FDA Suspects Tainted Chicken, Human Food Finally Being Tested for Melamine

FDA will begin testing for melamine in the human food supply after investigating chicken farms and the expansion of tainted pork. This is more than a month after the first pet food recall was announced.

In addition, the FDA on Tuesday announced plans to expand testing of the animal food supply after hogs on farms in three states were quarantined after testing positive for the substance at the center of the recall, the toxic agent melamine.

A poultry farm in Missouri is also being investigated, federal officials said.

(Thanks Joan)

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  1. Joan Steik says:

    CNN Health: Pet food scare prompts FDA to check imported human food

    “I want to emphasize that this is a proactive step,” said David Acheson, chief medical officer for the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

    The comprehensive testing will begin at the end of the week and focus on public awareness and checking of samples, Acheson said.

    Another Shock and Awe for the USA! - Joan

  2. Grizz says:

    Actually nafta, gatt et all were enacted by presidential decree. These are treaties forced upon the US citizen. We’re seeing the result of this in lost jobs, industries and poor quality product.
    It’s been since Nov. 06 when this all started and the fda is finally seeing the light in checking human food sources. Irony of all this is that we export gobs of the same stuff we’re importing. Let$ $ee the $en$e in any of thi$

  3. e wem says:

    Itchmo Howl and PC are covering this better than anyone. Drudge has a few references but this is big big big because I am certain the FDA knew for a long time that human food chain was involved.

    These shipments are imported. There are manifests. For the FDA to not be able to account for 9000 out of 10,000 tons of wheat gluten is B.S.

    Companies they ‘cannot name’?

    A company received a shipment, or not. If they got it they can account for it. Or not.

    The information being held back was that information that led to human food chain!

    Here is what I can guess. They knew right away that it was being fed to us. They knew it was not just 100 hogs in CA.

    They knew what happened when mad cow hit the first time. The beef market sank like a rock. Farmers in Canada committed suicide. Commodities dove. But that was beef only. This time it is everything and anything.

    Wheat, rice and corn fractions are not just pet food. Find a commercial bread that doesn’t use wheat gluten. Canned spaghetti and meatballs, TV dinners, chicken nuggets. All the half fake meat with fillers used in prepared foods. School lunches.

    Why are we buying the lesser part of grains from a locust nation to feed ourselves and our pets?

    Because they have a 1 trillion dollar surplus of our money. Because we buy tons of crap from China at just below American prices in American dollars. the Chinese can afford to buy good American grain at American prices while we Americans have decided to trade quality manufacturing jobs for the chance to buy crappy trinkets right now. So we have to buy our wheat at 20 percent less from China with money earned flipping burgers.

    The Chinese are gaining surplus at the rate of 1 million dollars a minute. That is what happens when you manufacture.

    You either manufacture, or you sell off your commodities or farm products. Only manufacture creates mass wealth.

    George Soros’ business partner has said that China is the future. He is moving to China and teaching his child Mandarin. Bill Gates just announced that most new technology will be coming out of Asia, not here.

    The big food companies have gone globalist. We are being fed swill like a herd of hogs. I am mad as heck.

    The press is holding back because the Food industry is the biggest industry in the US. Newspapers depend on food ads to sell the paper copies. Most politicians are not rocking the boat.

    Will America listen?

  4. Anonymous says:

    To those of you who think
    (1) the problem is only with food from China, and
    (2) the problem has nothing to do with budgets and White house policy–

    Read this article at the Washington Post. It documents that the FDA is not even willing to pursue food safety problems HERE IN AMERICA, let alone overseas. Boycotting food from China is not going to achieve food safety–it’s going to be more complicated than that.


    A few key points
    –there are more imports and more food processors than ever
    –meanwhile, despite bioterrorism and food safety concerns, FDA funding for food safety has been cut.
    –The FDA knew about the food safety problems at U.S. plants, but did not pursue them.

    Okay-here I’m going to make a statement that might upset some–for which I apologize. I know the focus of this site is not political, it’s pet safety. Conservatives, middle-of-the-road, liberals, independents: we all love our pets dearly.

    But I hope you all will realize that this took place against a larger political backdrop that “set the stage” for this pet food contamination problem. It didn’t happen in a vacuum.

