FDA: Pet Food is Safe, Just Days After More Recalls

FDA’s newly appointed “food safety czar” says that our imported food supply is safe, just days after the latest round of recall expansions. This is the third time the FDA has announced that the pet food supply is safe to eat.

Acheson said the search for the pet food contaminant is “virtually closed” and investigators have a “very good handle” on its distribution. Government officials say the threat to humans is extremely low.

The last 2 times the FDA called the pet food supply safe to eat, they were followed by more recalls. Currently, 20 million chickens that have eaten tainted pet food are under quarantine by the USDA.

Also, it is unlikely that a CDC-like system for collecting pet illnesses or deaths will be run by the FDA.

Acheson said the FDA wasn’t planning to establish a database for collecting reports of injuries to pets, a demand of pet owners that Acheson said veterinarians are considering.

Acheson also believes increasing inspections will not solve the problem due to the vast amounts of imported foods and the manpower required to inspect all of them.

P.S. Overnight, Iams has also removed recall information from their US homepage.

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  1. ~Martha~ says:

    Virtually closed???! Huh???

  2. pat says:

    Well, I guess that Baltimore Sun article pretty much says it all. If anybody thought for a nanosecond that the “food czar” would be a positive step in addressing the appalling lack of food safety in this country, this interview should clear up that notion.

    So everybody get back to consuming and making the corporate shareholders rich. That’s what you’re here for, so just bury your pets and get on with it. And please buy more health insurance so you can pay for the diseases you contract from exposure to all this “safe” foodstuff. We need to make insurance companies rich too!

  3. Debbie4747 says:

    Well, as I said somewhere before, FDA must stand for “F*** Da Animals”. You have got to be kidding with this article. Closed? Didn’t we already establish that some of the pet food is coming up contaminated without having the usual suspect ingredients? Isn’t this why Russia had a revolution and turned communist because their last czar did so little for the people? Funny how they named him a czar. Just another self serving autocrat. Another paycheck with little to show for it.
    FDA said there were 3 million chickens tainted; USDA says more lie 20 million.
    This is the third time FDA says pet food is good. Right. 3 strikes and you’re out. FDA should be recalled, especially this new whack-job czar.
    And just think, he’s saying this on the onset of National Pet Week. I’m sure he’s off patting his boys on the back again for yet another job well done.

  4. Cynthia says:

    Are they NUTS! NO WAY am I going to believe this!

  5. Mandy says:

    Pet food is safe. Riiiiiiiight. Then why am I now trying to boycott it all? Which isn’t easy with a set income. But I’ll do my best. Lies, all lies.

  6. Zoe says:

    They aren’t nuts. They are liars protecting big business and big money.

  7. pat says:

    Cynthia, He’s not suggesting that you believe it. He’s simply saying what he intends to do. And that something is nothing.

  8. YaYa says:

    Mr. Acheson forgot to mention that he Lives on MARS too. It might be Safe There, but!

    He says Import foods are safe. Nothing mentioned about all of the Distrubution centers and plants and Storage plant facilities around the country, with Racks of food to the ceilings, waiting to be shipped out to ‘grocery’ stores.

    Why the heck do you think they have such LONG- Best Sell by Date or Freshness dating, on packages and cans and jars etc.?!

    They want to makes Months and months worth in advance.

    So hey, the Imports might be “ok” {wink wink}, but Nothing about what is Here and NOW!

    They don’t want a panic or shortages or big corporationshaving the headaches of dealing with a dis-trusting Public on their hands.

    ANI has capped it’s individual liabilties, but even so I think it will be HUGE.

    What do you think let’s say Heinz or Nestle {only used for examples sake as they Might use ‘thickeners’ or proteins {wink wink}}; if they wee to get socked with, if WE stay On TOPIC?!

    And hey, ‘they’ were ONLY Pets right?

    You All Forget the Hogs and Chickens and the missing Recalled foods. “We” Will.

    Yeah, life on Mars is V-E-R-Y Different than HERE!

  9. ThreeBadKitties says:

    Ooh! Goodie! It’s all over! I feel soooo safe now feeding my cats now! (rolls eyes)

  10. Cynthia says:

    Your right. They don’t care if we believe it or not. The government protecting big corporations. They have only their interests at heart, not ours. This whole thing is making me so angry. If they think. for one minute. that we are going to forget this, they are in for a big surprise.

  11. Rhonda says:

    I just emailed this comment to the FDA:


    Here’s why:


    If they are killing their own people what makes you think they care about Americans? I am beyond angry! I will not knowingly buy anything from China ever again. I expect the FDA to enact some type of “Country of Origin” labeling law so that we Americans can decide for ourselves what we want to eat and from where.

    It’s bad enough that we trade with a country that treats animals so inhumanely, but they make fake baby formula and plastic bibs with lead. They have NO MORALS!

    The renowned news commentator, Mr. Chen Pokong, pointed out the nature of the trend of counterfeiting and illegal production in China, “It is the vicious hearts, more than the poisonous products, that hurt most. The low morality level in China is an inevitable product of China’s political system. After fifty years of systematic and calculated devastation, the Chinese Communist Party has completely ruined the idea of morality. Chinese political system is a system that refuses transparency and supervision, protects illegal merchandises, and spawns corruption. China now is a heaven for corruption and poisonous products. It is doubtless that things will be only worse if China’s political system remains the same.”

    Do not sugar coat this. I’m tired of the cover-ups and lack of media coverage. This is HUGE! It explains a lot as far as why cancer is on the rise globally. DO SOMETHING! OR DO YOU LACK MORALS AS WELL?


