Feds Raid Menu Foods Plant, ChemNutra Imported Large Amounts of Rice Protein

Federal agents searched Menu Food’s Kansas plant as well as importer ChemNutra in pursuit of charges that they violated the federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act. The charge is only a misdemeanor.

The AP also found that “since May 2006 alone ChemNutra also imported 440,000 pounds of the second suspect pet food ingredient, rice protein concentrate, from the same Chinese trading agent that handled exports of the tainted wheat gluten.”

Ten of the 11 containers of rice protein concentrate imported by ChemNutra over the last year went to undisclosed pet food companies, spokesman Steve Stern said. The 11th is under quarantine and being tested. But just one of the other 10 is known to have been tested; results from those tests, done last week, showed it was not contaminated, Stern said.

Also, in the continued battle of Menu says, Chem says… Menu Foods reveals it used 2 additional sources of wheat gluten from the US. Only points the finger at ChemNutra’s shipments.

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  1. jerry says:

    Check out http://www.benefulsucks.com

  2. Lorie says:

    Heys guys I have a question for you all, when Geisha went to the emergency vet yesterday her kidney levels were way in the normal range, so her relapse is not kidney related…………………it is GI related. This morning just like back in March Topaz started the gagging and lip licking issues like giesha’ last night. once again with in a 24 hour window second cat show symptoms. Oh an Geisha’s urine was fine last night also so that was checked. So has anyone else seen the symptoms above with normal kidney readings? For the record this week they had primarily Merrick can foods the whole week, solid gold tuna but that hasn’t been since Tuesday night when I found out it came from Thialand,, a handful of felidae dry, a handful of their old eukanuba dry which was almost an empty bag from before all this started, and some ff savory salmon 1 of 4 can left in a case from before this started oh and a handul of fromm dry Note all dry were give in treat amounts never palce in bowls. And the FF savory salmon was yesterday morning barely a 1/4 of can each which I only gave because they refused to ate of the 3 flavors of Merrick. HELP.

    I am only throwing this out there because even at the Er last night with Geisha the vet said they have no idea what long term issues will be, and when I had spoken to that Holistic vet whose cat Slater passed from the recall she said his kidney were in normal range throughout, it effect his GI track. And now I believe her. Going to try and call her and see if they are open today to try and get mere insight. Any feedback info would be great.

  3. Lorie says:

    PS……………I saw Teric is getting the KUMPIKAT tested for piece of mind I am counting on that food to be my dry, until then after last night and the otherone sick this AM it is only people food till it arrvies. GOD pelase let be safe. Let me know. BTW Geisha vet last night said as long as I could find a good dry pple food for wet would be fine and ther would be no need for a supplement. She said all cause she has seen so far were wet food, but she said no one knows whats next. She was a young ER vet very smart went to Cornell very knowledgable about azodyl and stuff heck I told my reg vet (old School) about it and she never heard of it and asked me to send her the link. YIKES

  4. KatieKat says:

    Eric Says:

    April 27th, 2007 at 11:33 pm
    Are you in Holts Summit? Cause that’s where I am.

    Yep that’s where I would be :)

  5. Katie says:


    I have a dog who suffered from food contamination, her kidney values are now just outside of normal range, however she developed gastric problems and we give her pepcid thinking it maybe an ulcer. I’m not sure if that can happen in kittens but you might want to ask your vet.

    Thank you for bringing that idea up, now I’m going to ask my vet if the food could have directly caused an ulcer? I would be interested if anyone else has any ideas.


  6. Lorie says:


    A vet told me her own cat only had the GI problem and died from, it he never devoloped the kidney issues his BCB work was normal. She swears this stuff attcks there GI track too.

  7. Sharon says:

    My cat’s blood and urine work have been fine two times but she is still sick and now needs an ultrasound. She has a galloping heart. Her heart was fine two weeks ago. wtf is going on?

  8. Lorie says:

    Sharon, I wish I knew mine tow have never had major kidney issues with their blood work just suspect, but now the GI issues . I have no answers but I fear are pets are going to be victims in many other ways before this is all over. I pray for us all. The vets say they have no idea of the fallout of this. It is upo to you to share with your vet other info you read on here. I have shared my GI stories that I have heard with my vet from others on here 5catmom and ktie for example same I issues. Vets as learning same as we are and we saw from the senate hearing they have no connected country wide database to compare notes. It is us to as pet owners to put bugs in their ears and give them info from other parts of the USA, my vet was very interested and grate ful for the info I shared to today she can use it on the next pet that shows up with possible food issues but no kidney symptoms just GI issues. They have to think outside the box not textbook tummel vision this has never happened before.

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