sleep. I did call Wal Mart in Hutson OH and I was told they will put me on a list and that was it. But I am not going to let it sit. I have the receipt that show I purchased the deadly chicken stripes. Sugar is a part of family. She didn’t ask for this!!!! Can any one HELP. Wal Mart needs to step up and take the plame.

  22. This is all really very sad, my prayers go out to all whom have been affected. This goes to show you why buy made in China? it is not worth it at all. We need to bring our Jobs back home even if we all must work harder- things were just safer and we take pride in what we make here in the USA- my hubby and I just opened a Health Store- we only purchase from companies in the USA that make natural home grown and made organic products- not chemicals and no ingredients from China-and they stand by their products. Anyhow again this just goes to show not to purchase products in China any longer- not only are we loosing our jobs-but being made ill-I am praying for better things to come for us.

  23. No more treats for my dog! This makes me so angry! I get “kingdom pets” brand from Costco, and when I saw that it was made in china my heart sank. He has been eating these for several months every single day and I am worried that his minor stomach ailments are because of these chicken strips.

    I feel horrible for my dog and everyone who has lost a loved one to this.

  24. Lets stop feeding our beloved pets and families processed foods altogether… including quick and easy junk treats. Read those labels. unpronounceable Chemicals!
    How about opening a can of sardines for an occasional treat for our pets..and a nice sandwich for ourselves.
    Serve whole foods. Stay safe.

  25. Our situation is like Todd’s comment. We gave our weimaraner Kingdom Pets chicken jerky from Costco and she became ill with vomiting and dry heaves and had diarrhea for 5 days. We talked that the chicken jerky was the only difference in food that she had been given. I tried to email the site on the bag of chicken jerky in LA, but it wouldn’t come up, so I tried the phone # and their message box was full. Something is going on with this China made treat and I will be taking this bag back to Costco. Luckily this time, our girl seems to have recovered.

  26. We have been feeding Waggin’ Train brand chicken jerky strips from COSTCO to our two white toy poodles Barbie and Bailey.

    Well that explains it, the health problems off and on over the years after feeding them these strips. The dogs would on occasion get sick, cry to go out, be anxious, want to eat grass after feeding this product. And we would only feed them one per day – thank god only a few times a week but still! In the past they have had bloody stools, diarrhea, vomiting and the Vets could not figure it out.

    I looked on the package and its made in China. It says “Sterilized by Irradiation for Freshness & Health”

    My theory is that there is bacteria mixed in the product intermittently. God only knows what conditions these are manufactured under. Others think it has to do with the radiation process they supposedly use to supposedly kill harmful bacteria.

    One has to wonder why for decades we never saw “Chicken Jerky” sold as human food and still don’t. You would only see beef jerky on the shelves. I wonder if it is because Chicken jerky is too risky. If raw chicken doesn’t get well cooked or cooked at all during the drying process. Then suddenly “Chicken Jerky” comes along, another “product from China” being marketed as “pet treats” Something set alarm bells off in the back of my mind when I saw this, but like others I assumed “they wouldn’t be marketed and sold if not perfectly safe”.

    They don’t have to “irradiate” beef jerky during manufacture – why does “Chicken Jerky” require that extra step? Answer: Because raw chicken from an assembly line is a hazardous substance and thus all the cross contamination warnings when working with it in the kitchen.

    Something is going to have to be done about these shameful Chinese products.

    I bought a “memory foam” mouse pad, made in Taiwan (Taiwan is now part of/controlled by China, same thing) and when I opened the package the chemical fumes coming off the thing were alarming! I took it outside and if it doesn’t improve I’m taking it back.

  27. Thank you for letting us fellow pet owners know about these treats. I have a new bag in my pantry and will be returning them today to the local Walmart.

    I am very upset with Walmart. During the recall of the poison dog and cat foods earlier this year, the employees were somewhat sarcastic and amused by it at our local store. It made me so angry. I was angry about their attitudes not that they refused to take back the cat food because it was a package sold with 4 cans and one can was missing. I opened each can to dispose of them so that it could not hurt any other animals. I am so fortunate that it did not hurt my cat.

