Dogs Saved From Horrible Conditions At North Carolina Shelter

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Seems like the meme they’re pushing here is that “no kill” equals ‘bad for animals”, I wish they had been more reasonable in the reporting. That said I’m glad the animals are in a better place.

  2. Ken shin says:

    I live in Hendersonville and adopt my dog from this shelter.They were overcrowded,but my dog was heathly and is a wonderful dog. The media has took this story and RAN with it….Dont always believe the media says…

  3. Doug Hayes says:

    To the Boward County Humane Soc., I think the Henderson County People have miss led you!!!! My wife and I adopted a beautiful Border Collie from this shelter and he is the most wonderful animal that has ever come into our live’s. This dog has been very well taken care of, and has shown NO signs of abuse what so ever. When me and my wife went to adopt , we found no improper signs of improprieties what so ever. The animals there were in good health. I think you need to research your incoming info before you make FALSE COMMENTS ABOUT PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW. The bad part of media play is bad media!!!!!!! We hope the rest of the animals do well in your state, because we think that Henderson County is just triing to get rid of all no-kill shelters because they don’t make any money off of them …….

  4. gumshoe says:

    Wonder who gave you this information? I volunteered at All Creatures for some time, and found it totally different. In fact, if the animals are in good condition, and they are, they must have had care. It was a long trip to Florida for dogs and drivers, and it’s no wonder they had to stretch and get used to the idea. I saw wagging tails, though, just like they had here, so please, people, spoil them and love them and get all of them into loving homes. We all love them, walked the caged ones every few hours including at night, and though they were drugged for the ride down (not by All Creatures) they look good. Please feed them well. They’re used to “all they can eat” once a day, but had smaller portions for the past several days. I’m not so sure it’s Henderson County against no-kill shelters. The state has about the highest kill rate of healthy shelter animals of any state in the country. This is long, but heartfelt. Thanks for caring.

  5. waitaminute says:

    Another example of the media’s love of sensational stories. This is an unfair and distorted representation of the conditions at All Creatures. If you’ll notice, the people making comments here did not have first-hand information but were going by what they had heard from others. Hearsay needs evidence to back it up before it is proclaimed as truth! I see alot of lively healthy-looking animals in those video clips of All Creatures; having been there alot myself, I know those tails were wagging alot every day. Nor were there uncontrolled breeding situations going on. When I was there recently while animals were being adopted out, a visitor commented that there were so many adoptable cats. The same could be said for the dogs. My question to the Broward County Animal Shelter is, are you going to give all of these wonderful dogs whatever amount of time it takes for each of them to find a loving home?

  6. John says:

    Typical news media coverage! They NEVER get the entire story, the FACTS, ALL the FACTs about a situation. What about the fact that these animals that were taken in are the product of irresponsible pet ownership where they were not spade or neutered? What about the fact that All Creatures were the ones taking in abused and neglected animals? What about the fact that NO ONE was willing to work WITH them to get these animals placed in homes?

    Responsible journalism is about getting the entire story to properly inform the public of a particular situation, not just to create a more dramatic story to sell. That is careless new reporting. GET ALL THE FACTS!

    These facts would show all the great things All Creatures was doing to help animals. Get it straight or don’t report about it!

  7. Marie Mazzeo says:

    The people who ran All Creature’s Great and Small we hardworking people committed to the care of their beloved animals. The story was completely distorted by the media. The state of NC should be ashamed of themselves for all the dogs and cats that aren’t lucky to be alive because of this take over. No shelter is perfect but at least the dogs and cats were alive and loved.

  8. Sharon says:

    I wish whoever did this story had come to Texas and covered the Williamson County animal shelter. This new facility was understaffed and overcrowded from day one and abused and killed the animals in it’s care including two that were being picked up by their owners. They were euthanized in the back room while their families were in the front waiting to get them.

  9. Tell The TRUTH says:

    I live in NC and I have voluntered at All Creatures shelter where these dogs and cats were taken from!! This shelter NEVER turned away any dog or cat brought to the shelter, and all animals were given vet care, walked every hour and always had fresh water and food. This shelter relies on donations for spay and neutering, and did so as funds became available! Food and urgent medical care came first, as it was the most important to save the lives of these animals.
    Most all of these animals were in horrible condition when they were dumped at the shelter by their uncaring owners! All Creatures worked their butts off taking care of these unwanted animals with absolutely no help from the State or Humane Society!!! These dogs are so happy in FL because they were finally taken out of the back of a truck after a very long, scary journey, not because of where they came from!!!!
    Hendersonville, NC has a brand new humane society shelter that cost millions to build, yet there are very few animals there to adopt because they are all KILLED!!!
    God Bless All Creatures no-kill shelter for taking these animals in so that they have a chance to get adopted and to find their forever home.
    Get the story straight and tell the TRUTH about these animals, not just what you want the public to know to sell a story and justify somebody FINALLY stepping up to the plate to help!!

  10. gumshoe says:

    Stories are sifting back about the sociability and good conditions of many of the animals from All Creatures Great and Small. “Truth will out,” they say, and I pray all of the animals live long enough to get into the homes they need. (As for rodents–nearly every business in the area has their exterminators service; All Creatures did, too, and they are not the ones who turned the men away when they came to refill the bait boxes.) There is much more to this story. In another month or so the dogs and cats would have had their new shelter, if not sabotaged by the same people who spread the lies and pushed for the shutdown.

  11. Mistyjack says:

    I don’t know if anybody is reading this Forum but I just wanted to let former volunteers at all creatures know that all 10 cats that came to Orange county Animal shelter got adopted, I have one of them myself, I think he was called Hercules by ye guys, he was rescued from a Puppy mill type operation. These animals were taken in out of the goodness of ye’r hearts and maybe it should be looked at how to get the spay/neuter message out an helping shelters out so this doesn’t happen rather than vilifying those that try but fail

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