Firefighter Rescues Dog From Freezing Water

LaceyA New York firefighter rescued a dog from a chilly situation.

Lacey, a sheep dog, was chasing another dog and ended up falling into the Old Erie Canal and was unable to get out.

The fire department rushed to the scene and firefighter Patrick Maguire used a ladder to rescue the cold and wet dog. Maguire was up to his chest in cold water and was not dressed in water gear for the rescue.

Lacey’s owner said, “I carry the leash with me and she just took off across the water. She saw some dogs across the water.”

Lacey is doing well and has recovered from her extremely cold fall. Maguire said he is just happy to be in some dry clothes.

Source: WSYR

12 Responses to “Firefighter Rescues Dog From Freezing Water”

  1. Sharon says:

    Dear Lacey’s owner, maybe if the leash was on the dog instead being carried, this never would have happened. You put your pet and the firefighter in danger. Someone could have lost their life because of your stupidity.

  2. Poodlluver says:

    Big (((hug))) to the wonderful brave firefighter!!!
    Thank you for saving her!

  3. catmom5 says:

    Another TRUE HERO!! Thank you for caring enough to save this precious dog.

  4. Don Earl says:

    I’m with Sharon. There aren’t enough of the kind of people who will put their lives on the line for others to abuse that level of honor out of sheer stupidity. There are few, if any, places that don’t have leash laws. There are good reasons for those laws - the safety of others and the safety of the pets.

    In the mean time, and changing the subject, I wonder why more firefighters aren’t elected to positions of trust in our government? On the one hand you have people who have chosen as their life’s work helping others (often as volunteers), and on the other hand, you have attorneys, who have chosen as their life’s work helping those who have harmed others.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d much rather have a fireman for mayor than an attorney. It strikes me as passing strange that with 300 million people in this country that could potentially serve in public office, the first choice always seems to be from members of a profession most folks don’t trust as far as they can throw a bus. Oh well.

  5. straybaby says:

    agree. dogs that “race off” especially need to be leashed. i can’t tell you how many have bolted across the street to get in my dogs face. i would freak if my dog ever bolted across a street or otherwise “raced off”. thankfully, she’s got a darn good recall and leashed. i have long 30′ leads (non-retractable) for nature walks.

  6. Lynn says:

    Yes, agreed about the leash. And Don Earl has a good point. In fact, I’d rather firefighters ran the FDA and consulted medical pro’s on an as needed basis.These people know how to REACT!

    Sending hugs to Firefighter Maguire and the others who helped. They are the GREATEST!!!

  7. Nancy VB says:

    Wonderful Hero that firefighter, Patrick Maguire! Well done.
    I agree with Don Earl , lawyers are looking for the dollar bill, justice and caring have nothing to do with it.
    As for the owner of the sheep dog…What good is a leash if it’s not on the dog!!? DUH!

  8. KAEfamily says:

    As Don Earl said there are cities that do not have leash laws. Our city’s leash laws allow exception: dogs can be walked unleashed as long as they can be verbally controlled by their owners. That did not work for me. By the time the neighbor commanded his harmless friendly Boxer to “Stop!” I got a cut in the chin :-( I didn’t not sue nor gave him a lecture but I did call the Humane Society. I think they had a talk with him so now I don’t see that Boxer outside no more. Another incident: our lit’ 11 lbs terrier mutt became protective of me when we both were startled in the dark by two black labs belonged to another neighbor who did not believe in leashing their pets!

  9. Pet Rescue says:

    All dog’s no matter how well trained the caregiver may think they are will do what nature has meant them to do “run and chase things”.. When a dog see’s or smell’s something that attract’s them they will take off for it which is why all dog’s “must be on a leash” .. Being “on the leash” will not only protect other people and dog’s but will protect your beloved pet since not all dog’s read the safety manual and sometime’s miss the part where it say’s “look both way’s before you cross the street” .. How horrific it would be as a doggie caregiver to see your furbaby get hit by a car because you decided not to keep your precious furbaby on a leash.. Just close your eyes and visualize that event for a moment then go buy a leash for your furbabies protection and use it please !!!! I would like never to have to rescue a stray from the street’s again.. And bless you Mr. Firefighter for caring enough to save this furbaby…

  10. Nancy VB says:

    Even if there isn’t a leash law, for your dogs own protection, use a leash.
    We have a seat belt law because people won’t bother to help themselves from getting hurt unless they have to.
    Why does everything have to be a law for people to do the right thing?
    Also as an owner of 3 very small dogs, those friendly harmless big dogs are really scary to us when they come charging up to us, unleashed, with the owner screaming at them to no avail.
    Leashing your dog is better for everyone.

  11. Sylvia says:

    Yup, carrying the leash is just what you should do - oh wait, don’t they have little clippy things on one end to actually - gasp - attach to the dog’s collar to keep it from running off somewhere? What a concept if that catches on - safe dogs and dry firefighters…….

  12. A.C. says:

    I second everyone’s comments about the leash and most definitely applaud the firefighter’s heroism and willingness to risk his life for the dog.

    Nancy VB, that’s sweet to think the government did something solely for the benefit of the people, but we don’t have seat-belts laws because Capital Hill cares so very much about us, we have them because the insurance industry lobbied to force us to wear the restraints so they’d have to pay less in accident/injury claims.

    It’s always about the money.

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