Fish Fed Melamine-Tainted Feed, Rice Protein Actually Wheat Flour

UPDATE 2: Transcript of the press conference is here.

UPDATE: Here’s a picture of the “mis-labeled” bag imported through ChemNutra that containted the melamine-tainted wheat flour.

The AP reports on why we didn’t know sooner:

When asked why ChemNutra didn’t disclose previously that it played a part in that deal, Stern said the company did notify the FDA in mid April. However, the company chose not to include the co-brokered shipment in an April 2 recall of the wheat gluten it had imported for use in pet food … because it hadn’t sold the ingredient, Stern said.

So what other company was involved?

(Correction: Wheat flour spiked with melamine was sold as wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate)

May 8th FDA press conference on melamine investigation update. We have posted the major points below.

Fish feed contaminated: Contaminated feed went into fish feed in Canada, sold to US fish farms. Investigators have only been to one farm and no fish has entered the market yet. Learned in the last week (about 2 months after the first recall) that contaminated fish feed ingredient was brokered through ChemNutra — the same company that supplied Menu Foods. Fish meal constitutes less than 50% of fish food.

Pet food quality control failed to detect problems: Wheat flour added instead of rice protein concentrate or wheat gluten. Pet food companies are responsible for testing for correct ingredients.

Contaminated shipments actually wheat flour: Not labeled wheat flour. Wheat gluten and wheat flour are related. Pet food with contaminated rice protein concentrate actually contained wheat flour.

Affects on farm animals not yet conclusive: Animal exposure risk assessment not yet complete. May take a week. Although the FDA is saying that the exposure to the animals was brief and the concentration is low and even if you take an extreme position of exposure, the risk is 2500 times below any known possible risk.

FDA in reactive mode: FDA is currently focused on testing new imports of wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate, not other possible suspects. FDA will look at other ingredients if they start to see unusual spikes of unexplained illnesses.

The process of making wheat gluten: FDA comments: Wheat gluten is a component of wheat flour. It uses a process where you wash the starch away and then you’re left with the wheat gluten (the protein). This is when we are speculative — it certainly is a simpler process of a manufacturer where they take wheat flour or whole wheat and grind it up and then it would still have some wheat gluten in it. The total protein content of that is low. If you add melamine, you are adding nitrogen to it and when you do that, the measure of protein is actually measuring nitrogen. You have a wheat based product with high protein and then that creates the appearance of high protein when it actually is high nitrogen.

Attendee list after the jump.

On the call:

  • David Acheson, M.D., assistant commissioner for food protection, Office of the Commissioner, FDA
  • Kenneth Petersen, D.V.M., M.P.H., assistant administrator for field operations, Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA
  • Stephen Sundlof, D.V.M., Ph.D., director, Center for Veterinary Medicine, FDA
    Julie Zawisza, assistant commissioner for public affairs, Office of the Commissioner, FDA
  • Captain David Elder, director, Office of Enforcement, Office of Regulatory Affairs, FDA
  • Michael Rogers, director, Division of Field Investigations, Office of Regulatory Affairs, FDA
  • Vera Adams, Executive Director, Commercial Targeting and Enforcement, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

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  1. LorieVA says:


    i am missing something what does that mean Cargill and Purina are linked. Purina made both my cats sick……………….

  2. martin says:

    This is a little off the subject but, Does anyone know of a TV NOT MADE IN CHINA.

    I went to Circut City the other day and couldnt find one that wasnt.

  3. Eric says:

    Try to find a cat toy mouse that’s not made in China. It’s impossible. It seems that the USA isn’t allowed to make even the simplest things, cause China will do it cheaper. Sickening…

  4. Debbie4747 says:

    What’s even sadder is that even though it says made in USA or distributed in USA, whatever parts or ingredients that go into more than likely aren’t. And they don’t say where.

  5. Cathy says:

    That’s why the unemployment rate has sucked for years. Not much manufacturing done in the US any more. Hey, but we have all these “service” industry jobs now……the ones that pay minimum wage that you can’t support yourself on.

  6. Sylvia says:

    My husband’s job was outsourced to CANADA of all places! Salaries are not that much lower there, though the Canadians were not happy with the salaries paid by General Electric. I figure that the big savings to GE was that they could parasitize the public health system up there for awhile. Globalists are on a campaign using propaganda to dismantle that system, too, and open it up to the insurance industry and for-profit medicine. I have heard Canadians say that said they believe we all have full-coverage, affordable insurance here! They were shocked to hear the truth.

  7. Genny says:


    Grab a bottle on the way home from work. This crap is far from being over and comfort food is needed in times like this. Why don’t you just make the Kahlua balls and send to me. (wink) Hurry, it’s already hot here in South Texas.


    I looked at that Cargill site and it was a very scarey read. Creepy.


    “parasitize” - very good descriptive word!

  8. Genny says:

    **scary** Scared me so bad I can’t even spell the word.

  9. Mandy says:

    I told ya I heard of some fish being recalled. We’ll be hearing about it being fed to cattle next. Just you wait.

  10. Genny says:

    Or us. Or our pets.

  11. Lorie says:

    Hershey Foods out sourced most of it job this month over seas. Now chocolate won’t even be safe.

  12. sk's mom says:

    Barb….when I read your post, I cried. I feel very hurt by your words.

  13. Genny says:

    NO! NOT CHOCOLATE!! Say it ain’t so………

  14. mothra says:

    Im in Canada and i just ate an Old El Paso soft tortilla.On the back of the package it says “…TRADEMARK OF PET INC….PREPARED FOR GENERAL MILLS CANADA…PRODUCT OF THE U.S.A….” Is that not plenty obvious,or could i be wrong?

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