FDA Says Cloned Animals Safe For Consumption

18 Responses to “FDA Says Cloned Animals Safe For Consumption”

  1. Lynne says:

    FDA just convinced me to go vegan.

    There are all kinds of health problems associated with cloned animals:
    Recent cloning research has resulted in high failure rates, and many farm animals used in the studies have suffered a long list of health problems, including abnormalities such as deformed feet, weakened immune systems, dysfunctional organs and premature death.

    Surrogate mothers used in cloning research can also suffer reduced welfare from fetal overgrowth, repeated surgeries and injections, and pregnancy complications that have resulted in death.

    The newly-published FDA risk assessment itself notes that both the cloned baby animals and their surrogate mothers are more likely to suffer health problems.
    (see http://www.hsus.org/farm/news/....._farm.html)
    Regardless of whether the animals are safe for consumption, this will introduce a new era of “breeding” ill and malformed animals destined to live lives of misery. In a time of corporate agriculture and the horrors of factory farming, I believe this is a giant step backward in the struggle to bring humane treatment to our non-pet companions.

    Aside from all that, when was the last time any government agency told us the truth?

  2. Hazel Chambers says:

    This is the same government that did such a “great” job after Katrina and allowed the horrors of tainted Chinese products to happen….and continue.

    I am a vegetarian….so I would not buy meat of any type……but the whole idea is repugnant both from a animal welfare….and human health view.

    It is also just another step towards human cloning.

  3. Poodlluver says:

    EeeeK, I dont think so….
    I’ve ALWAYS thought that cloning is just wrong and CREEPY.
    This really freaks me out that they are doing this.

  4. steven says:

    And we have to pay these idiots for this BS. Discusting!

  5. Stefani says:

    Aren’t they the same ones that said commercial food was OK for our pets? And chinese imports are safe? And only 16 pets died from the melamine/cyanuric acid tainted poison food?

    Right, and I am having lunch with Elvis Presley right now.


  6. Katie says:

    I watched CSpan yesterday when they made the announcement and took questions and answers. I couldn’t help but think - are they looking to clone animals that can eat inferior feed like ethanol by-products, etc. and bring the meat to market. The Undersecretary, Mr Knight said we need to clone so if someone has a bull that is of superior quality, than they can keep the genetics - I thought that was done with artificial insemination with frozen or fresh semen? A reporter asked how this will affect the trade agreement with Japan?
    Mr Knight and Mr Sandloff did say that there are health problems with cloned animals and if an animal is sick, it will not go to market….

    I too, find cloning hard to except. I’m hoping the Organic producers of meat label their meat as uncloned. We should have a choice.


  7. momkat says:

    I can’t believe they did this…but then…why not?…they approved thalidomide for pregnant women. They approve anything if you pay them enough!

    I was taught by my simple-European-immigrant-peasant-farmer-parents not to even eat mutated and malformed fruit and vegetables because something is wrong with them.
    I’ll go vegan before I eat cloned meat!

  8. Concha Castaneda says:

    I couldn’t get over the twitching people behind the speaker in that little video. They seemed nervous…they seemed almost vampiric. Body language sometimes speaks louder than the message. What are they hiding? I know I am uncomfortable with something being created…that has feelings, and a consciousness- for food. Call it cloneing or whatever. It is almost as bad as calling something hamburger instead of putting a photo on the label of a cow. They want us to be dissociative in regards to food…in regards to our wallet!

  9. The Lioness says:

    This is so disgusting, and I can’t believe we don’t have a say–our tax dollars at work, folks!

    Thank goodness I’m a vegetarian! Not that produce is even safe any more, unless you grow it yourself!

    ~The Lioness

  10. Mike S. says:

    Is there supposed to be a video to go with that headline, because if there is, I can’t see it?

    Has the FDA approved cloned meat to be sold in supermarkets and restaurants? Or are they just saying it’s safe to eat? Someone please fill me in.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Lioness - while I agree with your point, I had to laugh at the irony of your chosen name and your pro-vegetarian stance - aren’t cats obligate carnivores?

  12. K says:

    Are cloned products going to be labeled as such at least, so we can avoid them?!