    Rhonda K. Allen
    Endangered American & Republican

  12. Debbie4747 says:

    Oh yeah, and another thing:

    “Acheson also believes increasing inspections will not solve the problem due to the vast amounts of imported foods and the manpower required to inspect all of them.”

    If they’re not going to i
    “inspect” (*snort*), then how do they determine the imports are safe? and “will not solve the *problem*”….aren’t they then admitting there is a “problem”?????? AND if there is a “problem” shouldn’t they do something about it. Sounds to me like they’re saying it’s too much for them to deal with so screw it!

    Remember that Goldie Hawn movie Protocol? At the end, after she realizes the freak show in Washington is corrupt she went public with what she knows? And her ending speech was that the government works for “the people” and that as one of the people she was going to keep her eye on them? More or less that’s what we’re doing but if the FDA can just close this, how are they serving us…the peope…ya know …OUR tax dollars hard at work for us????

    They can live with the threat to humans as being very low? Not to mention what it’s been doing to our pets?

  13. susanUnPC says:

    He’s simply doing George Bush’s bidding to undo federal regulatory agencies and allow big business free rein.


    And Iams. Well, if anyone still buys Iams, which is made by Procter & Gamble and loaded with low-grade protein from cheap grains, I pity their pets.

  14. pat says:

    really, if they aren’t going to even attempt to protect us, why should we support the idea of giving them more money? why don’t we suggest to our representatives that they give fda a budget of zero? let the budget reflect the merit of the agency being budgeted.

  15. ally says:

    Hrmmm………gee, how coincidental the FDA announces the investigation is virtually closed right as pet food companies are asking folks to sign agreements never to sue after they receive their paltry sums of recompense?

    I’ll bet these idjits are bed hopping so much even they can’t keep track.

  16. Lynn says:

    Where’s Congresswoman DeLauro? She said she would axe the salaries of FDA officials if they didn’t ……

    Better get ready, Congresswoman, because the whole FDA needs whacking.

  17. CF says:

    I am on my way to buy some Ol’Roy…..its SAFE !!!, my as well feed it because its cheaper than the Nutro canned at the same place….remember the old Nutro commercials which showed the eyes, and feet and said “Our Food does not contain by products, only chicken you would want to eat” yet its canned at the same place….makes me feel safe, that is why I started cooking again for my guys ( well raw and cooked) , I had become lazy …not any more…they eat better than I do

  18. Lynn says:

    Here is what I want. Real simple:

    1. FDA obsoleted immediately and new org created with mission and sole objective to represent the consumers.

    2. All Chinese imports halted and sent back.

    Tell me what part of that is not understood.

  19. JanC says:

    I am as angry as all of you & then some. I sent off an email to Acheson with a copy to VonEschenbach. Won’t do much good but I feel better that I had my say. Maybe a few more ought to send off an email.


    I am a pet owner & an angry one at that. How can you possibly claim that human food or pet food is safe? You know as well as I do that that’s just not so. Are we expected to believe you just because you are the FDA Food Safety Czar? Please, give me a break.

    Who are the two pet food companies that received the first shipment of tainted rice protein concentrate & have yet to go public? We need to know who they are. And who received the second shipment of tainted RPC? Are we to assume that the FDA, in its infinite wisdom, tracked it all down & burned it? Come on, cut the public some slack. We are not idiots & we certainly have learned not to trust the word of any politician, especially those in the business of protecting large corporations. There are thousands of sick & dead animals because of your inaction & there is food still on the shelves sickening our fur kids. What are you doing about that? Protecting the company because they are huge & contribute lots of money to politicians in this administration?

    I have a wonderful idea…..let’s stop all imports from China NOW. They have shown us they don’t care what kind of contaminated crap they send us or who dies as a result of ingesting it. Who is in bed with China that this is allowed to continue?

    How about no longer paying farmers in this wonderful country of ours to NOT farm & pay them TO farm. Nothing like products of the good old USA, products that we know are not poisoning us or our fur kids.

    Where is government that’s supposed to be FOR the people? Somehow, you’ve gotten away from that.

    Please help us so that we can feel secure about the food we eat & that which is fed to our fur kids. Do you have children? Do you have pets? How do you feel about feeding them this crap from China?


    I posted this over at Pet Connection also…..I know I sound like a lunatic but I’m angry & I’m not going to take it anymore!

  20. Rollo says:

    Mission Accomplished!

  21. mal says:


    Transparency is the key to the science kingdom
    News Archives

    06/11/2006 - In the food and nutrition world, science is king. So when journals do not force scientists to fully disclose financial support and potential conflicts of interest, they are not helping anyone.


    *******A survey released in July by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), which found that one in six of the nearly 1,000 FDA scientists who responded said they had their work manipulated or suppressed in favour of industry.********

  22. Lynn says:

    I’m a little lost here. I understand that David Acheson is reporting to Dr. Murray Lumpkin, Deputy Commissioner for International and Special Programs.

    What does the OIP do? http://www.apsnet.org/members/oip/top.asp

    So tell me, how is it that the contaminated pet food is now answering to the OIP?

  23. Marcia says:

    CLOSED????????? Is this some kind of joke????? EVERYONE needs to write their own and every other senator, congressman, the FDA, USDA and that stupid joke of a czar-person Mr. A*****. We must NOT let this be swept under the rug and go away like the powers that be are hoping. One of the few things we can ALL do is write and email until they are forced to listen to us and realize we are NOT GOING AWAY!!

