FDA Says 4,150 Pet Deaths Reported

Lots of tidbits from this FDA release. And finally, an acknowledgment from the FDA that more than 16 pets may be dead.

All vegetable protein from China is being detained. It includes the following: Wheat Gluten, Rice Gluten, Rice Protein, Rice Protein Concentrate, Corn Gluten, Corn Gluten Meal, Corn By-Products, Soy Protein, Soy Gluten, Proteins (includes amino acids and protein hydrosylates), Mung Bean Protein.

USA Today also reports on this news. Says “an import alert of this breadth is rare.”

Highlights below:

  • 1,950 cats and 2,200 dogs reported dead.
  • FDA does not know the scope of the problem.
  • Original source of toxins still not known.
  • Firms got around Chinese inspection by saying it wasn’t food.
  • New standards for import use established.

Full release after the jump.

(Thanks mike)


TYPE OF ALERT: Detention Without Physical Examination (Countrywide)

(Note: This import alert represents the Agency’s current guidance to FDA field
personnel regarding the manufacturer(s) and/or products(s) at issue. It does
not create or confer any rights for or on any person, and does not operate to
bind FDA or the public).

PRODUCTS: Wheat Gluten
Rice Gluten
Rice Protein
Rice Protein Concentrate
Corn Gluten
Corn Gluten Meal
Corn By-Products
Soy Protein
Soy Gluten
Proteins (includes amino acids and protein hydrosylates)
Mung Bean Protein

PRODUCT 02G[][]08 - Soy Bean Meal/Powder/Gluten/Protein Isolate
CODES: 18E[][]03 Soy Protein Powder
02F[][]08 Wheat Gluten
02E[][]06 - Wheat Flour Gluten
71M[][]01 Wheat Gluten

02D[][]12 Rice Protein
02D[][]13 Rice Gluten
71I[][]03 Rice Protein

71G[][]02 - Corn Gluten
02B[][][][] Milled Rice Products

54[][][][][]- Amino acids and protein hydrosylates

PROBLEM: Poisonous or Deleterious Substance
Unfit For Food
Unsafe Food Additive




CHARGES: “The article is subject to refusal of admission pursuant to
section 801(a)(3) in that it appears to bear or contain a
poisonous or deleterious substance, which may render it
injurious to health [Adulteration, section 402(a)(1)]”


“The article is subject to refusal of admission pursuant to
section 801(a)(3) in that it appears to bear or contain a
food additive that is unsafe within the meaning of section
409 [Adulteration, section 402(a)(2)(C)(i)]”


“The article is subject to refusal of admission pursuant
to section 801(a)(3) in that it appears to be unfit for
food [Adulteration, 402(a)(3)]”

OFFICE: Division of Import Operations and Policy, HFC-170

ALERT: In recent weeks, there has been an outbreak of cat and dog deaths
and illness associated with pet food manufactured with vegetable
proteins contaminated with melamine and melamine related
compounds. In response to this outbreak, FDA has been conducting
an aggressive and intensive investigation. Pet food manufacturers
and others have recalled dog and cat food and other suspect
products and ingredients. This has been one of the largest pet
food recalls in history, a recall that continues to expand. Thus
far, 18 firms have recalled product, 17 Class I and 1 class II,
covering over 5,300 product lines. As of April 26, 2007, FDA had
received over 17,000 consumer complaints relating to this
outbreak, and those complaints included reports of approximately
1950 deaths of cats and 2200 deaths of dogs. The Agency is
working with federal, state, and local governments, academia, and
industry to assess the extent of the outbreak, better understand
how melamine and melamine related compounds contributed to the pet
deaths and illnesses, and to determine the underlying cause of the

As of April 26, 2007, FDA had collected approximately 750 samples
of wheat gluten and products made with wheat gluten and, of those
tested thus far, 330 were positive for melamine and/or melamine
related compounds. FDA had also collected approximately 85
samples of rice protein concentrate and products made with rice
protein concentrate and, of those tested thus far, 27 were
positive for melamine and/or melamine related compounds. FDA’s
investigation has traced all of the positive samples as having
been imported from China.