    Globalization presents regulatory problems no matter who is running the country. Corporations and companies should be always be responsible, but unfortunately, they are not. (Just like people!)

    Yes, you can boycott the producers–AFTER your pet or loved one has sickened. That’s a high price to pay–so most of us expect some sort of regulation–ground rules that ALL companies have to play by.

    But actual regulation that is enforced is now largely a thing of the past. The U.S. has become more vulnerable to food contamination partially because the political appointees who are running our regulatory agencies (FDA, EPA, Dept. of Agriculture, HHS, etc.) oppose their own agencies’ regulatory functions. These appointees set the agenda for how federal agencies operate, what they pursue and what they leave alone. A friend who works at a federal agency told me that Bush administration appointees openly oppose regulatory work that might “interfere with business.”

    This isn’t a polemic against “Republicans’. There have been many effective and responsible agency heads appointed under both Republican and Democratic presidents. But the Bush administration (more than most presidential administrations) tends to appoint “true believers” rather than nowledgeable managers who understand and will advance their agencies’ missions.

    I think this is in the long run bad for business. Has anyone else noticed how many stores are having pet food sales this week? Up until now, consumers could always be confident in American products, knowing that corruption was not a problem that could cause officials to “overlook” problems of contamination. Not true anymore.

    Okay, apologies if I upset anyone. But seriously–when the FDA won’t tell consumers what companies have gotten and are using contaminated food? Who are they protecting? The U.S. public–or corporations?

  5. Lola says:

    Sorry, meant to put my name to the above posting.

  6. e wem says:

    “The U.S. has become more vulnerable to food contamination partially because the political appointees who are running our regulatory agencies (FDA, EPA, Dept. of Agriculture, HHS, etc.) oppose their own agencies’ regulatory functions”

    That would be true before NAFTA and GLOBAL TRADE. Under the new trade regulations we cannot stop junk from entering our country that is produced in ways illegal in America.

    The logic was this: every trading partner had a set of rules and regulations designed to favor their own products. For instance, Japan required a certain size and type of apple that surprise could only be grown in Japan. American producers could not get their apples into Japan. So they lobbied to keep nationalist regulations our of the global agreements.

    They got it. A few years ago the state of Florida tried to ban foreign produce raised with toxic compounds that were illegal to use in Florida from being imported into Florida. The foreign growers sued Florida in the trade courts and Florida was given a fine of millions a day until the stopped the ban on foreign, toxic fruit. Florida capitulated.

    Nader tried to warn us.

    Partly because of the greed of our own producers and manufacturers we gave up the right to hold imported goods to the same safety oversight and standards as our own goods.

    We can sue an American manufacturer. How many of you have sued a Chinese company? It doesn’t happen. They are out of the loop. We now sue the brand name front company - like GE or IAMS that brings in the Chinese junk. They can afford to pay us off since they are selling us Chinese stuff at almost American prices. We sue them. They pay us off with our own dollars.

    If isn’t political appointees who are holding us back. It is Nafta and WTO to which we ceded our sovereignity.

    And I am speaking as a second amendment conservative. I believe in the capitalist system, but only if it is run by moral men. This was the warning of our founders - that if our nation becomes immoral, it will fail because liberty without morality leads to license.

  7. e wem says:

    Sorry for the long post. I agree that the FDA is convering up.

    It is sickeningly obvious they want this to go away quietly.

  8. Valerie says:

    I can’t believe it, I feed my dog Canidae with a can of the Sam’s all white meat chicken breast human food and was happy that I always did that. So now I have to worry about feeding him what I thought was safe. What are they doing!!! Why would they buy anything like wheat or rice gluten from China. Most countries hate the US and they are making our food!!!!!!!!!!
    I went to buy some Garlic Cloves at our neighborhood Certified Grocer and the Garlic said produce of China and Sam’s Club also sells the same
    Garlic. Garlic from China. I think the US has to start becoming more self reliant and start using our own resources like they did when my Grandfather was growing up. Everything in the US is done for profits
    no one cares about our babies. It is cheaper to outsource but don’t the know that they are taking the money out of our circulation and making other countries Rich while we are being poisoned. I hope I am making sense because I am so upset about worrying everyday and watching my cats and dog eat and wondering if it is OK to eat. I changed my cats to Merrick Wet Food and Core Wellness Dry. I E-Mailed Wellness and they said that a few of there foods have rice protein from Asia but not from Wilbur-Ellis, Doesn’t that make you feel better right!!! I know the
    Core Wellness is extremely expensive and is grain free , I don’t know
    what else to do. My heart sinks everyday when I read these notices.
    When is is all going to Stop!