    Acheson, David, Ph.D. Chief Medical Officer, DHSS/FDA/CFSAN
    5100 Paint Branch Parkeay, Mail Code HFS6, Rm 2B-3, College Park, MD 20740-3835

    Colin Peterson (House Ag Committee)
    You can contact Chairman Collin Peterson and Ranking Minority Member Bob Goodlatte at the House Committee on Agriculture Phone 202-225-2171 Fax:202-225-8510

    Marcia K. Larkins, D.V.M
    FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine
    7519 Standish Place HFV-7
    Rockville, MD 20855

    Senator Richard Durbin
    309 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510

    Anderson Cooper
    c/o CNN
    One CNN Center
    Atlanta, Georgia 30303-2762

    Consumer Affairs

  24. Patricia says:

    Iams still has the recall information on their page. When you get to the main page, click on the box that says “Visit IamsPromise.com. You can feed Iams with confidence. It’s our promise to you.” All the recall info is there.

    By the way … THANK YOU for keeping us informed! :-)

  25. Marcia says:

    CLOSED???? Is this some kind of joke??? Everyone needs to write and/or email their congressmen, senators, the FDA, USDA, news media, Mr. Atcheson, and anyone else and let them know we are not going away! This situation is untenable. They are trying to sweep this under the rug and make it go away. We cannot let them. Our pets must not have died in vain. Here are a few addresses and emails. Please, everyone, be heard. Be a voice for our little ones who can’t speak for themselves.

    Acheson, David, Ph.D. Chief Medical Officer, DHSS/FDA/CFSAN
    5100 Paint Branch Parkeay, Mail Code HFS6, Rm 2B-3, College Park, MD 20740-3835

    Senator Richard Durbin
    309 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510

    Anderson Cooper
    c/o CNN
    One CNN Center
    Atlanta, Georgia 30303-2762

  26. TC says:

    ***Acheson also believes increasing inspections will not solve the problem due to the vast amounts of imported foods and the manpower required to inspect all of them.***

    Isn’t that just a priceless quote? So in a nutshell, we are right back where we began. In other words, our government, the FDA in this instance, was only inspecting 1% of ALL imports. And even with this verifiable threat to our food supplies, both pet and human, STILL intends to do the same. Because it isn’t any more pratical for them to “squander” their poor limited resources on such a VAST amount of imports.

    I got a clue for you Acheson - we can solve your problem of no manpower by stopping Chinese imports until they get their act together, and prove somewhat worthy of our dollars. You know, like the Japanese did with beef imports/mad cow USA worries? And btw, why can’t we trade more with them instead of counterfeiters like the Chinese?

    And to think the USDA is chirping on about how cool a National Animal ID system will be. They can’t even get a handle on safe meat today - case in point - 3 million chicken fed to US as guinea pigs to see if they are tainted. 20 mill more on hold. I read a lot about this, and frankly, it nothing that is achievable. That is what I thought before this fiasco, when I learned that neither the USDA nor the FDA is even remotely doing anything good for our food supply.

    With the exemptions for big agri-biz, and the apparent inability and refusal of both the FDA and USDA to check imports, all the NAIS would do is create a situation where the smaller operators (you know, the local guys we want to start using because the imports are scaring the snot out of us) are paperworked & fined to death for something that is merely feel good; big agri biz has enough exemptions so as to make the “safety” aspect an illusion, and imports from people who really need to have some damn checks and balances going on? Well, those imports can arrive on my grocery shelf unchecked, uninspected, unsafe.

    I get it all now. These people are more worried about how to create their own job security for decades to come, rather than protect my food. I don’t have a solution. Other than planting my own produce, doing local where I know the person I am buying from is not a schmuck, and butchering some of my own cows here. Until I hear about something workable from those who wish to claim that they are in charge and “on top” of this situation. Sorry for the rant in advance. I just sometimes can’t believe what I am reading.

  27. TC says:

    P.S. I have a workable solution, but the vast majority of people can’t butcher their own cow or plant the garden, and will have a hellish time trying to manage the risk out there. That is what the govt. should strive to assist us with - instead of just trying to increase their budget so that they will continue their existence.

  28. JollyCat says:


    WHO GOT THEM??????

    I WANT TO KNOW!!!!

    Until they disclose that it ain’t over at all!!!!!!

  29. straybaby says:

    “Isn’t that just a priceless quote?”

    it’s right up there with Dr Sundloff not being able to make a nutritious meal for his pets . . . .

    “The veterinary community in general is opposed to homemade diets unless you really know what you’re doing, and most people, myself included would not be able to do that.”

  30. TC says:

    straybaby - yes, that Sundlof quote was absurd. I wonder if he has ever cooked a meal in his life for himself or his family?

    He needs to go away and find a new job. Preferably one where he is NOT responsible for anything dealing with food safety. Where does the government manage to find all of these unqualified people???

  31. pat says:

    Rollo, you’re one of the few people involved in this who’s been able to make me smile. thank you.

  32. straybaby says:

    “Where does the government manage to find all of these unqualified people???’”

    haven’t a clue! it’s mind-boggling!!

  33. ally says:

    TC - please rant anytime!
    your above was most excellent!

