FDA’s Dr. Stephen Sundlof Interview On Pet Central Radio Show

Dr. SundlofDr. Sundlof’s interview regarding the pet food recall will be on Steve Dale’s Pet Central radio show tomorrow (Sunday, June 24) at 8 pm Central Time. Steve Dale tells us that he’s asked several of reader questions that were sent in. You can listen to the radio show at www.wgnradio.com.

Itchmo will also be on the show to discuss Dr. Sundlof’s remarks. Tune in!

25 Responses to “FDA’s Dr. Stephen Sundlof Interview On Pet Central Radio Show”

  1. Steve says:

    Another guy who’s credibility is completely shot.

  2. High Note says:

    Itchmo will be there! Great! maybe someone will ask the question whether this melamine tainted chickens, etc. in our food supply will effect our pets! This is a question that has not been answered. I want to know! No one has said a word about this in the pet food or whether the ammount in our food could possibly make more pets sick. They eat the same food each day so their reasoning that we eat different products will not apply to our pets. This question needs to be answered. So many are giving their pets home made food and if these chickens, pork, cattle, etc. have melamine in them what will it do to the pets is a big question that is unanswered! We need to know!

  3. Donna says:

    Has anyone noticed the reporters are no longer writing articles on the pet food recall; the websites that provided such critical information have returned to the routine stories about pets; and the investigate and search to discover the actual cause of the poisoning has virtually come to a standstill.

    My guess is Dr. Sundlof will approve the questions he is going to answer and this interview will be nothing more than another pacificier in the mouths of all pet owners.

  4. Steve says:

    Constant Vigilance from here on out will be required. What has changed?

    Have we heard one thing from the Pet Food Industry as to what they are going to do to address the problems? Where? When?

    What about ChemNutra? What about Menu? What about all the companies still using Menu? What about the Pet Food Institute?

    We Americans can not let these guys rest until every single Pet Food Brand is held accountable for EVERY SCREWUP. Advertising, branding, manufacturing, ingredients, labels, these companies need to be scrutinized with a microscope, regulated, watched, hovered over, and held to rule of law. Any company or brand that violates the trust of the people needs to be taught a lesson.

    If that means the end of “Pet Capitalism” as we’ve witnessed . Good Riddance. And goodbye.

  5. Sandi K says:

    High Note, I have the same exact question as you do. They say the mela-animals are safe for humans (which I suspect will end up not true when they take into account long-term exposure) but they dont address what happens when the chickens, fish, etc are fed to pets. And my other question was they never did a safety assessment on cyanuric acid, it was done on melamine only. Not that I believe that one either due to the sheep study done in 1966 that showed that melamine actually killed sheep. But oh Im sure FDA would say its a new-age melamine and it doesn do that anymore….

    And no one ever addressed why FDA told its pregnant lab workers to not do any of the testing but yet, its OK for pregnant women to eat the stuff…..

  6. Buster says:

    So how did yo get that job, Sundlof?

  7. furmom says:

    I still have the same question unanswered since the start of all this. When can I know that the manufacturers have solved this problem so I can buy pet food again? Not one company has explained how I can know their food is safe to feed because they haven’t investigated and don’t publicly acknowledged the problem. And I won’t buy pet food until owners have their expenses and losses compensated.

  8. Sharon says:

    When is our government going to start doing it’s job and protect the American people? our pets and families are dying while Bush and his buddies play war and embrace illegals and the outsourcing of US jobs and our food supply. I hope they all rot in hell.

  9. Steve says:

    Donna Says at 5:44 pm

    Ben’s wife might have to go back to work, and we won’t know what our pets are eating. Until the next major fiasco clangs people on the head and they wake up again. If we don’t drop dead from poison food before then.

  10. Roberto P. says:

    None of us are small children who need to be reassured. “Yes, darling, Mommy and Daddy will make sure your little pets are safe.” I’m a baby boomer and this reminds me of hanging out under my desk during an air raid drill. Like that would stop a bomb from landing on my head. We don’t need reassurance; we need cold hard facts now. Cut the crap, FDA, and tell us the truth!

  11. TC says:

    As I recall, this was the guy who said home cooking for dogs was beyond his personal skill level, and definitely beyond the abilities of most americans too. That we could only be safe from our own mistakes in nutrition by having some big whomping company behind us, like P&G or someone similar, selling us canned or dry “NUTRITIOUS” and safe pet food.

    I never quit laughing at this guy, and certainly wouldn’t be able to entertain seriously anything he said. It would almost be worth it to listen to hear Itchmo’s well considered questions, but of course, only if the format is more free flowing than the FDA’s typical one question/no followup, no question if you are annoying format.

    OTOH, I am open to hearing sensible statements from any successor to his post - will watch to see who fills his shoes. Until then, buh bye FDA guy.

  12. thomas says:

    Donna Pacifiers are probably made in China too!!!! Maybe Utchmo should do a survey on how many people have lost even more faith in Bushes government , including of course not limited to, the FDA and USDA!!

  13. thomas says:

    Sorry Itchmo for misspelling your name above.

  14. petsrfamily says:

    Anyone tuning in tonight for the radio show? Is someone live blogging it?

  15. Mrs. Roberto P. says:

    I’m going to listen. Planned on typing it in Word.

  16. Katie says:

    I have one question, that has never been answered. What really made our pets die and what made others so sick that they still suffer? I don’t think the FDA or companies have leveled with us. I wonder why the FDA can’t tell us the truth?