  9. Jessica says:

    I think it’s easy to say that we need to boycott Chinese imports and start growing more food within our borders, but you know what? When it really comes down to it, people don’t want to be burdened with the higher cost associated with it.

    We live in a day and age in which people routinely buy two McDonald’s cheeseburgers because the two-for-one deal is so much cheaper than just buying one. Locally grown food sounds better to them, but they just don’t want to foot the bill. So we open up our borders to import foreign foodstuffs because they’re grown much cheaper. (And hey, all of those regulations and restrictions cost *something* - someone, somewhere needs to be paid for their regulatory efforts!)

    When are we going to step up to the plate and put our money where our mouths are? BUY LOCALLY grown foods. They’ve always been available. Do a search for your local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and sign up so that you can see where your own food is being grown (and participate in growing it).

    We really DO have other options; we always have. It may cost a little bit more, but isn’t the food that we’re putting into our mouth and our families mouths worth it?

  10. Mary says:

    Every morning I get up, come to my computer with coffee at hand to hear pretty much the same thing day after day; another recall. To make us even more frantic, hogs, chickens and who knows what else are now effected.

    This is the high price we’re all paying because our country and our government has gotten so lax with just about everything…. everything that should be of utmost importance, including and especially, the foods we eat. So, here we are in 2007 dealing with something of this magnitude and importance in the good ol’ U S of A that should have never, ever happened to begin with. This is not the country I once knew… not the country I was born and raised in. I feel like I’m living in a third world country and as far as I’m concerned, we’re just as bad as china with this whole food issue. But… we are not China, we are supposed to be the greatest country ever. What in the world are we doing? What is going on with people, government…. everyone is letting down their guard, their standards and seems like the dollar bill takes precedence over everything, including the lives and safety of our citizens and beloved pets.

    This is turning into an increasingly somber day as reality has settled in and the consequences are becoming astronomical.

  11. keenisar says:

    Did I overlook an answer to Redmal’s key question about the toxic affect to muscle mass?

  12. Donna says:

    I am definitely going to begin buying more locally grown foods. I’m moving in 2 months and that will be easier where I’m going than where I am now. I’ve been contemplating this since the news about the wheat gluten first broke. I am tired of shoddy goods from China.

    I refuse to buy any good from any company that sources from China. I think we should create a list of products by company…and boycott. Simple as that. When they start backing up with caseloads of their own garbage that they can’t sell, maybe they will start to use their freaking brains.

    Good Morning America just did a 5 second bite on ’safety of our food supply’.

  13. Lorie says:

    Garyn Says:

    April 20th, 2007 at 1:34 pm
    Lorie I fed my cat a variety of Fancy Feast starting in December 2006 through her death on March 4, 2007. The cans that I have left from the batch I bought are best by November and December 2008. She was also eating Innova wet but decided that she didn’t like that in December 2006 and so I alternated between Fancy Feast and Innova from that point until she died. It was before the recall and we buried her so no vet records. I know what happened in my heart but since I don’t have proof I will just leave it at that for now…


    Please tell me your lot number on bottom of can if you any left that you fed your cat. We are gathering a spreadsheet with all the lot numbers. Also waht flavor was it


    I remember you talking about FF also what where your can number now that I know 1160 that made my cats sick is the same plant as the ALpo recall came from I am extra super mad at Purina and if it is the last thing I do they will pay for making my cats sick one way or another. This whole thig with Purina is so much worse inmy eyes cause they will not come clean.

  14. Jan says:

    As I was sitting here reading all these posts, someone mentioned something about muscle mass…..& something hit me full force.

    Has anyone seen an animal with mad cow? How their body freezes up & they fall over? Anyone read any postings about how some of these cats & dogs were reacting once they had eaten enough poisoned food & were very ill? Their body was freezing up & they would sometimes fall over. Hello? How about some connection to large doses of melamine or whatever the poison is that melamine causes during the cooking of these “foods” (boy, do I use that term loosely….more like cooking up poison) & it just crossed over into pet food? I know it’s a huge jump but I’m sorry, I think there could be a connection here. I’m no scientist or chemist but I think it’s mighty freaky that both cows & our pets have the same symptoms……do we have “mad pet disease” or how about “symptoms of melamine poisoning”?????????