  34. pat says:

    they are perfectly qualified to do the job for which they were hired. that job is pandering to corporate interests, which they see as interchangeable with U.S. interests.

    check this out. how much do you want to bet that after these meetings melamine will become an allowable substance? I’ll give you odds:

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is announcing the following
    public meeting: “Meeting to Present Work-in-Progress on a Method for
    Ranking Feed Contaminants According to the Relative Risks They Pose to
    Animal and Public Health; Part 2: Exposure Scoring for Feed
    Contaminants.” The topic to be discussed will present work-in-progress
    on a method for ranking animal feed contaminants by their relative
    risks to animal and human health. The relative risk posed by feed
    contaminants to animal and human health consists of two components,
    namely, health consequence scoring and exposure scoring. At a meeting
    held in September 2006, the agency presented its current thinking on
    health consequence scoring. At this public meeting, the agency will
    describe the methods it plans to use to develop animal and human
    exposure scoring for chemical, physical, and microbiological feed
    contaminants. At a subsequent public meeting, FDA will present
    information on its relative risk-ranking model and how the health
    consequence scoring and exposure scoring will be combined to determine
    the relative risks of contaminants in feed.
    Date and Time: The public meeting will be held on May 22, 2007,
    from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Location: The public meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn, 2
    Mongomery Village Ave., Gaithersburg, MD 20879.
    Contact: For general information: Zoe Gill, Center for Veterinary
    Medicine (HFV-226), Food and Drug Administration, 7519 Standish Pl.,
    Rockville, MD 20855, 240-453-6867, FAX: 240-453-6882, or e-mail:


  35. JanC says:

    Where does the gov’t manage to find all of these unqualified people?

    GW’s cronies, that’s where.

  36. Deb says:

    TC…..couldn’t agree more…..he needs a new a job far away from food. I think anything dealing withs nukes would be a real bad move for Dr Sundloff ……as well as the general public. I did hear the Postal Service is hiring!

    So we are suppose to fall for everything is just ducky, the world is a wonderful place and the food is safe???? Seems to me the Feds maybe up to those old LSD experiments again…..sounds like they are tripping to me!

  37. Cheryl says:

    It’s time to go back to the old ways. We DO have the power of our pocketbooks! Don’t buy imported goods. Learn to live with what is grown locally. It may cost more and darn’! you may have to stay away from those winter fruits because they come from somewhere else - but hey - our ancestors survived perfectly well this way. It not only is safer for us, it is better for our local economy and it will help fight global warming too. Win win situation all the way around.

  38. Lorie says:

    Well surprise Nestle-Purina got a way with murder……………………just like OJ

  39. Jacqueline Marcia Anderson says:

    Dear Marcia,

    As you suggest, we pet parents must stick together to solve this “murder mystery” of our fur babies being subjectedt to CRUEL big business practices of tampering with their basic need: healthy nutrition!!!

    Count Me In for the LONG FIGHT!!! God Bless You and Yours!!!

  40. Sylvia says:

    JanC ,
    You, nor anyone else here sounds “crazy”.
    New Food Czar = Free-for-all Trading Spinmeister

  41. Ann H says:

    Right now the tool more powerful than anything is our voices.

    Contact your senators, congresspersons, Senator Durbin, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, Congressman Collin Peterson, LouDobbs@cnn.com, anderson cooper, anybody who gets air time.

    Collin Peterson has a hearing next week. He wants the USDA to have inspections not the FDA, and is investigating the contamination.

    Fax, write, email.

    and, let them know to not let those melamine chickens get recycled back into our pet foods!!!

  42. Helen says:

    JanC: You most certainly do NOT sound like a lunatic! You would have to be a lunatic NOT to be so angry!!!

  43. Helen says:

    TC: Remember, these are the same people who told us that “because we do not know how melamine affects humans, it is safe for humans to eat” I want them to eat some still not recalled dry Nutro pet food to test that theory out.

  44. Helen says:

    Senator Durbin could not have made this any easier. Change the message provided at this link, and tell the FDA the job is NOT done. If you write your own message and change the subject line, your message will count. Mass emails exactly alike are always ignored.


  45. bw says:

    I thought this could not become more absurd and horrifying that it already is, but IT IS! “”Acheson also believes increasing inspections will not solve the problem due to the vast amounts of imported foods and the manpower required to inspect all of them.”"

    He is contradicting himself! First thd FDA pats themselves on the back because they now have the situation under control and the public need not worry, and then he says in effect that it is impossible to solve the problem because of the vastness of it, and the limited manpower!

    There must be some way to prevent them from just giving up and forgetting about it. I have no words to describe this man, well I do, but I can’t use them.

  46. Deb says:

    The Feds are just sweeping this under the carpet…..shut it up….put an end to it…..it a couple of weeks it will be forgotten. There is a reason why there was limited media coverage on this. Remember not that long ago, the media coverage on the war was censored/limited. National Security was the claim (maybe that wasn’t a bad thing). I think at this point, it’s pretty safe to say…..China produces questionable products…..we import food products from China…..our food supply may be questionable at this time??? The Feds probably don’t know how to address this or what to do about it. The best thing to do is make it go away. We all know it just maybe far worse then what we (only think) we know. It’s a big cover up.

    What really bothers me about this……the FED’s spend a lot time inspecting for counterfeit fashion goods from China. The American consumer is being ripped off……HELLO a counterfeit Dior/Armani/Fendi etc…..has yet to kill anything!!!! Maybe that dept needs a reorg into the food inspection business!!!!!!!!!

    Has anyone noticed the amount of mutations in animal births lately? MSN has a 6 legged calf posted today. Is this due to better reporting?? Or could it also be due to really icky stuff in the feed….which maybe causing mutations???? I remember mutations being chatted about in the pesticide era.

