Fish ‘N Flush: Gives Toilets A Whole New Meaning

Fish n flush

Toilets and pet fish have a horrible relationship. Whenever you see a fish going in a toilet, you know it’s bad news. But now, AquaOne Technologies is trying to mend the rocky history between these two.

This small business began with the mission of ending the worldwide problem of leaky and overflowing toilets.

One of their products, H2Orb, sat inside the tank and could be remotely operated. To demonstrate the H2Orb, a funny idea was brought up of putting fish in a clear acrylic tank and flushing it. The fish would stay and not go down the drain. Everyone laughed about the idea and no one took it seriously. Except for the chief executive and chief designer of AquaOne.

They actually built one to use at tradeshows to attract people to look at the new sensor. They had no plans of selling the toilet with fish in it. But instead of being attracted to the new sensor, people were drawn to the fish tank toilet. People crowded around to take pictures of it and even wanted to buy it.

So, AquaOne decided to listen to the masses and thus made the Fish ‘n Flush. They even hired a microbiologist to make sure its product would be more fish tank than a fish death trap.

Since December, the company has sold 1,000 of their $299 fish tank toilets. They haven’t spent a cent on marketing. The craze has been a hit with bloggers.

“You love your pet fish, but constantly neglect them…. Instead integrate them into a mandatory part of your life…. Then you can unzip, enjoy and never forget to feed your fish again,” wrote Thrillist Nation.

GadgetCool advised: “Please make sure you put the fish in the right compartment.”

From LA Times:

The company may also need to develop a new sensor, lest its mantra of saving water for the planet get flushed down the toilet, so to speak, since that is exactly what people like to do with the Fish ‘n Flush.

“I’ve had the tank for about six months now. It’s hilarious. If guests ask to use my bathroom, I don’t tell them it’s there. First I hear them laughing, then they are in there flushing and flushing and watching the water go down, but not the fish,” said Megan Fernandez, 23, who works as a teller for a credit union in Tampa, Fla.

“My niece loves it. She is in the bathroom all day long when she visits. She loves that toilet.”

2 Responses to “Fish ‘N Flush: Gives Toilets A Whole New Meaning”

  1. Monika says:

    I’m sorry - but this is about as stupid as coffee table fish tanks.

  2. Bridgett says:

    Wonder if the fish have nightmares?

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