    How scary is that?

    Someone mentioned something about FF & soy protein…..I believe I’ve read about cats getting sick from FF……do we now have a soy protein problem? Gee, what a surprise…..

  15. Lorie says:

    Jan, FF has Wheat gluten and spc in it, and my cats are one of the ones that are sick

  16. Jan says:


    My heart goes out to you & to all the other pet owners who have very sick animals or have lost them to this tragedy.

    So far, my Lab is ok……but I was feeding her one dry after another where either another dry from the same company or the wet version was recalled. I feel like I dodged the bullet twice…..at least I sure hope I did. I had her blood & urine checked a couple of weeks ago & all was well…..but I’ve heard people say it sometimes takes a few weeks for it to show up. I can only pray a lot that she will be ok.

    My heart breaks when I read the stories of the pets that are sick or have died & can only imagine how the pet owners must feel……this is truly criminal. I would like to see some of these morons go to prison & Menu’s CFO $102,000 in ill-gotten gains taken away from him to be part of the settlement to all these heart-broken pet owners. I hope the creep can sleep at night in his mansion with his nine cars in the garage.

    For those of you who haven’t done it, please go to Sen. Durbin’s website & send an email to the jerk-face at the FDA…..I’d love to see him inundated with a ton of emails.

  17. Lorie says:


    Thank you for your kind words just called the vet waiting for call back, cannot get urine out of my cat, for testing which is important, seeing how her BCB levels had doubled but still in high normal range. Waiting to see if I have to leave her for the day to get the urine sample. This is so stressful, she was the most loving friendly cat before this all happened and now she is skiddish and pretty much keep so herself.

  18. mr casey says:

    could it be Zinc Oxide of Feedstuff the same chinese company is selling as additive ,contains some cadmiun, arsenic ,plumbum oxidide?http://www.xzay.com/english/ArticleShow.asp?ArticleID=88

    Zinc appears to be rather non-poisonous, though in large quantities it is carcinogenic. It is used in several lotions applied topically. If zinc oxide is breathed, the strange nervous malady “oxide shakes” seems to result.

    cadmium is extremely poisonous, more so even than mercury or lead. It attacks the kidneys, among other things.
    Zinc oxide, ZnO, with 0.5% ferric oxide, Fe2O3 is the active ingredient in calamine lotion, which soothes irritated skin. Zinc appears in very small amounts in the mineral supplements favored by those who think eating it will improve the health. they use that stuff cheaply by tonnes as a binding? conservation? weight?color agent ?how much?since when?

  19. Lorie says:

    Just got off the phone with FDA, about my 2 cats and the FF. Interestingly enough she asked me if it was WHEAT, RICE, or __SOY_ based. I said both wheat and soy the lady told me I hit the jackpot problems. Great. She took UPC, lot number and exp. Also gave me a direct number to fax the cat records from signs of first symptoms. The woman agreed with me that her job would be alot easier if these people would just tell the truth. So call call call, I got a live peron on the first try, been trying and leaving messages for over a week, must of steped it up since yesterday.

  20. Robyn Rhudy says:

    I am a chemist. They keep saying melamine is not toxic. I think that what is happening is that during heating and processing, it’s being converted to something toxic enough to cause kidney failure. Here are the problems as I see them.

    1. The US should be using their own grain products and manufacturing them here in the US with regulations. They shouldn’t ship our corn to China for them to do whatever bad things to it and then send it back just to say a few bucks. How many dollars are our lives worth? Our pets? Our children?

    2. Foods should be made organically as much as possible - no pesticides, herbicides, inorganic fertilizers.

    3. Cat food should be grain free! How many cats do you see out raiding the corn or wheat fields? Dog foods should have some grains but not a predominant portion.

