Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped In Well Overnight

Dog rescue

Brody, a one-year-old Dachshund, was rescued by firefighters when he fell into a well.

The dog’s owner had just taken him out on a walk when Brody decided to chase the family cat. When he did not return shortly, his owner became concerned and started to search for her dog in the neighborhood. She even enlisted the help from the police and a state trooper to help look for Brody, but he was nowhere to be found.

They even checked the abandoned well but didn’t hear or see anything. Finally, at 2:30 am, the search was put on pause.

A couple of hours later, Brody’s owner decided to search for him again. She whistled as she usually does to attract Brody, and she heard a weak whimper. She whistled again and heard a yelp. The sound was coming from the well.

She called the police who summoned the fire department. Firefighters determined that Brody had fallen through the plywood covering the 4 feet well and landed on the bottom.

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From Westport Now:

After using meters to determine that the atmosphere in the confined space was safe for entry, Firefighter Mike Scalzo donned breathing apparatus and climbed down a ladder placed in the hole.

“He offered the dog cookies, wrapped the dog in a blanket and carried the dog out,” Maloney said.

Brody was uninjured but jittery, rescuers said. At one point, Brody “attempted to bite the hand that fed him,” Maloney said, but Scalzo’s protective gloves prevented serious injury.

The well has been recovered to prevent an incident like this from occurring again.

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