Although FDA’s investigation is ongoing, the Agency has learned
the following about the outbreak and its association with
contaminated vegetable proteins from China:

1. For the vegetable proteins and finished products that have
been found to be contaminated, it is unknown who the actual
manufacturers are, how many manufacturers there are, or
where in China they may be located.

The samples of vegetable proteins that have tested positive
for the presence of melamine and melamine analogs have, thus
far, been traced to two Chinese firms, Xuzhou Anying
Biologic Technology Development Co. Ltd. and Binzhou Futian
Biology Technology Co. Ltd. Records relating to the
importation of these products indicate that these two firms
had manufactured the ingredients in question. There is
strong evidence, however, that these firms are not the
actual manufacturers. Moreover, despite many weeks of
investigation, it is still unknown who the actual
manufacturer or manufacturers of the contaminated products
imported from China are.

All of the contaminated wheat gluten has thus far been
traced to Xuzhou Anying. According to the General
Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Quarantine (AQSIQ) of the Chinese government, Xuzhou Anying
purchased its wheat gluten from 25 different manufacturers
and Xuzhou Anying may just be a supplier. Press statements
by Xuzhou Anying state that it did not manufacturer the
wheat gluten it had shipped to United States that has been
associated with the outbreak, but that it received that
wheat gluten from other sources not named in the press

Despite its investigation into the matter, FDA has been
unable to determine who, in fact, the actual manufacturer(s)

2. The source of the contamination problem is currently unknown
and FDA has been unable to isolate the scope of the problem.

Melamine is a molecule that has a number of commercial and
industrial uses. Other than a few limited authorizations
for use in food contact materials for human food, melamine
has no approved use as an ingredient in human or animal food
in the United States. FDA is continuing its investigation
into how the melamine and melamine related compounds may
have gotten into the vegetable protein, and has asked the
Chinese government to help with this investigation.

In addition, FDA does not know how widespread the problem in
China might be. For example, FDA does not know which
regions of the country may or may not be impacted by the
problem, which firms are the major manufacturers and
exporters of vegetable proteins to the United States, where
these vegetable proteins are grown in China, and what
controls are currently in place to prevent against

According to the Chinese government, Xuzhou Anying did not
declare the contaminated wheat gluten it shipped to the
United States as a raw material for feed or food. Rather,
according to the Chinese government, it was declared to them
as non-food product, meaning that it was not subject to
mandatory inspection by the Chinese government. In
addition, in a communication to the U.S. government, the
Chinese government has requested that FDA either request or
require that U.S. importers of plant protein products insist
on AQSIQ certification, based on AQSIQ testing, as part of
the import contract. According to a media report, China’s
Foreign Ministry issued a statement that the contaminated
vegetable protein managed to get past Chinese customs
without inspection because it had not been declared for use
in pet food. The news report said the contamination problem
has prompted China to step up inspections of plant-based
proteins and to list melamine as a banned substance for food
exports and domestic sales.

This information indicates that there are manufacturing
control issues that cannot be linked to specific sources in
China, but instead require country-wide monitoring.

3. On April 17, 2007, pet food manufacturers in South Africa
recalled dry cat and dog food due to formulation with a
contaminated corn gluten, a vegetable protein. FDA has
learned that the corn gluten was contaminated with melamine
and that the corn gluten had been imported from a third-
party supplier in China. According to news reports, the
contaminated pet food has been linked to the deaths of
approximately 30 dogs in South Africa.

GUIDANCE: Districts may detain without physical examination, all Vegetable
protein products from China.

Appropriate screening criteria have been set.

For questions or issues concerning science, science
policy, sample collection, analysis, preparation, or
analytical methodology, contact Mr. Thomas Savage, Division of
Field Science, at 301-827-1026.

If a firm, shipper or importer believes that their product
should not be subject to detention under this import
alert they should forward information supporting their
position to FDA at the following address:

Food and Drug Administration
Division of Import Operations and Policy (HFC-170)
5600 Fishers Lane, Room 12-36
Rockville, MD 20587

In order to adequately assess whether a manufacturer has the
appropriate controls and processes in place to ensure the quality
of the product being produced, the firm or shipper must provide
the following information:
1. Documentation showing that a minimum of five (5)
consecutive entries have been released by FDA based on
third party laboratory analyses using FDA recommended
methods and that all shipments did not contain the
presence of melamine and/or melamine analogs.


