Florida Family Holding On For Dear Lives

We come across many emails about people and families struggling to keep their beloved pets alive. We also know that many of our readers are doing the same. This article highlights the emotional ups and downs (as well as the financial trauma) of caring for our poor poisoned pets from one family’s perspective.

Two of their four cats already have died. All four have suffered kidney disease their veterinarian attributes to contaminated pet food.

Cmar (pronounced Smar) has spent almost $10,000 trying to save Libby and her family’s three other cats. Cmar, who runs a small business from home, charged much of it to her Visa card.

As bills mount, she finds herself at a crossroads: continue spending thousands to save Libby? Or does that just prolong the animal’s suffering?

“I’m an anxiety-ridden mess,” says Cmar, as she weighs the financial issues and the concern that her 4-year-old son, Matthew, and 1-year-old daughter, Maudaline, won’t understand the continued loss of their pets.

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8 Responses to “Florida Family Holding On For Dear Lives”

  1. Susan says:

    My heart goes out to this family and all others like them. I am glad to see articles putting a human face on this horrific scandal.

  2. Debbie4747 says:

    I’m so sorry for this family and their poor pets. It’s so sad that this abuse with our food is going on and no one involved seems to want to take any real responsibility or do anything to really help these cash strapped folks just trying to save their pets.

  3. Linda says:

    I haven’t done much since the recalls came out, lots of trips to the vet on the weekends, my bichon is improving after eating NB Vennison & Rice treats. My best friend’s grandaugter had her 6th b/day party and I went to her son’s house for the party. I had not seen her son in years, he had a dog and he proceeded to tell me they just lost the other one to tainted pet food… seems you can’t go anywhere to get away from this horrible mess. I am saddened by the price we are paying for cheap food and products imported from other countries. Shame on our government, we’d better not let this blow over…there MUST be changes.

  4. KaeFamily says:

    Reading story like this upsets me to no end! We must not let this slide. If we forget history, it WILL repeat itself. Let’s not forget.

  5. Karen V says:

    Once again, am teary eyed. I don’t have the resources for such a rescue attempt. I hope that news article helps Nutro step up to the plate.

  6. mittens says:

    when i was researching a new pet from the shelters, right before all of this, i would spend hours on ‘pet finder’ etc in near tears from all the horrible things cruel stupid people do to animals-stories of what can only be called criminal depravity that makes you lose all faith in the humanity. i was insistant that i take in an animal that had been abandoned-hell i ended up wanting 100 or so of the worst tales of abuse.

    to think that those of us who recoil in horror from such stories would be put in a position , trusting that even if it wasn’t the best food at least it was safe to eat, of unwittingly harming our beloved pets- that’s what’s so painful about all this. people are blaming themselves- people who treat their animals as parts of the their families and treasured companions. let’s face it many people are on fixed incomes. pet food is heavy and if you don’t have adequet transportation you have to take what you can get. i live in a large northern quasi hippyish ‘ progressive’ city and i had a hard time finding the premium foods from the private companies.

    a large vet bill can be financially devistating to many people and the thought that some would be forced to choose between their best friend and paying the rent….these criminals need to be dragged to the plate at gun point and wrung out to dry because it’s clear the pet food companies are never going to do the right thing.

  7. Kiki says:

    I know how Cmar feels. My just turned 3 year very healthy old baby Maltese suddenly came down with a “rare” auto-immune disease (hmmm -some diagnosis) and became deathly ill within a few days. After 7 or so blood transfusions, we thought she finally turned the good corner when her blood values started stabilising. Hope arrived on a wonderful sunny, cool Sunday. She looked better than she had in a week (we had so many ups and downs, edema to the point where our baby was almost unrecongnizeable, what was best for her - trying to keep her alive or letting her go night night? - Hope and faith for a positive outcome was what drove our decision to keep trying - and she was only 3 - much too young to die. We kept her at home for treatment so we could be with her 24/7 and give her constant care and attention). Cruelly, fatefully on that Sunday night, she had a seizure right in front of us and died in our arms as we tried desperately to save her while we called the vet. It was horrifying - beyond horrifying. I placed her gently in her little bed and stayed with her for almost 2 days . It took everything for me to take her to have her cremated. I will never forget. Cmar will never forget. The economic burden will be felt for a long time. The pain of losing your beloved pet lasts forever. Having to choose is something that no-one should have to endure. God Bless All Our Pets.

  8. nicole says:

    Kiki- My Sammy was peeing blood and i took him to the vet. they diagnosed poison . This was in March, since than he keep getting the blood in his urine so i take hm back to the vet and they put him on prednisone and it clears up. the vet sais that he thinks when he was poisoned(i was feeding him the tainted dog food) tht it triggered some sort of auto immune problem or bladder inflammation. Did your dog have blood in his urine?

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