    I am grateful that your information made it to me because our toy poodles would live off these treats if we let them. One of my poodles is a very finiky eater.

    Thank you again!

  28. It seemed to me that the supermarket I use merely switched the dog food and cat food from one side of the aisle to the other during the mass poisoning earlier this year. Luckily, I was using a brand of dry cat food (Whiskas) not on the list. And my cats have never liked canned cat food, so we never buy any.

    Most pet food is basically manufacturing byproduct and offal designed to create a profit rather than pose a waste disposal cost to corporations.

  29. I am so sorry to hear about Sheba. It’s just awful that this is happening. I am currently giving my dog Bodhi the chicken jerkey strips from COSTCO. I believe the brand is Kingdom. I am not sure if this is from China but I will be checking.

  30. BE AWARE!!!!
    These treats are poison!
    My 9 year old Irish Setter Champion who never had a sick day in his life, had all of the symptoms you are all describing. He nearly died. I am now left with twice a day insulin shots for diabetes at 14 units each, twice a day pills of phenobarbital for the grand mal seizures and 150 enapril for hypertension (extreme high blood pressure). NEVER again will I buy ANY food product from China. Get your dog to the vet NOW!!! I will be suing the hell out of Costco and the moronic company that imported these poisons.!!!! PLEASE do not feed your dog any chicken jerky treats made in China (and by the way API treats are made in China and repackaged in Reno, they are no safer than the crap sold by Walmart and others.

  31. If the corporate entities were not all tied together with a plan to destroy our food sources for us and our animals, this would not happen. Our gumment should forget about killing arabs and nuke china off the face of the earth. They are the real enemy nation. No…actually our gumment is the enemy of all of us. They prove this with their inactivity when this stuff happens. I hate chinamart and I hate china. Can’t we make our own food here? What the he– is wrong with this country of overweight tv addicted fools?

  32. This makes me SOO angry!!! The first time around, I was giving my poor dog the recalled dog food. Now, this happens! I’ve been giving my pitbull, “Rufino”, Kingdom Pets Original Chicken Jerky from Costco EVERY day! Of course, when I heard about Walmart, I checked the package of chicken jerky that I had, and I wasn’t surprised to see that it’s a product of China! My dog loves these so much, that I give him at least 4 strips a day. There have been times where he seems sick and has no appetite, and he’s had diarrhea and grass in his stool every now and then. I just hate to think that I’ve been giving my poor baby poison! The thing is that practically everything we buy is from China, and I doubt that the greedy corporations that send all of the work to China will change anything.

  33. A few months ago I bought the chicken Jerky for my dog Max.I gave him 2-3 a day,he started acting very weird,would not eat anything,not even table scraps..I suspected something was in those treats that was making him sick…stopped giving them and after a few days he seemed much better…he is back to normal now,will never give Max anything from China again,hope it didnt damge his kidneys or other vital organ..

  34. I am very sorry for your lost. I have two dogs that I have been feeding chichen jerky from costco, Both the waggon train and the kingdom pets original over the last few years. This may explain there on and off symptoms of diarrhea.

  35. well my dog bill is now at the vet as we speak for kidney failure caused by these chicken jerky treats that my mom purchased at costco…i would really like some information if anybody has any. itd be very much appreciated. he was on an i.v. all day yesterday and last night.

    my email is alexcaudell@hotmail.com

  36. 6 weeks ago I started feeding my very healthy 2 yr. old little beagle Kingdom chicken jerky purchased at Costco. For the past 3 weeks we and the vet have tried to figure out why he is now ill. Elevated liver enzymes and white count. After reading about the WalMart treats I checked the bag and see that it also is made in China. The vet said that now makes sense to his symptoms, it’s poison going in to him. Nothing else made sense as he has always been healthy until we made that mistake in buying these treats.
    We are just waiting to see what the outcome is going to be, and sadly I think I know what it will be. He is not eating or drinking and just lays around with no energy.

  37. Hi Sherrie,

    We have also been a victim of these jerky treats. Our 3 year old chihuahua died a month ago. She was our baby. She began getting sick vomitting and not eating and within 4 days she died. The symptoms were almost exactly the same as other victims of this tragic situation. Please contact me back. We need to get together and figure out how to fight this company who killed our babies. If you are interested in contacting me please write back. Let’s join together!