2. Certificate, such as from AQSIQ, indicating that an
inspection of the manufacturer was conducted and
adequate controls are in place. Information should
also include:

a. Copy of the inspectional reports and compliance
status of the manufacturer.

b. If products were sampled during the course of the
inspection, test results indicating that the
products are free of melamine and/or melamine

All requests for removal (exemption) from DWPE will be forwarded
by DIOP to CVM (HFV-230) or CFSAN (HFS-606) for
evaluation depending on the intended final use in animal
or human food.


FOI: No purging required

KEYWORDS: Feed, pet food, human food, melamine, gluten, protein,
concentrate, rice, wheat, corn, soy, mung bean

PREPARED BY: Cathie Marshall, CVM, HFV-232, 240-276-9217
Salvatore Evola, CFSAN, HFS-606- 302-436-2164
Linda Wisniowski, DIOP, HFC-172, 301-443-6553

INTO FIARS: April 27, 2007

Firms and products exempt from detention without physical examination

(Currently there are no firms listed in the attachment)

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  1. Cynthia says:

    This situation is getting worse and there doesn’t seem to be an end in site.

    I feel that the only way you can protect your pets and yourself is to buy 100% organic and make your own pet food.

    Don’t allow yourself to be brainwashed by pet food manufactures, the media and veterinarians who sell pet food into believing that you can’t provide your pet with the nutrients it needs.

    If you have health problems that prevent you from making your own pet food, there is one brand that appears to be a safe choice, Check out Evangers pet food… http://www.evangersdogfood.com.....sion1.html

    Evangers is a small company that has their own plant. They use human USDA grade food that you can actually eat! The suppliments they use is made in the US. Evangers told me that they do not source any of their ingredients from China.

  2. purringfur says:

    Now that there’s a somewhat more reasonable number of pet deaths (still low) published probably to pacify us, let’s remember that ACTION TO EFFECT CHANGE is going to be the rule for a VERY LONG TIME since this issue is so pervasive.

    The FDA is PUBLICLY following the “animal path”: contaminated companion animal food >> made into contaminated “lesser” ranch animal & poultry feeds >> made into puppy/kitten/goat “milk” weaning formulas. We KNOW this contamination is in our human food. However, the human food contamination aspect will be lessened, as it already is — “no evidence of harm to humans” & no recalls of the sold pork or sold chicken. Sorry, I saw how our government “took care” of the poor Hurricane Katrina people.

    As I said before, don’t be surprised if you see big brand recalls on human foods for REASONS — OTHER THAN– GLUTEN, PROTEIN CONCENTRATE, MEAL CONTAMINATION. We’ll see such reasons as “improperly closed containers,” or “failure to sterlize” — frightening enough to recall the products, but still won’t mention the contamination issue at hand — Sounds a little less threatening than “contamination by melamine/cyanuric acid compounds,” doesn’t it?

    In the names of your pets (and our own food supply), continue to take ACTION TO EFFECT CHANGE.

  3. Mary Smith says:

    Here is an article that gives some local Minnepolis MN Local pet Food makers:
    I have not checked any of these out - gota leave computer for a while.

    Looking to baby your pet?



    www.cookforyourdog.com (Furoshnikov’s Formulas)


    www.sojos.com (Sojourner Farms)

    www.lakeharrietvet.com (Dr. Cathy Sinning)



    • “Dr. Pitcairn’s New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and
    Cats,” by Richard H. Pitcairn

    • “Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats,” by Kymythy Schultze

    • “Home-Prepared Dog & Cat Diets: the Healthful Alternative,” by
    Donald R. Strombeck.

  4. e wem says:

    I believe if it wasn’t for pressure from the blogs like itchmo the FDA would not be acting.

    The press certainly is doing its best to bury this issue. Have you seen the human interest coverage of grieving pet owners that you see on your morning news after there is a fire, or car accident? Or even interest coverage like a cat stuck in a tree?

    Thie local news gives more coverage to pet adoption

    The FDA is being defended for being overworked. I think the FDA spokespeople had to work very hard indeed to keep the death count to 15 or 16. Why do test animals killed by Menu count, but any animals fed Menu foods by citizens not count?