  17. Kathy says:

    I don’t think we’re ever going to know what the problem was (read IS), this whole fiasco has been a well orchestrated smokescreen courtesy of the FDA et al, and those who can break themselves away from the pet food/food processors will be the ones who survive. (As in very d*** few of us. As long as the money continues to be in charge of everything and ethics is little more than a casual sometimes hobby for almost no one, nothing is going to change.

  18. HomeGrown says:

    Pet food is regulated the same as Human food. Yeah, that makes me feel better. NOT!

  19. Krista says:

    A new CDC type thing for pets, so we can call in and tell them our pets are sick and dead and they can better track it.. What the heck did I call FDA for then? Still my 2 pets are not counted…

  20. Ruth says:

    What a disappointing interview, and to top it off I got kicked off the last 8 minutes and didn’t finish hearing Ben.

    Sundlof didn’t even touch the mela-chicken issue or how the FDA and Exper-Tox testing was conducted to find such diffent results. What a let-down. What else can one expect from the spin doctor?

    He was only spinning his PR to look good. Hey, Sundlof what’s the 5 ingredient?
    Do you think this interview makes people feel anymore confident in the FDA? NO, NOT EVEN CLOSE.

  21. High Note says:

    I missed the radio show and was hoping someone could give post a little about what they said. But.. I really feel I proabably did not miss a thing. I am sure there was a lot of talk but with no answers to anything that needs to be brought up..
    Like for instance if the melamine chicken is save for our pet. No one and I mean no one has addressed ths issue! Why??????? We have all these pets die and no one wants to say hay it is okay it is not going to bother the pet. well like I would believe that any way! I think it will bother our pets and I think they will suffer and have future kidney failure because of the melamine. I think maybe a big dog may handle it much better then the smaller breeds and I do not think a cat can handle it very long at all. Cats are very sensitive animals.
    so. if our cats get sick and our little dogs then they will just say well.. it was not the food. and of course there will be no proof the it!
    They are going to ignore us. And there are many out there that do not even know nothing! the first menu foods recall was in our paper in Kansas and they said one time onlythat melmine was inour chicken, pigs adn fish and then they said on the six o clock news that they let out the chickens in our food supply. After this there has been no talk aboit any of it any more. Most people around here do not even know about the melamin in the meats!
    I went to a party yesterday evening and not one of them new about it! And I felt like a fool for bringing it up because they all acted like I was some crazy woman that was making something big our of notiing.

  22. pat says:

    high note, i think most of us have had the same experience you had at the party, but think of it this way… thousands of animals died and you paid attention; thousands of animals died and the people at that party behave as though it didn’t happen. now, out of those two choices, who is crazier?

  23. Krista says:

    I listened to the whole thing.. I was disappointed in the interview. Felt that the questions had to be soft and probably okayed before asking. I learned nothing, other than the fact FDA had more calls within 3 weeks of the initial recall that amounted so greatly - it would be the equivilant of FDA phone calls over a 2 year period.. That is alot of calls.

    I was disappointed that he did not up the count of death an illnesses, even with the increase of reports that he disclosed. We know it was so much more than the 12-16 count number that FDA puts out there.. another slap in the face of common sense… But no.. he had no verified number to give and didn’t even offer a ball park figure of the true totals..

    I was greatly disappointed that the melapork, melachickens were not brought up. This must have been “off limits” to ask…

    I also wanted to hear why Tembec, in their manufactured livestock, fish, feed, said that they would discontinue use of melamine in their formula.. Tembec stated back in April/May that melamine was an ingredient used in their formula but would now stop. I can only assume that it has been used all along. This for our human fed animals.. Again, this question was not brought up and perhaps another “off limits” question… So no claification there…

    Okay now the CDC for animals sounds good, but will it be funded or was it just chatter? I mean.. he said there is only 3,000 FDA inspectors NOW for human, animal,pharma drug inspections, hospital equipment combined. How in the world will they get this up and running? nonsense, it’s not going to happen and just sounded good to appease pet parents… There should be 4 different branches of inspectors concentrating seperately on 1) human food, 2) pharmacuticles, 3)hospital equipment, and 4) animal/pet food… and those numbers should be more than tripled.. So the CDC for pets is unrealistic if we can’t even get money for more inspectors for human products.. pet food would be last priority..

    He still didn’t think FDA should take control of recalls.. Still wanted it to be the company decision - wheather they should recall or not..

    I also wanted to hear what they did with the millions of recalls? Not asked… probably another “off limits” question. But we know.. It’s up to the company to dispose and they have 3 options - landfills, incineration (which cost money right there).. or the third, industrial uses.. That last one “industrial uses” is broad and can be used to sell or give away to the industry of pork, poultry, as it is an industry…. (which would cost the company nothing)

    Nothing was said about the 5th contaminate.. the one that was “too sensitive” to reveal…

    No… this interview was way too soft and I expected, or rather hoped for hardball pin em down discussion…

  24. Ruth says:

    I wrote an email to Steve Dale at PetCentral and he didn’t know about the 5th ingredient. I think that kind of stumped him. He needs to read Itchmo.

    The idea of a CDC for pets sounds good in theory but not realistic. Who is going to fund it? As it is now funding is tight even for the FDA.
    It was thrown out there just to appease pet owners.

    No hard questions that are on the mind of pet owners was addressed. Just another spin from Sundlof and his PR clean-up.

  25. pam says:

    baby boomers…remember during the vietnam war when the us government told our troops that agent orange was safe and not to worry. we all know how that turned out! this is just more of the same government/big business bullcrap…

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