Fiancee Of Dog Abuser Chimes In On Dog Dragging Case

We brought you the story of Daisy Duke, a dog who was dragged to death by Canadian teens. In October of 2006, when one of his friends was leaving the house, he accidentally drove over Daisy. Afraid that his mother would get angry at his friend, the teen and the driver decided to kill the dog and pretend that she ran away. They dragged her behind a car and ran over her with the car. She had to euthanized after neighbors discovered her still alive.

The teen, whose brother owned the dog, pled guilty to animal abuse. Yesterday, someone who claims to be the fiancee of the teen chimed in to say that he wasn’t a cold-blooded killer. Here’s what she had to say (edited for grammar):

I went to all of the trials and I heard every last word that they both had to say. First off, it started as an accident, and yes most of you are right, they should have at least taken her to a vet. But they didn’t. The media will take what they hear and explode it to everyone telling them fake [redacted by admin]! I want you all to know that Charles is not a monster.

We’ve posted the entirety of her response unedited brought up from our comments.

The fiancee’s response:

listen guys. i know the family of the dogs owner.. i happen to be getting married to the actual owner of daisy. and i just happen to know Charles to. You can judge that family all u want but u should really listen to BOTH sides othe story before u accuse someone of being a murderer. When i first heard wat happened i thought to that wat kinda guy could do this. but i started to listen to what he had to say and part he acctualy did in that horrific iccident. I went to all of the trials and i heard every last word that they both had to say. FIRST off it started as an accident, and yes most of u are right, they should have atleast taken her to a vet. But they didnt. The media will take wat they hear and explode it to everyone telling them fake [redacted by admin]! i want u all to know that Charles is not a monster. EVERYONE makes mistakes. It completely natural. SECOND he will be getting in paying the consequences of what he did. Its not like hes getting of scott free. THIRD as much as everyone wants to blame it on Charles, it wanst just him, from the stories they BOTH said, They younger one which i cannot name, did most of it, Charles was mostly a bystander. The Younger one cmae up with the idea and went with it, And im not making charles seem, innocent cuz he is far from it. Charles did not stop him what so ever, but while the younger wans dragging daisy, Charles went home and he cried becuase that was his brothers dog, bestfriend, his baby girl! So now before u all jump to conclusions.. Look at both sides of every story u hear on the news!

Terra [Redacted by Admin]!
R.I.P Daisy Duke!! you will forever be loved and remembered!

20 Responses to “Fiancee Of Dog Abuser Chimes In On Dog Dragging Case”

  1. KimS says:

    Wow, is there a group called Monsters Anonymous this sad and stupid girl could go to?

    Or bad spellers anonymous?

  2. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    Uh, yeah, sorry Terra…but I’m not buying your story. Why’s that, you ask? Because Charles could have chosen to do the right thing at any time during this whole horrible incident and he didn’t. Don’t you think it would have been better if he did? Taking Daisy to the vet immediately after he first ran her over and explaining it was an accident would have been much better than trying to cover it up. Maybe she would still have had to be put down and maybe she wouldn’t, but she would have at least not suffered nearly as much.

    I hope you are reconsidering marrying this guy. If he does something like this to a dog, what will he do if you have a child and he or she falls down and gets hurt? Is he going to take the kid to the hospital or something else?

  3. Donna says:

    Charles is a monster.What he did is horrid.No act of compassion.Just continued to allow this animal to suffer. If I was the judge,………….I would deem charles, not fit to ever enter society. Death penalty is warrented.If we as a society,keep allowing this type of monster to survive,………………in the near future they will be back on the streets. Older,wiser and more deranged.Next victim,…………. and there will be a next victim.Your child, or family member. No sense in spending a dime on charles up keep in jail. Just put him down. hOr would you prefer that he end up as your neighbor ? Reminds me of an other Charles,……….Charles Manson.

  4. Lynne says:

    P.T. Barnum was right.

  5. wescott20 says:

    Judging from the way this woman speaks, she is probably borderline retarded. At any rate, if she defends that piece of scum’s actions, she is just as evil as he is. They should both rot in jail.

  6. 2CatMom says:

    And the really scary thing - if she’s legally an adult, her vote counts just as much as yours. Kind of makes you sick, doesn’t it?

  7. dog collar addict says:

    i think that after the dog was run over, it should have been taken to the vet immediately! the fact that charles chose to drag the dog behind the car instead of take it to a vet show that this person has no compassion of ANYTHING living.

  8. Carol Johnson says:

    Charles is a monster…and his girlfriend is an idiot. It is sad to think these two moral morons will be allowed to have children. I sometimes think we neuter and spay the wrong species.

  9. Stefani says:

    She said: “Charles went home and he cried becuase that was his brothers dog, bestfriend, his baby girl!”

    To her I say this:

    Baby girl?

    So, when he accidentally runs over your human “baby girl” after the two of you unwisely procreate, and he lets his friends finish the baby off and then hide her body so they authorities don’t find out, will you be making the same rationalizations, justifications, and excuses then?

  10. straybaby says:


  11. Debra says:

    Charles should be neutered so that he cannot breed.

  12. 3FURS says:

    ALL these people are mentally ill. They are a danger to society.

  13. KarlaSanDiego says:

    can we drag them behind our car?

  14. Char says:

    The girlfriend says to look at both sides of the story. Well the other side doesn’t look much better. So they say they ran over the dog by accident. If that is true then you get the dog help not continue to inflict pain and suffering on the poor thing. This case still turns my stomach. They apparently claim they made bad decisions. Oh well…..Time to face the punishment. People need to face the consquences for their actions.

  15. catmom5 says:

    Words escape me! There are no two sides to this ~ it breaks my heart to imagine what that poor dog went through before she died. I, like everyone else here, fear for the future children (and pets?) of this couple. SICK!!!

  16. Canadianna says:

    That’s just frightening. It’s frightening to think that people like this exist.

    This link gives some legal details regarding the case.

  17. ferdiemeow says:

    Please tell me where these people go to school so I make sure never to send my kids there. My god if they can’t teach grammer then how are they supposed to teach how to respect animal / human life. Oh yah…and where are the parrents?

  18. pam says:

    the guys who were involved in killing the dog deserve serious jail time and a substantial fine! the girl is a moron…she lacks common decency not to mention self esteem. how could she even talk to someone who totured an animal like that? she should be charged with stupidity!!!

  19. Lynn says:

    Oxymorons, all of them. This is how serial killers get started, folks. I have no compassion for anyone here except the poor, poor defenseless animal who suffered at the hands of these b*******.

    What kind of parent raises idiots such as these?

    I agree - it’s “humans” such as these that need to be spayed/neutered and have their arms cut off.

  20. heartbroke says:

    the ignorance, heartlessness & pure viciousness of these people is staggering…and nothing can be done to change it - we wonder why our society is so broken and so many hurt, abused & killed?

    ‘get professional help, Terra, it’s your only chance’….

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