    4. Vet diets should be natural - meat (not by-products) mostly. My cat, Gino, is on Hills Prescription diets CD and WD because he has cystitis. I just KNEW it was bad to take him off the natural cat foods I buy to get one that is made of corn gluten, lard, and by-products. YUCK! The vet said I had to since he had crystals in his urine that wouldn’t go away. I then had to mix in WD for fat cats because the new diet made him go fat with all that lard! I called Hills and after getting the run around was assured they were testing their non-recalled foods as well for melamine but how do I know for sure? I’m trying to find a way to test it here in the lab I work at. If anyone knows an HPLC or GC procedure, let me know so I can test my cats’ foods. My e-mail is help at fishpondinfo dot com

    5. Now that this problem is out there, any pet, livestock, or human food company that buys any grain product should have each lot routinely tested for melamine as part of their quality control. Are they? Do we trust them to do so?

    6. A society that stuffs deformed farm animals full of disgusting food (including parts of other animals who were too sick to live that are fed to vegetarian animals) and then eats those as opposed to eating healthy grains, fruits, and vegetables is doomed to crash.

    While hundreds and maybe thousands of animal lovers (not the 16 they keep saying on tv) were mourning their sick and dying animals, the majority of Americans who don’t care about animals didn’t care what was going on. Now that it may be in human food, perhaps they’ll wake up. Somehow, I doubt it. The greatest threat to human survival is the species Homo stupid stupid. I’m not proud to be a member.

  21. FDA Suspects Tainted Chickens - Golden Retriever Forum says:

    […] for information" who locate so much stuff and post it ahead of public notification. FDA Suspects Tainted Chicken, Human Food Finally Being Tested for MelamineApril 24th, 2007 FDA will begin testing for melamine in the human food supply after investigating […]

  22. Traci says:

    “I am definitely going to begin buying more locally grown foods. I’m moving in 2 months and that will be easier where I’m going than where I am now. I’ve been contemplating this since the news about the wheat gluten first broke. I am tired of shoddy goods from China.”

    The (SEA) University District Farmer’s is open on Saturday, early though so I have to get there before I need to leave for my noonish class. Anyone living in the Seattle area here is a link to local markets:


    Otherwise I tend to get my produce at Whole Foods up the street. I decided to boycott China-made products just for the way most their companies treat the labor if nothing else (presents a problem because of the Mary Jane’s I always wear and might end up my guilty exception).

  23. Maureen says:

    Re: Robyn Rhudy’s post at 1:27

    Try reading about cystitis and Hill’s cat food at Dr. Lisa Pierson’s site (DVM). I like what she says about feeding the whole cat.


    I hope Gino recovers soon. It’s very frustrating these days.

  24. Kim says:

    Okay, what’s got me is that I raise our own birds and rabbits. I suddenly have been having birds become ill, and a few die, as well as several rabbits go off with problems. I heard recently of a friend who lost nearly her entire herd to sudden issues very simalar to what the cats have been going through. She’s feeding a different, cheaper brand than I am. I am off to go look at my feed lables! My dog eats from what I raise, as does my family!

    Kim in WA

  25. Garyn says:


    My Lot numbers are:

    63451160L1EN1310 Gourmet salmon and shrimp feast
    6360116OL33001654 Salmon and chicken feast in gravy
    63241162L12582110 Chicken and tuna feast
    63241162L12582038 Chicken and tuna feast

    These are the only four cans that I have left. As you can see the first two have the 1160 number that you mentioned!! What does this mean? I tried to call back in March when this all started and was pretty much blown off because it was not on the recall. I will call again.

    I am so sorry your cat is ill. I feel sick.

  26. Garyn says:

    I just called the FDA and left a detailed message about my situation so even if they don’t call me back they will know that my cat died eating Fancy Feast.

  27. 4lgdfriend says:

    poster said : could it be Zinc Oxide of Feedstuff the same chinese company is selling as additive ,contains some cadmiun, arsenic ,plumbum oxidide

    heavy metals were ruled out early in testing

  28. Garyn says:

    Lorie, did you call a national number or your regional number at the FDA. I called my regional number, If you have another number I will call that also.

  29. 4lgdfriend says:

    I don’t really care if anyone thinks it will be effective or not. The idea of made in CH now makes me feel sick. So I sympathize with the lady who suggested making a scene at the cash register. I’m instituting a personal
    Boston Tea Party approach.