    These ‘people’ make me sick. We can’t just forget, unless of course they put something in the water supply to make us forget. I don’t those of us that are upset about this are the crazy ones…..I think the people who are not interested in this are crazy not to be! Pet food is not all that far removed from human food.

  47. T. Eric says:

    If it’s so safe the FDA needs to eat it before making such a statement. The FDA is FOC.

    I found this info on Merrick / Go Natural in case anyone is interested on a recall they had not long ago.


  48. Dee says:

    While I’m all for bombarding the bast#$@rds in government with emails and letters, I do think there is only one solution (as others have noted): STOP BUYING THEIR CRAP! STOP BUYING ANYTHING FROM CHINA. Hound all companies you buy ANY food from and insist that they tell you whether any of it comes from China, directly or indirectly. If it does, let them know you won’t be buying it anymore. If they don’t know where their ingredients come from — or won’t own up — let them know you won’t be buying their products anymore. Clearly, the FDA is, as many of you’ve noted, not being run to protect the taxpayers. The only way to get responsible business practices is to stop paying the bill for imported crap — and let them know that you’ve stopped. Then let your wallet do the talking.

  49. colin says:

    food safety should be made a huge topic for the next elections. is it nuts for us here to come up with a bunch of questions to ask these presidential hopefuls? we could start by writing to them and see what we get for a reply. anyone with me on this?

  50. colin says:

    BTW i made the choice to homecook. the change in my two dogs is absolutely amazing. i urge everyone to try it. it is easy, healthy, i am worry free FINALLY and it is not expensive.

  51. colin says:

    sorry for 3 posts in a row. i should think first and make sure i am done before i submit.

    was spending about $50 a month of dog food - natural balance. with this one customer they have lost $600+ a year :)

    NO commercial dog food maker will EVER get my money again. if i want my pets to die, i could easily do it for FREE - instead of paying for a long slow miserable death - if you catch my drift. i so wanna start screaming all kinds of nasty stuff - as i am sure you do too. however cool heads will prevail.

  52. siameezer says:

    Helen, thanks for that link to Sen. Durbin’s email form. I printed out the form letter and then summarised the main points, in my own words and order, and added a few other comments. I appreciate having it made so easy as I’m caretaker for not only a number of furkids but also my elderly mother.

  53. T. Eric says:

    Could it be that China is pissed now that Panama has FREE TRADE as well.

    Report traces tainted medicine to China
    The Associated Press
    NEW YORK — A Chinese factory was the source of a counterfeit chemical that killed dozens of people in Panama after it was used in human medications, a newspaper reported.

    The New York Times reported in its Sunday editions that records and interviews revealed the poison was first sold by Chinese companies that exported it as 99.5 percent pure glycerin. The source of the chemical was then obscured as middlemen in Spain and Panama removed the names of their suppliers from shipping documents - a practice used by distributors to ensure continued business.

    Panama’s government health agency used the substance to produce medicines, not realizing that it was diethylene glycol, a chemical cousin of antifreeze that can cause kidney and neurological damage if ingested.

    The Times said investigators in four countries identified Taixing Glycerine Factory as the maker of the poison. That company’s certificate of analysis said the shipment was 99.5 percent pure, the Times reported.

    The sale of the syrup was brokered by a unit of a state-owned business in Beijing, the article said. From there, it went to a distributor in Barcelona, Spain, and on to a dealer in Panama.

    No one in China has been charged with causing the Panamanian deaths. An unidentified Chinese drug official told the Times that investigators tested the Taixing Glycerine Factory’s product and found it contained no glycerine. But a spokeswoman for the drug agency said the company had not broken any laws.

    Wan Qigang, the legal representative for the factory, told the Times last year that the company made only industrial-grade glycerin. But more recently it has been advertising 99.5 percent pure glycerine on the Internet, the Times said. Wan declined to answer further questions.

    Concerns about the safety of imports from China rose in the U.S. after pet food containing a Chinese ingredient was found to be tainted with another industrial chemical, melamine. The poison has killed or sickened an unknown number of dogs and cats and led to the recall of more than 100 brands of pet food.

  54. T. Eric says:

    Dee Says:

    STOP BUYING THEIR CRAP! STOP BUYING ANYTHING FROM CHINA. Hound all companies you buy ANY food from and insist that they tell you whether any of it comes from China, directly or indirectly. If it does, let them know you won’t be buying it anymore.

    God posting Dee!!!!!!

  55. T. Eric says:

    I mean GOOD POSTING DEE. My fingers are tired tonight……

  56. Kathy Thompson says:

    So I guess they think they can smokescreen with the antifreeze thing, and the melamine will just go away???? Just stick our heads back in the sand?????

    Or is it that the melamine was a false trail, and it was all due to fake glycerine?

    Either makes sense to me, but guess what?? I pulled my head out a long time ago. I don’t believe anything they say!!! Guess I’ll be up for a few hours writing letters now. Please join me, all of you!

  57. Nanci says:

    I found this a few minutes ago at:


    The very last paragraph says it all!!!

    How Two Innocuous Compounds Combined to Kill Pets

    By David Brown
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Monday, May 7, 2007; A08

    What do a dead cat in Ontario and a motel swimming pool in Phoenix have in common?

    In certain circumstances, they both contain melamine-cyanuric acid crystals.

    Scientists seeking the chemical culprits in the widening pet food scare have come across some unusual chemistry that may help them understand how two largely nontoxic compounds ended up killing an unknown number of cats and dogs.