    Thank you
    Dina Boyle

  38. Hi,

    I purchased a bag of Kingdom chicken jerky strips for my chocolate labrador. Within an hour, she was throwing up the entire contents of her stomach. I e-mailed Costco and they wrote with a generic e-mail stating that I could get a return on my money. When I returned the jerky, they said that at present there were no recalls for their chicken strips. I just wanted to give them a heads up on what happened to my dog. I think Costco may be in for big TROUBLE.. Please don’t give your pet Kingdom chicken jerky from Costco. Thank-you Donna Coley

  39. I don’t know what dog food/cat food you could buy if it didn’t come from China. Meow Mix is made in China, Fancy Feast in Thialand, etc. etc.
    Pedigree and most of Purina is made here, BUT who knows where all of the ingredients come from!
    I’ve discovered that when it says “Distributed by:” its generally made by someone else, usually overseas. I’ve also started looking for the USDA oval stating it was inspected by a USDA officer.
    Also, many countries produce outstanding products, but you have to know which ones, stay away from BSE countries. Some dog food companies have great formulas for their products, it just happens that the ingredients are coming from places where purity and the level of contanimants is such that unless the FDA, USDA or the company itself tests every batch, they only think they know what they are getting. Even US Customs which determines whether something can enter the country and how, doesn’t test any thing for anything except radioactivity and narcotics by x-ray and on top of that our newspaper said they only physically look at 2 in 100 containers, so they are relying totally on what the seller says is in the container, they don’t inspect much of anything, except probably a pot load of paper!
    It is very hard to find dog/cat food you can honestly feed your pet without it being a HUGE gamble.

  40. These same treats are being sold at K-mart. No pulling from shelves or flagging them at the register. Worse yet, the packaging says ‘Distributed by K-Mart’ and does NOT mention the chews are made in China.

  41. my lab became very ill. I was buying the bistro jerky strips, It started with her drinking and peeing and from their no eating and throwing up the vet gave her antibotics and we had her tested for everything and nothing showed up. we brought her to a veterinary surgical and diagnostic specialists and they put her through all kinds of testing also $5,000 later and still not a diagnosis. on august 11th she could not walk and had a 104 fever we had to put her down. No one can tell me why? She loved those bisteo chicken strips and now I feel even worse as I fed them to her and it’s like i killed her.

  42. I have been feeding my dog Buster the Costco Kingdom Pet Chicken Jerky for about a year. I have recently noticed that my dog has had decreased appetite and one episode diarrhea. After reading all the comments I am very worried. If anyone gets any information regarding the recall of these treats please email me. My Buster is my life.

    Thank you,


  43. My dog of 9 years also ate the Bestro strips and became gravely ill on 7/22/07. After approximately $5500 of veteran/hospitalization care, we had to euthanize our beloved dog on 8/28/07.

    I am going through the channels with Wal-mart at a very slow pace regarding the Bestro strips.

    Please let me know anything I can do!

    Sorry for everyone elses loss regarding Bestro strips.

  44. Yesterday, my vet warned me about the chicken jerky strips. I’ve been buying them from Costco for over a year. Now, I know why about 2 months ago the “tail waggin brand” disappeared, and then they put in this Kingdom brand. However, I am dismayed that they chose to protect their corporate ass and didn’t notify their customers who had stocked up on the previous brand. Unfortunately, it appears as those this new brand isn’t much better.
    It appears as though Jim Senigal from Costco will sell out his soul just like the Waltons did — and our pets will pay the price.

  45. If this tragedy offers a lesson, it’s not only to avoid “buying anything from China”, but beyond that, to be aware of EVERYTHING you buy and where it is made, no matter what country the prepackaged food/toy/item is from — especially if it is CHEAP. Costco, Walmart, and virtually all big chains make their huge profits because of (1) cheap labor (non-U.S.), (2) lack of quality control (since cheap labor is outside U.S.), (3) millions of customers who like the low prices (because of cheap labor). Both manufacturer and retailer are responsible, and consumers are indirectly (arguably less so) because we like low prices. Again, sad.

