Ferrets Need Walks Too

Ferret CaptainThis weekend, when I was walking my dog at Golden Gardens Park in Ballard (a great place to bring your dog- there is also an off leash area), I saw something that I had never seen before. I saw a man walking three ferrets on a leash. At first, I thought the ferrets were small dogs, but as I got closer, I realized, yes, these are ferrets. I chuckled and laughed to myself thinking why do ferrets need to be walked? Of course, I had to research and see if anyone else walks their ferrets and in fact, people do and it is recommended that ferret owners give their ferrets some outside time. There are even special ferret harnesses for walking. I wonder if there are any off-leash ferret parks.

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    […] dogs can run free without being fined. So, where can us Seattleites find off leash areas? Besides Golden Gardens Park, there is Westcrest Park that has over four acres of open space for dogs to play and roam to their […]

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