    At the end of March, investigators detected a man-made compound called melamine in wheat gluten produced in China and sold to U.S. manufacturers as a pet food thickener. The contaminated samples contained various amounts — from 0.2 percent to 8 percent — of the chemical.

    Melamine has been used for decades in manufacturing. In its chainlike “polymerized” form, it is used to make dishes, flame-retardant fibers and industrial coatings.

    Also found in the gluten in smaller concentrations was cyanuric acid. The man-made chemical is used to stabilize chlorine in outdoor swimming pools, especially in regions such as the American Southwest where the sun’s rays are quick to dissipate that disinfectant. Two other compounds, ammeline and ammelide, were present in even smaller amounts.

    The four compounds have similar chemical structures. One can easily be made into another with the right chemical reaction. All contain relatively large amounts of the element nitrogen. Of the 15 atoms in a molecule of melamine, six are nitrogen. It also has three atoms of carbon and six of hydrogen. Ammeline has five nitrogen atoms, ammelide has four, and cyanuric acid has three.

    All living things need nitrogen. The element is an essential ingredient of proteins, which make up most of the human body that isn’t bone or water. It is an essential ingredient of DNA as well.

    Organisms can survive for short periods on carbon, oxygen and hydrogen — sugar. But if they want to grow or reproduce, they need nitrogen. Plants can get nitrogen out of the soil or the air, but animals have a harder time. They must take in protein already made by plants or other animals. That’s what the female mosquito is seeking when she’s out for blood — a source of abundant nitrogen with which to make the protein and DNA in her eggs.

    If you add melamine to almost anything, the amount of nitrogen in the final mixture will rise simply because, gram for gram, melamine contains so much of the element. Since the food industry generally measures total “nitrogen content” and equates it with “protein content,” a few shovelfuls of melamine can appear to turn a low-protein meal into a high-protein one.

    And what’s wrong with that? Can’t the body use the nitrogen in melamine?

    Actually, it can’t.

    Melamine is an extremely small molecule, and most of it is absorbed through the intestinal tract before it is digested. It circulates in the bloodstream until it gets to the kidneys, where it slips easily into the fluid that eventually becomes urine. Melamine can also enter other organs. That is how it could have ended up in the tissue of farm animals that ate scraps of melamine-laced pet food — as apparently was the case in 2.7 million chickens and 345 pigs slaughtered and consumed in recent months.

    (Late last week, the federal government identified another 20 million chickens that had eaten tainted feed and took steps to keep them off the market.)

    As a practical matter, though, only a small amount of melamine would ever end up in Buffalo wings or pulled pork. Melamine’s chemical structure makes it water-soluble, and it doesn’t accumulate in fat. After an oral dose of melamine, more than half is out of the bloodstream and into the urine in three hours.

    The purpose of urine is to concentrate water-soluble waste products and to keep them dissolved. But water’s dissolving power has its limits. Melamine and other chemicals can reach concentrations that exceed those limits. When the water can’t hold any more, the chemical substance begins to form crystals.

    Studies done decades ago found that rats fed melamine for two years developed stones in their urine, which led to bladder cancer in some. When rats were fed in one serving a large amount of melamine — the equivalent of a 150-pound person eating a pound — about half died.

    At low doses, however, melamine is nontoxic. In fact, microcapsules and chains made of melamine have been used experimentally in animals as vehicles for delivering long-acting drugs.

    Veterinarians investigating the mysterious pet deaths realized that most of the animals died of kidney failure and had kidney stones containing melamine. Although little is known about melamine toxicity in cats and dogs, it seems unlikely, based on the rat studies, that the pets could have consumed fatal amounts of the chemical.

    Last month, however, toxicologists at the University of Guelph in Ontario detected another compound in the stones from cats suffering kidney failure — cyanuric acid. Initially, the ratio was thought to be about two parts melamine to one part cyanuric acid. More recent and more precise measurements suggest an even split.

    Ten days ago, Guelph scientists Brent Hoff and Grant Maxie combined melamine and cyanuric acid in a sample of cat urine. They produced crystals that, when examined for their chemical and physical properties, were virtually identical to the stones taken from the ill or dead cats.

    The crystals are a lattice of six molecules — three of melamine and three of cyanuric acid — held together by weak links called hydrogen bonds.

    When melamine is added to water that contains cyanuric acid, the reaction clouds the solution. It’s that reaction — and the degree of cloudiness — that tells pool maintenance workers how much cyanuric acid is in the water, and whether more is needed. When the reaction occurs in a pet’s kidneys, however, it can have altogether different and deadly effects.

    So how might a plastic and a pool chemical (and their cousins, ammeline and ammelide) have gotten into pet food?

    Nobody knows.

    But one theory is that they were leftovers from a chemical company’s production of something else. In an act of fraud that substituted cheap scrap for more expensive protein, someone put the compounds into the wheat gluten, thinking they would never be discovered and never cause a problem.

  58. menusux says:


    Here’s a link to a very detailed account of the tainted glycerin:

    “When at least 88 children died in Haiti a decade ago, F.D.A. investigators traced the poison to the Manchurian city of Dalian, but their attempts to visit the suspected manufacturer were repeatedly blocked by Chinese officials, according to internal State Department records. Permission was granted more than a year later, but by then the plant had moved and its records had been destroyed.

    “Chinese officials we contacted on this matter were all reluctant to become involved,” the American Embassy in Beijing wrote in a confidential cable. “We cannot be optimistic about our chances for success in tracking down the other possible glycerine shipments.”

