Fight Bad Sites. Spread Recall Truth

Get The Latest Pet Food Recall InfoWe have come across several sites who are advertising themselves as recall news sites, only to sell recalled pet food. If you want to keep people informed, you can place this badge in a post or on a page on your site.

Here’s the code to put on your site. Just cut and paste. The link goes to our recall page. We’ll do the rest and keep the news flowing. (Buttons updated with transparent backgrounds)

Small button (above):

29 Responses to “Fight Bad Sites. Spread Recall Truth”

  1. Monika says:

    Great idea! I will pass to those that is appropriate. I already put the smaller one on my own website.


  2. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Um… I guess we won’t be seeing that on the FDA site, eh?

  3. Tonya says:

    Great idea! I put one on my pup’s website! :)

  4. Fran N.J. says:

    Big one on my web site. Thanks!

  5. Jen says:

    Hi Ben!
    We just put the large one up on the homepage at PNV2!!!!!
    You’re the best!


  6. Andrea says:

    I am sorry to admit that my own site is one of the outdated ones. My only excuse is that my computer was struck by lightning and I was unable to update for over a week.

    While I am committed to getting my recall info updated ASAP, I have added the new button to my sites main navigation bar. No matter how hard I try, I will never do as good a job as Itchmo has done and I will gladly tell my visitors so.

    Now if only Howl911 would make a similar button. They deserve kudos too.

    ITCHMO ADMIN: I visited your site and I think you’re doing a great job. We were talking about sites that sprang up overnight, advertising themselves on Google, claiming to sell safe food, when in fact they are making money sending people to recalled food sites for money. Thanks for the button!

  7. bw says:

    good heavens, I just visited the CNN site from here, and it is STILL saying 15 or so pets died! When in the world are they going to put current info on their site and how can we make them? I have written and written, and even called!

  8. nancy nyc says:

    Thanks, a great idea. I’m putting it on all my outgoing emails.

  9. Pam says:

    I’d suggest that you date your recall site as I noticed that even yours is a bit out of date. Of course, considering the speed and volume of recalls that isn’t surprising.

    Thanks for a great site, BTW. I’ve been checing it at least daily to keep up on the news.

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Pam, let me know if we missed anything. We have been updating daily, but could have overlooked something. Thanks.

  10. Shannon - Muttcats Helper says:

    I sent an email about this, but I thought it better to leave a comment here for a request to modify the above graphics as transparent background images. I posted them on our site’s main page and navigation for your review. Please let Andrea or I know if this is okay with you folks or if you want the code to remain unchanged for your tracking purposes. Thank you.

  11. Geff says:

    I tried to add the code above to the pet page on my commercial site.

    Unfortunately, I use Front Page (I’d never do that again, but haven’t had time to redo the site.

    Front Page changes your code & it doesn’t work. I’ve tried to froce FP to use the code as written, but it won’t. I’ve never run into this issue before.

    Here’s what FP does to the code for your small button,

    <a href=""
    src="" alt="Get The
    Latest Pet Food Recall Info" border="0" height="90" width="165"

  12. Geff says:

    Weird. When I pasted the code above, it showed all of FP’s changes. After I submitted the post, the code changed again to as shown above. I have no clue what’s going on……………

    FP is adding tags & mangling the last line.

  13. Geff says:

    the tags FP is adding that you’re site is removing are “code” with carrots instead of the quotes.

  14. Sherry says:

    Big one on front page of my site. I am so angry over this whole mess and I worry about all my puppy buyers of the past not being able to keep up with ever-expanding list of poison food. I check Itchmo every evening. You guys are doing one helluva job!!

  15. Carol Owens says:

    I just updated “Jake’s” website using the large graphic in today’s post and putting the small one where it will always be available over on the right w/ my links. Now when time permits I can remove some of my links, because they are redundant and because everything will be in one place at least when it comes to Menu Foods involved brands.

    Thanks so much for providing so much info for us and now for the codes to add to our own sites! I’ve, of course, subscribed to Itchmo alerts some time ago. Love the way they roll right into my mail. For some reason many of my friends have yet to sign up but will at least click on my blog.


  16. Andrea says:

    Nancy, that’s a great idea about the email signature. Geff, maybe I can help. I used to use Front Page a long time ago. Now I use Notetab and hand code everything.

    muttcats at gmail dot com

  17. HotMBC says:

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Copying the text doesn’t work well in many instances because of the way browsers present the code to copy. A workaround for that is to put the HTML inside a input text area box for copying and pasting. No need for a form, just the PUT THE BADGE CODE HERE. Without all the spaces of course. Then selecting all inside that text area works in most browsers for copy and paste. :)

  18. kelley says:

    I had trouble with copying the code to my web page also. For some reason, it seemed to be adding special characters that I couldn’t even see, and that messed up the image and the link.

    I ended up typing the line in by hand and then deleting the copied line. That worked perfect. Thanks Itchmo!

  19. jessica says:

    Check out my post about itchmo as well as the rest of the site

  20. Laura Bennett says:

    Thanks for the pointers on the code. I had to retype the ” but then it worked fine.

    I’m more than happy to point everyone your way. You and Pet Connection are where I’m getting all my info and so that’s where my readers should go too.


  21. rAchAel says:

    I don’t get html well enough to figure out how to make this code work for myspace. Help!

  22. Kathy Hayes says:

    Thanks for the button code.
    I placed one on my seb site for my goldens.

    also one has been place on a huge site owned by a gentleman who has advocated the love of pets and cared for the hearts of grieving pet owners who have lost pets for many years now.

    I hope the news of all this gets out more each day so everyone will know the awful situation this has created and just how dangerous it all is.

    Love and Peace

  23. Rhon, Winston's Mom says:

    Our bulldog Winston was hospitalized for a week because of the recalled food, and still cannot concentrate his urine. We had to type the Itchmo button code by hand to get the button to appear on Winston’s Dogster page

  24. Jade N. says:

    MySpace users: I discovered (without knowing a thing about code) that if you use a backslash instead of a space after the first two characters

    Hopefully it helps!!

  25. Jade N. says:

    Hmmm…. it didn’t seem to print my full post… try copying and pasting the below code for MySpace users…

    Good Health to All (And To All of Our Pets)!

  26. Jade N. says:

    jeezzzz… everyone else gets to post links in their posts, but I don’t… right, so since my last 2 posts got edited (and ceased to make sense), I won’t add any code- but for MySpace users who are having trouble, just use a backslash ( / ) instead of a space as the third character in the string… ie. instead of typing

  27. Jade N. says:

    I give up… best of luck posting the button guys…

  28. Itchmo » Blog Archive » Recall Update: Weekend Edition says:

    […] If you have site, please consider adding this badge. It goes directly to our concise recall page that is always kept […]

  29. John says:

    If you’re having trouble getting the button to work…

    The quotation marks in the text box do not appear to be standard quotation marks - they’re a character called ‘double prime’ - ″instead of “. Copy and paste the code, then go through and delete the existing quotation marks and replace them with your own. Should be all good now. Had to do that to get Blogger to take it.

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