    Why is Menu given more credibility than pet owners? Seems to me we should take the Menu count of dead test animals with a grain of salt, given their record

    The fact that this is not a press release by the FDA tells all. They couldn’t call a press release for this?

    Itchmo, howl911 the pet connection have become the press for the pets. Everyone must keep this story alive for all our sakes

  5. wrkndogs says:

    I’m sick that so many pets have died or become ill. I’m sure the number is MUCH higher.

    To those who have been victims of this horrible tragedy, I want to express my deepest sympathy. Your furry family members are truly heroes, giving their lives to protect us and bring this criminal activity to the forefront. I’m so terribly sorry each one ended up being a guinnea pig. The gift of their lives will surely spare thousands of others from a similar fate.

    They are ALL our guardian angels and though we may not know their names, we will remember their sacrifice.

  6. Judy says:

    They do not “make pet food” to feed farm animals specifically.
    Part of the first run of every batch of dog/cat food is set aside as waste. It takes a bit to get everything adjusted correctly, so the kibble is all uniform.
    That is what is sold to farmers. It is, in theory, a good plan. No waste that way.

  7. Judy says:

    Our farmers don’t have to grow more food! All we have to do is stop sending our food overseas, and then in turn, buying inferior food from China! Where is the common sense here?

  8. Kiki says:

    Thanks to the dedicated websites for pressing on in spite of forces known and unknown that have tried desperately to squelch this story.

    Thanks to all pet owners and animal enthusiasts who have been outraged and who have sustained this outrage over time and have dedicated so much time in sharing and comparing stories, information, and raw emotions.

    We are not done yet, but the FDA’s updated numbers from 16 to over 4,000 as well as the uncovering of purposely adulterated ingredients by Chinese suppliers reflects the will and action of the American people in our quest for truth, justice, and accountability.

    Push On Brothers and Sisters!!

  9. Elaine says:

    I just want to let you all know that “organic” is not the answer! I have been monitoring the fresh veggie section of my supermarket, and find that much of what they label as “certified organic” comes from foreign countries, such as Mexico!

    Just think about this, how many USDA, FDA people would it take to check farms in foreign countries to see if they were “organic” or not???

    Mexican produce has taken over in my supermarket, and besides for the sensible thought “if you can’t drink the water or eat fresh veggies on a visit to Mexico,why should you eat Mexican produce purchased here,” I am concerned that U.S. farmers used to be the suppliers of the veggies in the supermarkets, what has happened to our U.S. farmers???

    And, yes, I do know because I am a rancher, and I know the pressures all U.S. ag segments are under. They are unable to make a living doing what they love to do because of the pressure from the BIG food conglomerates that are shipping all this cheap, unsafe, crap into this country.

    So our farms and ranches are succumbing to the economic pressures and selling out, or worse yet having their farms taken away and there has been a dramatic increase in suicides among farmers and ranchers.

    I’m sorry—-I just had to get on my soapbox!!! I have been working for years with ag and consumer groups to get Country of Origin Labeling implemented for our food, and I sure do understand that the congressmen go where they get their biggest donations! Who cares that our pets die from unsafe food—–Or PEOPLE???

    I really do appreciate the work you all are doing, WE ARE beginning to make a difference!


  10. Kiki says:

    Everything that Elaine has said is true. Buy from local farmers and support them - not the CAFO’s and multi-nationals. These food conglomerations are the Walmart’s of the industry and are destroying our environment, American jobs, and food quality, safety, and nutrition.

  11. Lorie says:


    Intersting you mention WALMART i was at a picinic on Sunday and one of the older gentleman there was commenitng on WALMRT will not buy products from anywhere but China he said they have stopped carrying americna made oil filters etc… he asked one of the people there about it they said in order to keep their famous low prices they deal with Chinese manufactures over any other.

  12. Louise L says:

    We might be better to star and suppor Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between the farmer and his customers. Members of the CSA buy a “share” in the farmer’s crop at the beginning of the season and in return receive a portion of the farm’s harvest for the entire growing season.

    Not only do members get to enjoy fresh, healthy and delicious vegetables but they also have the opportunity to support local organic and ecologically sound farming practices. (some are set up for milk and meat)

    This cooperation benefits the farmer by providing him with the money he needs when his production costs are the highest. It also gives him a solid customer base so he can concentrate his efforts on what he does best . . . growing great vegetables.