    In fact, The Times found records showing that the same Chinese company implicated in the Haiti poisoning also shipped about 50 tons of counterfeit glycerin to the United States in 1995. Some of it was later resold to another American customer, Avatar Corporation, before the deception was discovered.

    “Thank God we caught it when we did,” said Phil Ternes, chief operating officer of Avatar, a Chicago-area supplier of bulk pharmaceuticals and nonmedicinal products. The F.D.A. said it was unaware of the shipment.”"

    The story goes on to detail how people get into the chemical business in China, what their “qualifications” are (in this case it was by reading a chemistry book). You’ll also see how no one really does anything about any of this in China.

    Just before we learned about melamine-tainted wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate and South Africa learned about melamine-tainted corn gluten in pet food, there was a wave of pet food problems in South Africa–these foods were tainted with ethylene glycol. Here are links to the stories:


    Pet food scare: more tests for boy

    Visser, of Shelly Beach, suspects her child may have eaten catfood that tested positive for the toxin ethylene glycol.

    Dog and cat pellets from petfood supplier Aquanutro, which also makes the Woolworths brand that Visser bought, were withdrawn after toxins were found in random batches.


    Food poisoning now killing cats

    AquaNutro Managing Director Dirk van der Linde said that extensive tests had been conducted and some products had tested positive for ethylene-glycol. He said AquaNutro had informed its distributors and other interested parties that tests were being conducted even before the substance was discovered.


    Pet food kills dozens

    The pet food maker, Aquanutro, warned last week that a small number of dog food batches had been contaminated by ethylene glycol. The substance is a type of coolant, popularly known as anti-freeze.


    Contaminated pet food fears continue

    Rick Last, a pathologist at Veterinary Diagnostix in Pietermaritzburg, said there had been at least three deaths in KZN. His laboratories had found ethylene-glycol in specimens from a dog and two cats.

    AquaNutro said it had traced the ethylene-glycol contamination back to one of the ingredients used in the manufacture of some of its pet foods.


    Anxious pet owners wait for results

    Eleven Woolworths customers have reported the deaths of their pets and are waiting for test results to confirm the presence of a contaminant, ethylene glycol, detected in the dry pet food.

    It emerged this week that a dog food producer in Malmesbury, Aquanutro, supplied the tainted food.

    Bear in mind these South African stories begin in February of this year–before the melamine contamination was known of in the corn gluten there and the wheat gluten & rice protein concentrate here.

    No idea of the ingredients AquaNutro uses in its foods, whether they are made for Woolworth’s or not–glycerin may or may not be part of them. We know the melamine-tainted corn gluten found in South Africa traces back to China, just as the wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate used in North America did. We can also see that the glycerin used in Panama and other countries also originated in the same country. We also see that there certainly WAS counterfeit glycerin shipped to the US in 1995–from the SAME company who shipped their c**p to Haiti.

    Because there are no laws in China which will, there’s only one way to stop it and that is to stop Chinese food and pharmaceutical imports across the board–unless/until China does something other than deny the truth about what’s produced in their country. We’re not safe with their products, nor is anyone else–not even their own citizens–until this happens.

    Back in the 1960’s, the big fear regarding Mainland China was whether they would use nuclear weapons against the rest of the world–I’d rather go back to the days when “the bomb” was our biggest worry.

  59. Donna says:

    Purina,has purchases a dog food plant in china.Planing to use local chinese grown products.What can I say ? God bye Purina. I will NOT be buying any of your products ! We are NOT going through this again.U.S products only. LIVES,BEFORE PROFITS !

  60. YaYa says:

    A couple of weeks ago with a few of my first posting here, I recommended Boycotting All things from China.

    I also mentioned how Much the Chinese government is banking on a “good face” for the 2008 Olympics.

    At the same time {now} they are finishing up things For the Olympics, they are Courting Tons of Corporate Business from around the World; and hoping they stick around After the Olympics.

    It’s Booming over there faster than they know {have the Knowledge} or Learned how to handle World Trade in decency. All they care about is Money.
    The weeds that sprouted out of communist China, the secrecy, back alley deals etc., Continue on.
    It’s all happened too fast.

    So many US companies are building over there and ones that we’ve know since before many here were born.

    Boycotting China methods and products is one of the Best ways to make Changes.

    So Yes, boycotting China products here is One BIG Tool. Use it.

    I am also going to write NBC network and tell them I am NOT, watching the 2008 Olympics, which will be broadcast on their network. As I feel it FEEDS this out of control China Monster. It’s giving China what it wants and not what *I* want. Honesty and Accountability. {I’m sorry for the Olympians, but that’s how it goes this time.}
    I hope we Win plenty. But I’m not watching. I’m Not feeding the advertisers who pay NBC for the broadcasting of the Olympics.

    {and I sure as heck don’t want to see those “stories” they will tell/show, of just how Great China is. It won’t be Totally true, as the Government won’t let the Negatives SHOW! How they Really treat their people. And Us through Trade.}
    {I Sure Hope, they check Our Olympians out good for “strange” contaminants while they are on Chinese soil! And isn’t that just awful to have to think that Way?}

    It’s due to the fact that, Illegal, underhanded disrespectful activites, have harmed my Beloved Pets, possibly me, and others I know, over the last couple of years. AND those to Come. That includes ALL of You too.
    There are plenty of other reasons to boycott China and it’s goods. I won’t go into them here tho.

    We’ve got about a year before the Olympics, maybe it won’t change NBC, but other folks Will, follow. I won’t be alone. But Numbers do Count.