  46. My lab got into a bag of the Kingdom Pets Chicken Jerky and ate almost 1#. He started throwing up and drinking tons of water. I had heard the reports about the Walmart brand but when I went to the Kingdom Pets site, it said they were OK. STUPID ME. I should have thrown them away!!

    I took him to the vet and blood tests showed reduced kidney function. Then a urinalysis came back “not too bad.” I think we got lucky!! He puked most of the stuff up before it could be digested.

    If you have any chicken jerky…I would get rid of it!!

  47. We lost our dog Piglet 8 weeks ago. We didnt know what could have happend to her to suddenly become lathargic, not able to move, and she died hours later. She was very healthy and from one day to the next she was dead. I fed her Jerky Tenders from China for months. She loved them. I saw an article in the USA TODAY yesterday about the FDA saying that the Jerky Tenders may cause sickness or death. I couldnt believe what I was reading. Is this why my dog Piglet died suddenly ????? If this is why , why are these treats still for sale at Walmart ????

  48. Where are we on the Bestro chicken Jerky treats from China,I havent seen anything posted lately.
    Is the new Jersey case that was passed apply to all who fed their animals tainted food
    Thanks would someone reply

  49. The FDA issued a new warning about chicken jerky from China in December of 2008. You can view this warning by going to Kona’s Chips website, which is a site that sells human grade 100% USDA chicken jerky made in the USA. It’s on the home page, center/left. Also, for dogs who love chicken jerky and for a safe product, please check out:


  50. I just buried three dogs in the last three weeks…I had an autopsy done on two of them which revealed kidney failure..I had been feeding them the chicken jerky strips from costco which more recently…w/in the last few months switched to PetKingdom Chicken Jerky. The dogs started showing weakness and lassitude within a few weeks. Their symptoms were as described in the posts in this list. My vet focused on the strips because of something he read from another vet and I understand from him that a doctor at Cornell University is studying the product.

    I loved my dogs as Im sure all the owners who suffered this tragedy did. They were my best friends. Two of them…border collies…grew up on my ranch here in the Texas Hill Country and helped raise my four children. All three were wonderful animals. Ive noted that all the posts on this list are from 2007…WHY are they still selling these things? Does anyone have current information. Is there a site where warnings are being issued? Whats happening with the FDA?

    If you have current information please share with me. Bob Galvan bobgalvan@yahoo.com

  51. Caleb, a Gordon setter came into our lives exactly on my Birthday in August 2008. He was 2 months old.
    On September 18th 2009 he became violently ill, threw up several times lost his appetite completely and didn’t want to drink. We took him to the Hospital. They took a test and found out his kidneys did not function anymore. The reason: food poisoning. Within two days he went from 70 to 62 lbs, he lost 8lbs in 2 days!There was nothing left to save him and he had to be put to sleep. The only treat we gave him during the passed year were little round pellets, dried chicken. When he grew bigger over the next months I gave him the larger dried chicken strips/jerkies made in CHINA also, without realizing or even knowing how fatal these were. Had I known about these strips it could have certainly prevented him from dying. I am very sorry we found this Website just too late!
    We were in total shock, Caleb did not deserve to die so young, just 14 months old. We miss him dearly.
    As for now all the leading Pet Food Stores are still carrying these horrible strips!

  52. Hi Bob Galvan I have emailed you. Post on here if you don’t receive it. If you do your reply would be appreciated. Thank you
    Tania Cummings
    Sydney Australia

  53. I just ran into problems with my 3yo corgi. I had no idea the treats were tainted (from a coworker). My bad, I later noticed they were made in China and expired in mid 2008. I threw them out after he vomited (my 2nd mistake).

    We have isolated the problem to these treats (it only took 2). He has experienced vomiting then massive water consumption for 2 weeks, it has since tapered but blood levels for BUN/Creatine are high-normal. Ultra sound shows inflamed kidneys. There is sugar in the urine. All other blood/urine tests OK. Lepto is neg, urine culture neg, wbc and rbc is normal.

    Going to have a follow up and praying that the kidneys will still have some function going forward.

    I encourage people to use only US made treats. Going to be using Flint river for his food as well….

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