    The CSA benefits the members because they not only receive the freshest possible food, but also the total value of the produce they get often exceeds the cost of their share.

    This is a fast growing way to buy produce.


    Do a google search putting in Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) and the name of your town and surrounding areas near you for listings of farms doing this type of growing.


  13. Helen says:

    Another thing you can do is ask at your store if they have any local products, meat, eggs, dairy, produce, etc. If they don’t ask why. Ask them to get some. Ask where it is from. Tell all your friends to do the same. If you increase to demand directly to the store, you are immediately creating a vector for people who know nothing about all of this to be buying local food and supporting local farmers without even paying attention. If the store owner knows there is a market in advance, the store is WAY more likely to stock local food. Tell the owner you will pay more for it if it costs more. Be persistent. You can change your local grocery store to benefit everyone else who shops there also.

  14. Helen says:

    I know not everyone has access to a good co-op, but you can help change your local store by speaking up, instead of saying what you won’t buy…say what you will buy. Keep asking for it. Stores in my area are very receptive to stocking what customers keep asking for.

  15. Kiki says:

    Yes, agree to all - it is time we support a better way. We just need to get the word out and help each other find resources locally.

  16. pat says:

    Here come the chickens, now, and the same stance by FDA-Usda as the pork.


  17. 4lgdfriend says:

    well said Kiki.

  18. Elaine says:

    Helen’s comment about working with your local markets is true. I have actually had an affect on my local supermarket because of my persistence in asking the produce people to check the country of origin of produce that is not labeled. I would, each time, tell them that I would buy tomatoes,green onions, lettuce, etc if they were grown in a country that I have a comfort zone in their food health and safety standards, but I will do without the produce until they have what I consider to be safe.

    Voila!! Last week the store began putting a “USA grown” or “Mexican grown” or “Canada grown” sign next to the produce price. So this time I told the produce manager how much I appreciated the important information, and that I was sure glad they FINALLY had some other than Mexican grown tomatoes.

    If it is labeled, I can make the choice if I want to feed it to my family, or pets, or not.

    BTW, did you all know that the meat that is stamped USDA Inspected and Approved is NOT U.S. meat? And it is certainly not inspected. 1 tenth of 1% is actually looked at when it comes across a border. The hamburger you buy in the store may have meat from over 30 different countries in a 1 lb. package! As with the food additives from other countries, they buy cheap meat from third world countries. They don’t want the meat labeled as to country of origin, because who, if they knew and had a choice, would buy meat from Canada (mad cow) or CHINA???? We would all pay more for a safe, quality product if given the choice.

    In some areas, such as the Northern states where I live, the climate doesn’t allow growing produce year around, but we can make sure it was grown in this country, at the very least. And if it is available in your area, do the farmer’s markets, and buy your meat, poultry, and eggs locally if you can.


  19. SMITH111 says:

    Please contact your local news stations with this great news of the REAL numbers being admitted. We need coverage.

  20. Chad says:

    Started home cooking for my boy (dog) but I want to add a single vitamin supplement. The only ones I could find in stores where only designed as a supplement to commercial food. The calcium was only 75mg, vitamin A was really low too etc. etc.

    I was looking at Furoshnikov’s formula from cookforyourdog.com. Does anyone have any experience with this product? Or do you know of any other products like this that contain all the vitamins etc. I would like powdered form if possible.

    Thanks for your help. I need to order this today!

  21. YaYa says:

    Actually Judy the Number of American Farms has decreased to the point, we Would have to import some things {still}, for a while, Until the American Farmer and Rancher got back on His Feet. So many have SOLD their Farms and/or leave fields empty now, it would Amaze You.

    For so many there was more profit to LIVE On, in Selling, to Land Developers etc. All those nice new Housing editions and Malls etc.

    Even if the ones Still Farming now, kept on and WE Kept the Crop…the Ag business is so Low, it would take some Years to get back to: “Grown in the USA” for Everyone here.

    And Boy do I miss it.

    I’ve cringed for years now over Tomatoes from Where-Ever! Blech!

    I’ve got an auto-immune disease and I’ve got to watch out for Yuck factor stuff, and germs and comtaminants
    etc. This ’stuff’ has had me in fists for years.