  13. mittens says:

    soylent green is people soylent green is people soylent green is people…

    when humans opt to make themselves ‘ god’ in anything it always ends in tears and tyranny.

    if you think youre safe, anyone, as a vegan or such, know that they ‘clone’ and genetically engineer plants too and a few large companies OWN the patents on certain seed crops… it’s technically no safer from human screwing up and poisoning.

    i was a vegetarian for many years but- im a leo and relate to my cats in more ways then 3- i dont eat much meat but i am healthier and get sick less now that i eat some meat again. i have no explanation why. in all that time- 10 years- i only missed bacon and cheeseburgers- bacon in particular. now i hardly eat either.

  14. Donna says:

    Does anyone have any form of respect or trust for the FDA ? They approved medicines for people thet are deadly. Big money and big pharma .will take your money first,….then you lose your life. Any one familar with vioxx ? Company knew for six months it was causing heart attacks. They ,wanted the millions made, knew they would have to pay some back for the deaths. Nothing compared to the profits made.Cloned meat,…………..direct from the _FOOLS _DEPARTMENT _ASSOCIATION. Stay clear folks.

  15. Charlie says:

    People need to speak out. I haven’t heard anyone say this is a good thing. Everyone I know that has heard this report is against it.

  16. G in INdiana says:

    momkat, in the US thalidamide was never FDA approved. Dr. Frances O Kelsey denied approval after reading up on the deformities found in European babies born to mothers who had taken the drug during certain weeks of pregnancy.

    As for cloned food, no thank you. Reading through the provisions on this, there is even an effort to make sure the cloned stuff is NOT labeled as such. You won’t know if you are getting cloned meat or not.
    Organic food cannot be cloned nor GMed. I shop as locally as I can for fruits and vegetables, choose only organic when I can, and grow some of my own.

  17. Anonymous says:

    At this time, there are no plans to label the cloned meat as such in the U.S., so consumers will not know what’s what. In the European Union, the citizens in all areas will be polled about their views, and the meat WILL be LABELED to give consumers a CHOICE. The Europeans have always been way ahead of us as far as food safety and purity are concerned. Anything GM, if even allowed into the EU countries in the first place, is clearly labeled to let CITIZENS DECIDE whether or not THEY want to purchase it. Not here… the meat industry is viewing labeling cloned meat as a detriment to sales, which is very likely to be the case… hence, NO labeling.

    Now watch the large feed-lot beef ranchers try to sue the naturally-fed beef and non-cloned beef ranchers for wanting to label their beef as “non-cloned” meat. Remember the Creekstone Farms case…wanting to test their cows for BSE (Mad Cow Disease) and label their products as BSE-free? The cloned meat labeling issue will be a repeat performance…

    In the name of agri-business profits, we have done so much to harm our food supply. I wish we would adopt EU food standards… The EU tests for GM products before accepting shipments. Look at the number of times U.S. GM rice was refused… I think I recall non-commercial GM rice strains banned by U.S.-EU trade agreements were found MINGLED with the non-GM rice. We just don’t seem to care and just MINGLE everything… sort of reminds me of the Chinese farmers each dumping a couple of bushels of wheat into a bin for export with no trace-back to origin….

    Lou Dobbs discussed the cloned meat issue last night as said it was so amazing that the EU is operating as more of a democracy than the U.S. Here, the frankenfood is just placed on the shelf. What countries will want to import our cloned beef? Answer: We’ll be left to eat it!

  18. Highnote says:

    I heard about this and was ill right away. Now when people go to the store they will not know what they are eating. I think it is really wrong for the government not to label this product! But of course if they had to label the product then no one would buy it!!!
    I don’t think any one knows any more what they have in their food or whether we all may get ill from it later on.
    I noticed at my store yesterday that there were no pot pies in the freezer and ask the clerk why they have not carried any of them. I mean there was only one brand of them left. The clerk said their was a recall on them. I said well I had not heard anything about this recall at all.
    I wonder how many recalls we here nothing about? I wonder how much food is not tested at all. This is so scary!!
    Now this cloning.. what next will they expect us to eat?

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