  30. Jules says:


    Oh my God, it makes me ILL that my Vet told me to feed my cat Fancy Feast, because that’s what she feeds her cats! That, or Purina ProPlan. Gee, some Vets are clueless. I guess I’ll be looking for a 4th new Vet. *sigh*

  31. Sharon says:

    I just fed my cat a can of ff with the lot numbers you described. She hadn’t been able to keep anything down or eat for days so I went back to her old food in an attempt to get her to eat something. She has been pacing in circles for over an hour. What do I do? I can’t afford to take her to the vet.

  32. Marco says:

    I’m feeding my cats Fancy Feast that I buy from Costco in the green and white box that holds 36 cans. The only cans I see that have the ‘1160′ number are cans of Flaked Tuna Feast which were discontinued from that multi-can box maybe six months to a year ago. Oddly, this flavor always made one of them vomit.

  33. Jules says:

    Oh my Sharon & Marco,

    It seems that the number “1160″ has been quite the problem on other blogs as well. PLEASE STOP FEEDING IT! I don’t know what else to say except you have to stop feeding them this food, and if they don’t get better, go to the VET!!!! Ask the Vet’s office if they can help you with a payment plan with the costs. I’ll be praying for your babies.

  34. Helen says:

    Check the cans for soy protein concentrate. I am pretty sure all the flaked varieties have both wheat gluten and soy p. conc.

  35. bw says:

    Thank you soooo much for your post about the Fancy Feast lot numbers. I had trouble finding your post because I don’t know my way around this site, and couldn’t find the thread on the tainted chicken. Finally I did. Phew!

    JUst the other day, I started SEEKING OUT 1160 because it was made in Jefferson Wisconsin, that is what 1160 means. You probably know the 5th 6th 76th and 8th numbers on the bottom designate the processing plant.
    I didn’t want #1828 because that is made in Thailand! Boy was I wrong!

    I just bought 4 more cases of 1160, I will take them back tomorrow!!
    I am PRAYING that the cans which are causing the illnesses are flavors which have wheat gluten in them. MY flavors from 1160 are WITHOUT wheat gluten, and I am hoping my many cats have dodged a bullet!! Nevertheless, it is all going back and that is the END OF FANCY FEAST IN MY HOUSE.

    I have a 16 year old, sick cat with a kidney problem from age, and he has been eating ONLY that. He won’t eat the Innova EVO dry, the others are eating.
    I don’t know what in the world to give him now. I just gave him some of my own drumsticks, and broth. They don’t like it without salt though and I read I shouldn’t give them any salt in their human food. Thanks so much again!!!

  36. bw says:

    Jules, what other blogs have mentioned Fancy Feast. I have been looking all over and asking if it is safe, and no one anywhere said it was unsafe till tonight here. So if you could please tell me where else to look to learn more, I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

  37. Jules says:


    Shoot, I can’t remember all the blogs I’ve read, but I’m pretty sure I read a lot of posts here regarding Fancy Feast. I particularly noticed those posts because my Vet advised me to feed Fancy Feast and Purina ProPlan because she fed them to her cats. I almost bought some, but after reading many posts, I figured it’s a bad idea.

    On this Itchmo website, there are so many different threads of information . . . at many other locations . . . maybe someone can help you navigate through all of them. I know I’m having a tough time.

  38. Marco says:

    Cleared the pantry of nearly 50 cans of Fancy Feast 1160 as a precaution. Thanks for the info guys, thank goodness for the internet!

    I’m out of food now. What do I buy them tomorrow?

  39. Jules says:


    I’ll tell ya what I did, and you decide for yourself what you want to do. I bought raw organic meat. The critters can live on that for a while until we know for sure what to do long-term. It’ll save their lives in the meantime. I wouldn’t give my own critters any more commercial food until this all clears up (if ever!)

    You will eventually have to add some supplements to that raw food . . . but you should check with your Vet to see if your kitty is up to that much protein and plus adding vitamin supplements to their food. But it’s all your choice.

    If raw is not for you, just cook up some ground chicken, beef, whatever you want . . . it’ll still be better than feeding the tainted foods.