    And Boy do I wash Foreign Fresh food! :-D
    Glad I don’t have to buy it often.

    For Beef I like Range fed Angus :-) {not Feedlot}

  22. Krystal says:

    Lorie Says: May 1st, 2007 at 5:58 am

    Lorie, you were asking about Kumpikat. I’m not sure what questions you had, but I recently ordered it. I like it, though my cats are still on the fence about it. Small size kibble, and after I week I seriously do think my cats’ fur is smoother and silkier! Anything else, e-mail Evy, the owner of Kumpikat (I found her e-mail via the Kumpi website for dogs). She’ll respond quickly, and personally to any questions you have. I’ve really appreciated the personal customer service from her.

  23. Eric says:

    I have five cats and started using KumpiKat about a week ago. They were all aprehensive at first, but now two of them have decided it’s okay. The other three still aren’t sold on it though, so they’ve been getting lots of extra ‘treats’ just to make sure they’re eating. I’m going to try to mix some tuna water with a bit of food tonight to see if I can get the picky ones to eat.

  24. Mandy says:

    Sorry if this is posted twice, I made an error.

    I wonder now if ANY food is safe. We know that animal manure is often used as fertilizer. We know that pigs and chickens have been fed parts of recalled pet food. We know that some of this melamine has been put in fish food.

    My two cats are finishing off the last two bags of cat food I ever want to buy them. I refuse to feed them raw meat because there is a chance of them getting sick or parasites from it, I will only feed them precooked or at least slightly heated meat to kill off germs and parasites. I will be talking to their vet about what suppliments to add.

    They love chicken but I’m afraid to feed them that now! I love eating chicken too!

    The problem is even when we ask companies if they use ingredients from China, how do we know for sure that they are telling the truth when they say no? We’ve already been lied to so much already!

    This whole thing has seriously gotten way out of control. The FDA are NOT doing their jobs!

    I may never trust a pet food company again…

  25. Kiki says:

    Mandy - last ditch effort is to buy organic US grown chicken from US farmers or buy from a local farmer and find out what he feeds his chickens - all is not lost.

  26. Phyllis says:

    Does this number include all animals poisoned for the past two years? NOT!!

    Dear Purr-Purr became ill about two years ago. She was eating Natural Balance weight loss and then Trader Joe’s canned — Menu Foods, which she sometimes rejected. When her weight got down, I put her on Pro-Plan for seniors, but the damage was already done.

    She died July 16, 2006. RIP Purr=Purr

  27. Phyllis says:

    Cathy– I just went to CNN.com and wrote them too. I suggested they replace their link to the alligator biting the car with the FDA block.

    EVERYBODY WRITE YOUR NEWS SOURCE. If the media gets on this, more will be done and MUCH faster.

    I said they should find a smart underling to read the blog and find out what people are really saying.

  28. SmileOnADog says:


    You’d need to research it, but in the past I’ve used Pet-Tinic vitamin-mineral supplement (made by Virbac) in my emaciated rescues and CRF cat. With all the info. out there now, I don’t know if it’s somehow objectionable ingredient-wise, but I had no problem with it at the time.

    It is, though, in liquid form. But it’s easy to measure with syringes; some pharmacies also have the plastic syringe-holed tops that let you put the syringe straight into the bottle’s lid.

    It says it’s for dogs and cats both. But, when I was using it in my CRF cat’s homemade food, I had to get a separate taurine supp. from the vet. (I know you said you had a dog, just including the cat info. too, for cat owners.)


  29. erin says:

    for chad, I use a vit. supp. called dog bloom # is 1-800-833-4748 web sit is www.dogbloom.com. its made in ohio for over 50 yrs. you might need to order it because you can only find it in specialty stores and dog shows.

  30. Lorie says:

    thanks for every ones input on the KUMPIKAT still nervous that I will get the first bad bag. Just my luck lately.

  31. martin says:

    It doesnt seem to be that big of news in China either. Sunday’s headline in the China-Daily focused in on a 4 year old getting his head stuck in the toliet seat. Poor little fella, they had to oil him up to be able to pop his head out.

  32. martin says:

    I forgot to add “BFD” !

