FDA Investigating Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips In Dogs’ Deaths


Kate Collins is not the only pet owner that claims a dog died from eating Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips bought from a Wal-Mart.

Sherri Shelton, an Indiana pet owner, had to put her 7-year-old dog down after she ate Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips last month. (Shelton actually contacted Itchmo about the article and her situation.)

Shelton’s dog, Sheba, started acting strangely after a visit to the veterinarian in early July. Just a few days after seeing the veterinarian, this soft-coated wheaten terrier became violently ill.

Shelton said that Sheba’s blood work was completely normal and fine when she had her last check-up at the veterinarian.

On July 24, Shelton took her dog to an animal clinic. She was told that Sheba had kidney problems, and they gave her antibiotics and an IV. Three days later, Sheba suffered toxic renal failure, and Shelton had to make the hard decision to put her beloved dog to sleep.

Wanting to find out why her dog suddenly died, Shelton immediately thought of the two bags of Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips. This former health inspector had been feeding both Sheba, and Sheba’s puppy, two-year-old Kali, these dog treats bought at Wal-Mart.

Shelton began researching on the Internet, called Wal-Mart, and spoke to a representative at Bestro’s parent company in China. She started to believe that there was something wrong with Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips.

She also gave a sample of these dog treats to the Office of Indiana State Chemist for testing. Bob Geiger, a feed administrator with the office, said the tests were being conducted on Shelton’s sample and samples from the manufacturer.

Geiger said the investigation is ongoing and the Office of Indiana State Chemist is working closely with the Food and Drug Administration.

As of yet, there has not been a formal recall of this dog treat. Wal-Mart has pulled the products from all stores and put an electronic block on the product, so it cannot be scanned during checkout according to several reports.

Shelton has said a third party representing Bestros contacted her after Sheba’s death. The company said they would offer to settle with her for $700. The amount was based on Sheba’s life expectancy and medical expenses. The company has offered to compensate Shelton up to $2,000 for medical expenses.

Kali, Shelton’s other dog, is experiencing health problems as well. Shelton has not accepted the settlement pending Kali’s health. She wants to wait to figure out everything at once. Shelton added that her intent was not to take legal action against the company.

Shelton wants to raise public awareness about the potential risk of this product before other pets become ill from consuming it.

UPDATE: I spoke to Sherri Shelton this afternoon (August 20) about the Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips situation.

When she spoke to Wal-Mart, there has been no answer from the company of why they have not done an official recall of the product. In fact, Shelton said that when a newspaper editor called Wal-Mart’s corporate office, the representative said the company didn’t know anything about the situation involving Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips.

Today a FDA official took the remaining Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips from Shelton to perform testing on it.

Shelton said that when she spoke to the third party representing Bestros, they admitted that there was a problem with the product. They are trying to figure out how the product became contaminated, in what lot, and where it was shipped to.

She has spoken to other pet owners, including Kate Collins, that believe that Bestros Chicken Jerky Strips caused their dog’s death or illness. Shelton has spoken to other affected dog owners in Connecticut, Chicago, Illinois, and in Southern Indiana. She added that all of their stories seem to coincide.

Shelton simply wants other pet owners to know about this and wants Wal-Mart to officially recall their product.

Source: Herald Argus

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  1. Wal-Mart recalls dog treats says:

    […] A Philadelphia television station reported last week that a 2-year old Chihuahua died after eating Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips. The station reported that an autopsy found the dog died of an infection caused by toxic bacteria. […]

  2. renal failure in dogs says:

    […] Chicken Jerky Strips In Dogs?? DeathsMore pet food from China suspected in canine renal failurehttp://www.itchmo.com/fda-investigating-bestro-chicken-jerky-strips-in-dogs-deaths-2350Canine Kidney DiseaseConsequently, dogs with chronic renal failure drink lots of water polydypsia to […]

  3. Louise says:

    Where are we on the Bestro chicken Jerky treats from China,I havent seen anything posted lately.
    Is the new Jersey case that was passed apply to all who fed their animals tainted food
    Thanks would someone reply

  4. Cynthia says:

    The FDA issued a new warning about chicken jerky from China in December of 2008. You can view this warning by going to Kona’s Chips website, which is a site that sells human grade 100% USDA chicken jerky made in the USA. It’s on the home page, center/left. Also, for dogs who love chicken jerky and for a safe product, please check out:


  5. Bob Galvan says:

    I just buried three dogs in the last three weeks…I had an autopsy done on two of them which revealed kidney failure..I had been feeding them the chicken jerky strips from costco which more recently…w/in the last few months switched to PetKingdom Chicken Jerky. The dogs started showing weakness and lassitude within a few weeks. Their symptoms were as described in the posts in this list. My vet focused on the strips because of something he read from another vet and I understand from him that a doctor at Cornell University is studying the product.

    I loved my dogs as Im sure all the owners who suffered this tragedy did. They were my best friends. Two of them…border collies…grew up on my ranch here in the Texas Hill Country and helped raise my four children. All three were wonderful animals. Ive noted that all the posts on this list are from 2007…WHY are they still selling these things? Does anyone have current information. Is there a site where warnings are being issued? Whats happening with the FDA?

    If you have current information please share with me. Bob Galvan bobgalvan@yahoo.com

  6. Rene Ninaber says:

    Caleb, a Gordon setter came into our lives exactly on my Birthday in August 2008. He was 2 months old.
    On September 18th 2009 he became violently ill, threw up several times lost his appetite completely and didn’t want to drink. We took him to the Hospital. They took a test and found out his kidneys did not function anymore. The reason: food poisoning. Within two days he went from 70 to 62 lbs, he lost 8lbs in 2 days!There was nothing left to save him and he had to be put to sleep. The only treat we gave him during the passed year were little round pellets, dried chicken. When he grew bigger over the next months I gave him the larger dried chicken strips/jerkies made in CHINA also, without realizing or even knowing how fatal these were. Had I known about these strips it could have certainly prevented him from dying. I am very sorry we found this Website just too late!
    We were in total shock, Caleb did not deserve to die so young, just 14 months old. We miss him dearly.
    As for now all the leading Pet Food Stores are still carrying these horrible strips!

  7. Itchmo Community says:

    I am so sorry for all of your losses. Please visit our forums at http://itchmoforums.com/. We have several discussion topics on problems with various jerky treats from China.

    This blog is currently inactive.

  8. Tania Cummings says:

    Hi Bob Galvan I have emailed you. Post on here if you don’t receive it. If you do your reply would be appreciated. Thank you
    Tania Cummings
    Sydney Australia

  9. jason says:

    I just ran into problems with my 3yo corgi. I had no idea the treats were tainted (from a coworker). My bad, I later noticed they were made in China and expired in mid 2008. I threw them out after he vomited (my 2nd mistake).

    We have isolated the problem to these treats (it only took 2). He has experienced vomiting then massive water consumption for 2 weeks, it has since tapered but blood levels for BUN/Creatine are high-normal. Ultra sound shows inflamed kidneys. There is sugar in the urine. All other blood/urine tests OK. Lepto is neg, urine culture neg, wbc and rbc is normal.

    Going to have a follow up and praying that the kidneys will still have some function going forward.

    I encourage people to use only US made treats. Going to be using Flint river for his food as well….

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