    A Great thing I think that will put a dent into this Illegal practices is, this COOL issue. Pushing for it HARD.

    The “Country of Origins Labeling” will MAKE Countries Accountable and give US Choices. To Buy or Not.

    If you are in a store ASK where is this products Origins. If they don’t know, as them to provide the answers. If they can’t or won’t: Walk away.
    Walk away if it is China.
    {you’ll be doing plenty of walking :-D}

    On the Phone: Ask. You know the rest.

    Now on the COOL issue, I think here are several Links places to sign-up for it or whatever. One I can think of is at: The Food and Water Saftey Watch Organization. http://www.fwwatch.org

    If you know of others Post the links.

    Be creative right now and think of ways to hit China and other illegit exporter and their methods.

    Hold them Accountable.

    China needs to *Learn*, perhaps *We* can begin to Teach them?
    Rock their Boat!

    I dont know, maybe we should send Lots of Letter to the Chinese Consulate? in NY?
    And I’m talking HARDCOPY Letters. Flood them. We could send Emails Too. But hardcopy hit folks harder.

    Be brief and polite cover THE Topic and finish.
    Put it in the Mail.

    What do You All think of the *Newer* Ideas, I’ve thought of?? Opinions?

    {and as usual, I’m sorry for the typos}

  61. Ruth says:

    Boy, this is getting more and more INSANE as the days go by. On Sat. my local paper had a small article in the Business section, page 3 about the pet recalls. But Yet, front page and front section coverage of a socialite going to jail: BIG news.
    Then Sun. another article “Home Cooking Can Be Bad for Pets” about pet food recalls, saying that VETS do not recomend people making their own pet food. BAD for dogs and cats because people are getting the wrong information from the internet. And it quoted senior medical adviser to
    Banfield. But it did interview a couple of people who are feeding their pets with homemade food.

    What I really like was the part saying how “Large pet food companies usually invest time and money into researching pet nutrition and creating foods appropriate for different types of animals” quoted by a Vet.

    So what is it now, are Vets now siding with the pet food companies?? Because the pet food companies say its safe. Or is it because they (Vets) don’t want to lose their kickbacks on products they sell at their office??

    If pet food companies had done their homework or better yet not bought this stuff from China, but they were greedy wanting to make more money,people wouldn’t have to turn to homemade to save the pets they have left.

    And now the FDA czar is on board saying its all safe.( Go back to your life. Bury your pet, forget about them. Go back and eat this crap, feed it to your pets….. they will die sooner or later…….get another animal since they under the law are just property)…..all is safe because I say so….

    The man is an idiot….who is completely backing up big business….gee does this remind anyone else we know….

    And as for IAM’s they sure are spending a lot of web space doing big PR image clean up on how they treat their test animals.
    Guess they got a lot of angry customers complaining about it. So arrogant with their fact after fact….
    They did remove the recall spot but now you have to hunt for it to find out any information. So nice of them…

    It still doesn’t change how I feel about them. My little dog ate the mini chunks and she died… I will always believe it was the food even though its not on the recall list.

    Sorry for the ranting but I am just sick and tired of all this B…S… On Friday will be 2 months since I lost my pet baby dog she just wasn’t a piece of property………still grieving

  62. Sylvia says:

    Late Breaking Update Heard on BSS Live!!!

    New Food Safety CZAR urges uges caution regarding NEWLY FOUND HEALTH THREAT….

    “The public must be made aware of the dangers lurking in high bacteria counts accumulating in kitchen sponges. We recommend that they use disposable dish wipes or change sponges frequently, at least once per week!”

    (Acheson wipes brow and thinks, “Whew. That’ll get their minds off that scary melamine and diethylene glycol stuff.)

  63. pat says:

    and here comes the whitewash:


    FDA/USDA Joint News Release: Scientists Conclude Very Low Risk to Humans
    from Food Containing Melamine
    USDA Releases Some Swine and Poultry for Processing



    bon appetit

  64. Anonymous says:

    We will not purchase their petfood. We will not purchase any food product that ate their petfood.
    We will boycott imported products.
    We don’t buy, they don’t get paid.

  65. LorieVA says:

    I am personally done with all wet pet food. Even though trying to keep my cats happy without it is hard at lest I know their not being poisoned.

  66. migrainechow.com » Blog Archive » i don’t know a single sane adult says:

    […] Poisoning our pets and poisoning our people around the world. Wtf? How does this really help anyone. I can only even work as a business tactic if no one ever finds out. And people always find out. […]

  67. Ruth says:

    So whatever happened with the FDA saying it would check corn and soy proteins? Its all safe now?
    And also what about the other supplier company or companies the FDA wouldn’t name? All this kinda went by the wayside.

    Still so many unanswered questions…what about the people who have lost a pet who ate dry food that wasn’t on the recall list. These companies are keeping quite. But what about us. Are we supposed to wonder forever why our pets died? Not even my Vet would touch this issue either. I need closure.

  68. Judy says:

    It’s a sad & sorry world that we live in. We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated like puppets for too long. WHEN will everyone get fed up enough to put a stop to it? We have lost our “gumption” as my mother used to say. We have allowed it to happen & by standing together only WE can turn it around. We elect these people, for Godsakes! Can’t we DEMAND that these imports be stopped? Is it ALWAYS about money? This country used to be a proud & mighty force & dependent upon no one. Now we are no better than a third world country. And who will pay the price? WE WILL! Our precious pets will! But certainly not the business & government fat cats.

  69. Ruth says:

    Good one,Sylvia Says, we need a little relief…..lol…..

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