  33. Evy says:

    Lorie ~

    Just an fyi, the food that you got was from the January run of KumpiKat and if you want to email me, I’d be more than happy to forward you emails on all of the positive feedback I’ve gotten about the product. My own Tonga kitty grrrl is doing really well and my manufacturer tested all their retains from the past ten months (so far lol and still going!) and have come up totally clean for the melamine specifically. I know that how little the kibble is throws some cats off and I know that generally speaking KumpiKat cats seem to eat less kibble than some other brands out there. So, I’m just wanting you not to worry k?

    As a matter of fact, I’m really proud how my manufacturer is handling this all and they’ve implemented a new system (and it’s been a royal pain for them, I’ll assure you to do this storage) where they are testing all dry food products for melamine before shipping them out. It requires a bit more lead time for the companies who do business with them, since they have limited space and now instead of doing a production run and shipping, it’ll be a production run, testing and then shipping. As a pet food company, we don’t *have* to do this, but I’m betting everyone will!!!

    My next run of food will be the third full week of this month and will probably put my trucking into the next week, but it’s worth it! The nice thing about doing business with such a small company is that they KNOW what it’s like to be a small company :)

  34. Jules says:

    What I don’t understand is why everyone thinks that because these companies SAY that they USE only U.S. companies in their ingredients . . . why don’t you suspect that THOSE U.S. companies might be getting ingredients imported from China in the first place, but these companies may not know. Huh?

    ChemNutra is an American based company (yup, it’s an american company that Menu used) BUT, BUT, BUT, they freakin’ imported from China.

    Why do you all believe them if they say their products are US based?? My next question would be . . . “But how do I know YOUR suppliers didn’t get it from China?” Get it???

    Please tell me that!!!

  35. Val says:

    Jules I wrote the company that I am getting kibble from and said that if I did not get a good enough answer I would discontinue the food. I got a personal email and answer that I was comfortable with. I even said that I was aware that formulas could be changed without the label reflecting the changes for 6-12 months. I also mentioned that to feed my large crew I have to rely on kibble and that I recommend their food to friends and people I meet that are undecided. It is whole grain holistic kibble and I have since learned how many people do use the same food which was recommended to me when I inquired on a breed email list. I never use canned, ugh too disgusting, the smell alone will keel me over! I use home made stew and raw.
    Anyway write who you get your food from, tell them that you are well informed and want to know for your pets sake! If it’s a “canned” reply, inquire again till you get a real person!

  36. Jules says:

    Thanks Val! Thanks a bunch. I will do as you suggested.

  37. Val says:

    I also meant to add that I am so happy for all the info that itchmo, howl911 and pet connection has managed to dig out for us to keep us informed of any developments. And thankful that everyone was in this together to find an answer. I do feel great sadness for those fur kids that have passed on because of this tragedy.
    It’s not over yet but a step in the right direction. I was very glad that corn gluten and meal was included on the list as I suspect I was poisoning my dogs with it. Maybe a few searches could be made to see where else they make glutens, etc? Also we need to find out if this is standard practice ( adding poisons to up protein numbers) here in the USA!

  38. bw says:

    Today, CNN Newsroom Heidi Collins had a woman on, mid-day, so the entire nation could hear her, and she said that ONLY FIFTEEN pets had died!!!
    Is this incompetence, or plain lying!!! We have wanted coverage primetime, and now that we have it they are reporting falsehoods once again!

    AND they say that only hogs and chickens are tainted, and the FDA has NOT FOUND MELAMINE IN ANYTHING ELSE. This is UNTRUE. I followed a link from Itchmo that took me to an FDA site reporting that they were inspecting food at our borders and found melamine in everyting from noodles…. to and I forget what else, healthbars or something, don’t recall exactly except for the NOODLES. Can someone direct me to that site, or that message?? please I want to contact CNN.

  39. Mandy says:

    I don’t think it ever ends bw. I think the melamine has gotten into everything by now. I’m still not feeding my cats pet food though. Besides melamine they found three OTHER bad ingredients in pet food. I’ll just have to feed myself and my pets the best I can. This whole thing is very frightening.

  40. Mandy says:

    By the way, I urge everyone to look into getting pet insurance. Vet bills cost as much as doctor bills these days, and pet insurance can help pay for that. I am looking into getting pet insurance myself.