  40. Helen says:

    bw: you cat with kidney problems is right not to eat the dry Evo. I keep reading that has too much phosphorus. I also keep reading the best thing for kidney problems is wet food only with low phosphorus. I also found out Wysong makes prescription food with better quality ingredients than the other horrible corn beaks and feet prescriptions the other companies make, so you can look that up on their website if you are interested. I have still not read any stories where cats got sick eating the few varieties of FF that do not have wheat or soy. There are a few varieties. I don’t know if they are safe, only that they do not have the two offending ingredients.

  41. e wem says:

    Jans Says and robyn Rhudy, about cooking melamine. That is something to think about. Canned foods are processed at high temperatures.

    Wikpedia article suggests that melamine heated produces guandine, a muscle stimulant and ammonia. This article suggests that ammonia poisoning would create symptoms we have seen. Wikpedia articles are iffy but the heat connection is undeniable.

    I want to share a treatment I used for my cat who had a urinary blockage requiring catheterization. He had a lot of distress urinating after that episode. I give him emu oil every day. I snip open a capsule and squirt it into his mouth. Since I have done that he has not had any bad episodes.

    It may not help with renal failure, but I wanted to pass this along since is has been literally a llifesaver for him. The emu oil also relaxes my cats and is nutrionally similar to fish oils. It is anti-inflammatory too. I know because I use it for myself.

    My cat never had a blockage until I switched him to the Walmart premium dry cat food a couple years ago. Now I wonder if it was also contaminated.

  42. Helen says:

    Could have been just the poor ingredients in the dry food rather than poison causing crystals.

    Also, since canned food is processed at such high temperatures, doesn’t that also destroy the added taurine? If a cat eats canned food and nothing else, how does the cat get any taurine?

  43. bw says:

    Helen, thank you very much for your message. My fancy feast without gluten is just sitting there.
    My vet finally called me today to tell me what she was feeding her 7 cats. She is using EVO dry, and PetGuard which she buys from a health food store. She has been using the Petguard for 2 weeks and so far her cats are fine. She said she even tasted it herself and it tasted good. She sometimes gives them Friskies for a little variety. I don’t think any pets have died from Friskies without the glutens. I got some friskies turkey and giblets today as an emergency food. Thank goodness they like the EVO dry food.
    The ingredients in Pet Guard look really good. So I went and bought some, but on arriving home, I found my petfoodlist, had misplaced it, and saw they Petguard had refused information about their product except to say it was not recalled. I called them, spoke to someone for over 10 minutes, and could NOT get them to reveal who produced their canned food. They said it was “proprietary” information.
    I asked if they were ashamed to say who it was, and she said no. Their lawyers had said not to reveal it because of contractual aggreements. She said they also had to be concerned about sabotage!!! My jaw dropped open at the “sabotage.” I pleaded, cajoled, said not to tell me WHO, just to say YES, or NO, to Menu. And I couldn’t get her to even say yes or no. Couldn’t budge her. So now I have some food that looks good ingredient wise, no bad additives, no glutens, but I am afraid it is made by Menu!!!
    It seems we should be able to find out who in the world makes this food somehow!!?? I am really getting desperate about what to feed tonight.
    I am getting a trial can of Felidae delivered tomorrow with my litter delivery.
    I bought a can of Pet Promise, looks ok , but the petfoodlist says it is made by Purina. I called and it is made in Nebraska, and NOT by purina although they are affiliated with Purina. That is the petfood Dr. Weil recommends. I will perhaps try that tomorrow, Anyone know about that. I am getting lost in all the messages. I am overwhelmed.

  44. Anonymous says:


  45. meg says:

    Melamine is used in fertilizer and plastics. Wondering if our food chain is contaminated too, since fertilizer is used on veggies and fruit. How long has this been going on? I heard that plastics started being made after World War II. Just have to figure out when we started putting gluten into pet food and our food as well be it wheat gluten, rice gluten, veggie gluten and whatever other gluten there is. When was gluten first made? Could this be why we have so many weird diseases now days including cancer? Seems like doctors cannot figure out what causes an autoimmune disorder to happen. Anyone have any comments or answers to my questions?

  46. ed r says:

    iheard on the news that the fda presumes there is no risk to human health because humans are not like pets who eat the same thing each day and humans don’t do that. well, chalk up another stupid comment from the fda, my kids all eat a lot of chicken probably 4 times a week for dinner and 4 times a week for lunch along with the other millions of kids from 2yrs old and up.

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