Firefighters Rescue Dog Stuck In Mud


Massachusetts resident Terri Figueiredo thought she heard a coyote in a muddy swamp in the back of her house. When the sound didn’t go away, she thought something was wrong.

She went out towards the swamp to see if she could see anything. The area was so densely wooded and covered with poison ivy that she couldn’t see the dog. Figueiredo called the police to see if they could help.

When the police and firefighters arrived on the scene, they trekked through the woods and found a Labrador mix so stuck in the mud that only his head and shoulders showed.

The firefighters had to use sheets of plywood to reach the dog because the area was so muddy. Finally, a firefighter was able to scoop up the dog and carry him to safety. The firefighters washed the tired dog off and gave him some food and water. He was then taken to the animal hospital and shelter.

The dog has been reunited with his owner and is safe at home. Figueiredo thinks that the dog ran off and got stuck in the swamp when he got scared by fireworks.

Source: Hingham Journal

One Response to “Firefighters Rescue Dog Stuck In Mud”

  1. Sandy says:

    These people are heros and I wish people would see these stories as well as the bad ones on dog fights and cat burning….Many cared to save this dog..

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