  41. Lori Jo says:

    Why are we still importing this stuff from other countries? We are plowing under our U.S. farmland and building more and more houses, importing our food from other countries and being sickened by it. This makes no sense to me, especially in this dangerous day and age. We need to grow our own food. What, we don’t grow wheat or corn in the US that we can make our own glutens or whatever else is derived from those? We are paying the price of importing food now….

    So sad….

  42. bw says:

    CNN was STILL saying 17 pet deaths!!! I have written them, I have called them, they said they would tell the producers, but still the last I saw yesterday they were saying 17 deaths. Especially on CNN NEWSROOM with Heidi Collins (i think, but definitely Heidi). The woman she interviewed said 15 or so deaths, I forget exactly the false number she quoted.

  43. bw says:

    from the article above, >>Pet food manufacturers
    and others have recalled dog and cat food and other suspect
    products and ingredients.

  44. bw says:

    sorry, this is continued, the rest of my message “disappeared” and didn’t make it to the board.
    I said I saw mention of the FDA stating the tainted ingredients were used in everything from noodles to breakfast bars.
    Would these be the other products and manufacturers mentioned in my quote above above?

  45. bw says:

    Please help me!
    I am speaking to someone who is asking me to tell them if these reported 4,150 pet deaths have been definitively linked to tainted or comtaminated pet food. She says that the FDA is saying they have received 4,150 COMPLAINTS of pet deaths. They are not saying that the deaths were from tainted pet food!!! She wants to know if these animals have been autopsied and it has been proven that their kidney failure is due to the Melamine, cyuranic acid crystals in their kidneys.

    I can’t find such a report, and do not know what to tell her. The fda supposedly tested the 17 pets, they autopsied them I imagine. Sooo
    Can someone help me here with this lady. Were the 4,150 pets who died, or more, definitively linked by autopsy to the tainted pet food.
    Where does it say this. I BELIEVE IT, but his person is questioning why the FDA did not state that the 4,150 pet deaths were a result of tainted petfood!!!
    Her pet store told her the health department said only 17 pet deaths have been definitively linked to the petfood. She does not feel this is being adequately clarified

    In addition, she wants to know how many of the 39,000 deaths and illnesses reported by Banfield veterinary hospitals a week ago were definitively linked to the tainted food, and how many deaths. She feels we should have definitive proof of the numbers we are seeing.

    Please help me!!!

  46. Debra Savittieri says:

    Why is this not reported on TV the way it is on the internet? You know, it’s really weird, upon learning about the recall, after my dog was terminally ill with the kidney failure, the vet said, “we should of watched the tv for the news reports”….. however, when getting the ‘real’ news….they hide it on the computer…internet, that you must search for. What a crock of [EDITED BY ADMIN] & coverup. I wont forget that corportate America has no heart.

  47. Amy says:

    My prayers and thoughts go out to everyone who has a pet now. We lost two of our feline family members recently. Last weekend and the day after Easter our cats were put to sleep because of kidney failure. Our vet suspects it was caused by tainted food since our cats were both healthy indoor cats. We were devastated to find out that our kitty Timone was diagnosed with kidney failure. We were not ready to let him go and we invested alot of time and money to keep him alive. We didn’t know at that time that his fatal illness was caused by poisoned food. The symptoms were different in both cats and I never thought my other cat could also be suffering from the same fatal illness. One cat lost alot of weight were the other gained alot.
    I believe this recall is going back much further than reported and also the magnitude is much larger. I myself had two cats die from poisoned food and I know of others who have cats that are sick. Every day a new food is added to this list. How far is this going? Now there is talk of checking pizza dough and infant formula. I thought loosing our cats was awful. I can’t imagine having an infant and hearing a posting for possible formula contamination. What about these hogs here in NC? I ate BBQ the night before that came out.
    May God be with us all pets and humans!

  48. Amber says:

    The one thing that I don’t see mentioned and I am curious about this is did someone on the US side knowingly import and allow untested food supplies to be used. I am not saying they would know the food was contaminated but was it arranged so that the food was sent untested to maybe cut corners or increase profit? A lot of the focus has been on the Chinese suppliers and very little is paying attention to the importer. Does anyone really believe that no one on the US side knew about the food being marked as nonfood ingredients?

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