Follow Up To The Dogs In Bars Story

Dog Cafe So, here’s an update to the story about Senator Jacobsen trying to pass a bill that would allow dogs in bars or restaurants with a liquor license in the state of Washington. Health officials testified against the bill saying that dogs in eating establishments could spread disease-causing bacteria. Senator Jacobsen re-proposed the bill to instead allow leashed dogs to sit in outdoor sitting areas of restaurants, bars or cafes for a three year trial period. Each specific city would also have to approve the ordinance. Apparently, health officials still oppose dogs being in the outside area because “dogs have hair, bodily excrements and things that aren’t good with food”. Wow… what complicated and scientific terminology. Good one genius. I’m confused because I already see dogs in outdoor seating areas outside of restaurants and I myself take my dog to outside seating areas. Does this bill seem pointless? I haven’t seen anyone kick out a dog or his owner because he was sitting outside. Once again, government at its best. When I eat dinner, my dog is right there next to me with his hair, bodily excrements and other things that aren’t good with food, and I’m still alive and healthy and haven’t had any disease-causing bacteria attack me yet.

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